Game: Guess The Breed


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You got it. I thought about just posting the shoulders as I thought the coat alone would be enough. Here's the pic:
I wouldn't have got it from the coat on it's own (though I'm sure some of the others would) I needed the tail to set me thinking about spitz breeds then the coat was unmistakeable. I am fascinated by how distinctive the different coats of dogs are.


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Huh, I didn't think they got shaved that close. This is what I always think of when I think of Black Russian Terriers:
I thought the same! Sorry, have been off line due to technical difficulties and also, a very dear friend and neighbor passed away very suddenly, still shaken. But getting back into stride again.


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No I'm sorry, my comment sounds rather insulting now I look back at it, I didn't mean it to sound like that. Congratulations on guessing, over to you for the next one (y).

I was toying with just showing some white fur and seeing if you could guess from that but the photo quality wasn't quite good enough.
It was the tail that gave it away.... Will post a new one tomorrow! Going to zzz now, didn't find it insulting by the way... I didn't take it like that... and I haven't 'won' for a while so I'm happy! ;)