Puppies, Puppies And More Puppies At Jordan Lake.

Pawtential Unleashed

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It was a beautiful day yesterday - 75 degrees and sunny, so we hopped in the van and took part of the pack to the lake. This was Rubix's first experience with the dogs running around full force and he was not sure he liked it at all. After one paw too close too many, Rubix watched the goings on from my lap.

Micah, Ayla's grandson, stayed pretty close to all of us.

Phoenix played the field for a little while and then decided to give me a few great pics. She's getting so big...it was her 4 month birthday yesterday!

Then Ru, not to be undone - gave me this gorgeous shot!

Gotta love the pups!


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Your pack are looking gorgeous as per usual :p

Ru is a little cutie. :love: Hope he turns into everything you want him to be :)


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Love the photographs! Cute pups! I particularly love the one of Ru! Sounds like you all had a great time. You are raising 3 puppies right now? How many dogs do you have?
I am jealous of your weather. We might be getting 50's today, I hope! It has been about 30-40. Right now it's 25. :(
We had one really nice t-shirt day and then the wind picked up and it got cold and stormy. Oh well spring is coming!