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I will tell you the secret..................................patience
I tried the bitter apple and it didn't work at all my dog actually licked it off everything i sprayed it on. I simply positioned myself between him and whatever he was chewing on and made him choose to move away rather than me just removing him. I also tried replace whatever he was chewing on with a toy and over time he learned what was okay to chew on. But not until we lost the leg to a new pantry, a family heirloom was damaged, the table legs were gnawed up and the door frame had to be sanded. I never found a quick fix. My thing was to give a sharp correction and redirect the chewing. Sorry it isn't much but i hope it helps.


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remove all temptation, crate when u can't watch, have loads of legal chewies, catch and reward him doing things right, catch the wrong-softly eh-eh and place a legal chewy in his mouth in a trade-play and make that item more fun. if he gets a shoe it's ur fault..remember to remove the temptation. if u do u guarantee success.