My Puppies Pictures


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Hi and welcome. Your puppies are very cute. Please go to the top section of the forum page where it says Focus on Members. There are places there to "introduce yourself" and "meet the dogs". If you post in there, you will get many responses. Make sure you tell us your name and the names, ages, breeds, etc of each of your dogs. Also, what tricks you have taught or are teaching, what training methods you use, and ask questions in the appropriate areas if you need help with anything, or comment on someone else's post.


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Hi and nice to meet you there.I would introduce my ownself at the section when I am free and write more personal for details right about myself and my puppies and hopefully would get more replys by the member there.Thank you


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Welcome:D Your puppies are absolutely gorgeous:love: Looking forward to getting to know you better and also more about your beautiful puppies.:D