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My youtubeaccount:

@Southerngirl maybe a stupid question but what is the difference between your channel name and your username and how do I change my channel name?
It's not a stupid question at all:D
Your username is what shows up when you post stuff it's like your username for DTA (Mutt) Your channel name is usually something to do with why you created your account. Example I made my account to post Videos of Missy so I named my Channel "Crazy Missy" If you upload videos of your dog you could call it "Mazel and Boef"
To change your Channel name go to your channel and on the top left it says channel settings press that than go to the info and settings tab. Where it says title click there. Than your all set.


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Could you maybe help me out, I have windows photogallery (is that the same as windows live photogallery?), but when I click on edit the only options that I get are:
change lighting, change color, crop image and get rid of red eyes.
Help what am I doing wrong :ROFLMAO: haha I feel such a computernoob


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@Mutt, You can also resize using Paint. That is standard included in windows.
There should be a button(can't tell you where, because I have windows 7 and I think the older versions look a bit different) for resize. Just make sure you click pixels and then type in 640 for horizontal. If you have a picture that is vertical type the 640 in the vertical box;)
Then save where ever you want it.


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... if dazzle sounds like your jinx then your in trouble...

Fun, good, lovely even, but still trouble.

Thank you for your comment. I'll pass it on to the real writher (that's Dazzle. She the brain behind it. I just write down what she does)