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    Yes it is terrible:( . My first encounter with it, animal or human. I can believe stress influences it a lot, as the onset with Zeus was when his beloved sister/litter mate Tiger Lily died. He really mourned for her and it was shortly after that he was diagnosed with cushings. Yes, so right Pawbla, staying strong and keeping positive, pulled the boy through last time, so will stay the same this time!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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    Just saw this thread. You guys are in my prayers! I'm glad that Zeus is starting to do better!
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    I hope that Zeus is feeling even better today. Thinking of all of you!
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    To you all, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love, prayers and thoughts have helped more than you'll ever know. But my darling Boy had to be assisted across the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He took a turn for the worst and let me know very clearly it was time.

    Please now Celebrate his Wonderful Life, for he sure wouldn't want you all in tears, though mine are flowing.

    This is the post I wrote -http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/forum/threads/celebrating-the-life-of-my-beautiful-boy-zeus.7065/
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