Celebrating The Life Of My Beautiful Boy Zeus

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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    It is with unbearable sadness that I have to tell you all that my Darling Zeus, my Main Man, The Big Kahuna, had to be assisted Across The Rainbow Bridge this morning. Please excuse typos as my eyes won't stop watering.

    Yesterday he seemed better on his morning constitutional, but I did notice his hind legs were 'stiff'. In the afternoon he did, as always, perk up and play the perfect audience whilst Leaf did her tricks. But around 8.p.m. he couldn't walk, not even assisted. Then at 11.p.m. the seizures started. I spent the entire night just holding him, trying to ease him, and well just talking softly too him and playing quiet music. I couldn't even tell our wonderful Vet Kyle how many, they just kept coming, with a few seconds, sometimes minutes in between.

    As 8.a.m. I rang my wonderful vets. The young nurse who helped so much with Rakins answered and knew, without me having to say much, that Zeus' time had come. She immediately said she would ring Kyle (his vet) and ask her to come in early. So, crying like crazy, we got Zeus into the car by using a towel as a stretcher and, through driving rain, took him for his last earthly car ride.

    They had everything ready for him, gave him some valium so I could spend a few quiet moments with him, but sadly the seizures started again so Kyle and I knew it was definitely the time. He crossed quickly and peacefully, not head jerking as Kyle said may happen due to the seizures. He just lay in my arms and went peacefully to sleep. He looked so peaceful, so content and young again. Kyle and I stroked him and talked to him and she said I was so lucky, my Dogs always let me know very clearly when it was their time. And I am! That is truly something to be thankful for, no 'is it or isn't it' - they make it very plain.

    But please, let us Celebrate his wonderful life. For he really did have so many adventures, had been to so many different places. He'd been there, done that, but never did he leave my side. Always Mom"s Boy but always so sociable to every one he met. Always ready to extend the paw in friendship to any stray dog or cat I brought home. Never jealous, my Boy didn't have a jealous bone in his body, he loved Life and everything and everyone in this world.

    He and his sister, my beloved Late Tiger Lily, were a pair of little scamps as pups. Oh so many memories, like their attempt to become artists. Oh dear, really guys, painted teeth aren't a good fashion statement, and whilst Francis Bacon may have been pleased with your work, Mom wasn't quite so impressed. That's just one of their memoriable puppy times, there are many, many more. They loved life that's for sure.

    And he was the best Big Bro and mentor to little Leaf. He taught her to be brave and not be scared of dogs barking at fences, big boy toys and all the other scary things that would scare a timid little girl. Nothing ever phased Zeus! She knew it was his time, she said her goodbyes, but I don't think she'll ever forget her Big Blue Heeler Big Bro Mentor, friend and confidante. Zeus was my confidante as well. He knew everything about me. Always ready with his sturdy shoulder for a good cry and delighted when it was a good joke or good time shared. And he just LOVED car rides, bet he's up there now checking out the cars with Tiger Lily (who hated cars but hey he's my Bro) and taking a car ride around the Rainbow Bridge.

    So, raise your glasses high, sing a good Irish Song, don't worry if you're out of tune, Zeus will feel quite chuffed as he wasn't any Pavarotti, and let's Celebrate with the Best Wake Ever the Wonderful Life of my Boy Zeus. A fighter to the end, I was blessed with four 'bonus' years after he was diagnosed with cushings, over twice as much as most people have.

    Thank you all for all your love and support. It's made me feel that I am not alone and I have friends who care.
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Mary I'm so sorry to hear that Zeus has passed and so close to sweet Rakins. I'm glad though that you have Leaf to comfort you and help you through this hard time. Zeus was truly an amazing dog, I've loved hearing all the stories about him over the time you have been on DTA and seeing videos of him. I'm glad you were able to have him for those four bonus years. May he rest in peace, no more pain for sweet, go with the flow Zeus.
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  3. 648117 Honored Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about Zeus. You gave him a great life, you should be proud of yourself and of all of the amazing dogs that you have owned.
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  4. running_dog Honored Member

    So sorry to hear about Zeus.
    Thinking of you.
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  5. kassidybc Experienced Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about Zeus. I had tears forming in my eyes as I began to read this post. I enjoyed seeing everything you posted about him on DTA, I know he was such a wonderful dog. Mary, he couldn't have had anyone better as his mom. I'm glad you have Leaf to not only help you through this sad time, but also to help you celebrate a life well lived. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. And Zeus- enjoy those Rainbow Bridge car rides. :)
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  6. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I'm so sad to read of the loss of your beloved Zeus. Know that he had the best of lives, and wouldn't have wanted to have lived it with anyone but you! Run fast and free, and bark loud at The Bridge, precious boy! RIP sweet Zeus. :love:
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  7. Pawbla Experienced Member

    I'm sorry about Zeus, it seems like it was his time to move on and meet his sister... enjoy your car ride across the bridge, Zeus!
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much Danielle. It was too close to my darling Rakins, but they're together now across the Bridge, swapping 'boy talk' I'm sure. Leafy has been wonderful all through, she's been so respectful of Zeus, never 'bugged' him and at the end, when he was laying on my bed seizuring, she can very gently and quietly over, gave him a doggy kiss and when asked, just as quietly sat behind me, hard against my back as if to say "Hey Mom I'm here, I understand and I've got your back". She's missing him, but I swear she knew he was taking his first steps Across The Bridge.

    So am I so very, very grateful and glad I had those 'bonus' years, I am so blessed. And Zeus really did kick cushings to the curb, he never let it bother him at all. Oh so many more stories I could tell about Zeus, he was quite a Boy.

    He is in peace, he was so peaceful crossing and yes Danielle, no more pain and to me, though I miss him so much, that is a relief to know. That my darling Boy is well, happy and pain free. He's done now what he always did in life 'gone with the flow' - I guess that was his lesson to us all - to just go with the flow, accept what cannot be changed and change what can be.
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much. I'm so proud of my boy, and all my wonderful dogs, each one has/is different but all wonderful in their respective ways. He had a wonderful life and is now pain free, happy and well across the Bridge, where I know he has many friends there to greet him.
  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much. Zeus is pain free, and he was in pain the last few days, now he's happy, well and enjoying life once more with all his friends across the Bridge. I am truly blessed to have shared my life with such a wonderful dog.
  11. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much Kassidy. He sure did have a lot to say for himself didn't he:) . And I couldn't have had a better dog either, we shared everything in life together from when he was 2 hours old. Leafy is wonderful, she's so young, but so knowing and understanding and yes, she's helping me through the sadness but she's also reminding me that 'Hey Zeus wants a parteeeeeeeeee not tears, you know Mom he loved PARTEEEEEEEEES".

    Oh yes Zeus will be enjoying those car rides across the Bridge that's for sure. After all he was literally born in a car and well, a real 'boy' loved cars!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much Jackie. Yes, there's a huge whole in my heart, but I couldn't allow him to stay here in pain, with no quality of life. That's for sure, he was a real 'Mommy's Boy", and although he loved all, it was Mom who he always wanted to be with. He did have a truly amazing life, and enjoyed every moment to the fullest.

    He's running free now, fast and hard and barking loudly - can't you hear him? That one note, off key bark sure is resounding through the Rainbow Bridge.
  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much Pawbla. Yes, you're right, it was his time to move on to the next chapter in his long, wonderful life. And he's met his sister, Rakins, Buddah and so many friends, there will be quite a party going on right now - he loved PARTEEEEEEEEE time!

    Oh yes, he'll be enjoying his car ride that's for sure. Though not so sure his long suffering sister will, but she'll go with him, they were always together.
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  14. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Mary I am so sorry to hear about your wonderful boys Zeus...
    "A good dog never dies. He always stays. He walks besides you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near. His head is within our hand in his old way."
    (Mary Carolyn Davies)
    Take joy that he is with his sister, reinunited, and teaching her that car rides over the rainbow bridge are a Party!
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much Ripleygirl. That is a beautiful verse, so true too I love it.:love:
    Yes, it does bring a smile to my lips thinking of poor Tiger Lily, who thought she was 'car ride free', being once more persuaded to go for a ride and, with her Bro Zeus driving!!!!!!!! Yes, he'll be driving that's for sure, I swear he always wished he could learn to drive and would have put his paw up for that Dog Driving Course in New Zealand had it been possible!
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  16. Gordykins Experienced Member

    I'm sorry, I'm just now seeing this. Sending hugs and good thoughts, and I certainly will always remember that fabulous gentleman Zeus.
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much! Zeus was always the gentleman, so lovely to remember him as that. One very special Boy, that's for sure.
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