Your Dog's Friends


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I don't really have any pictures of Holly with her friends (she has a lot though). Lewis doesn't really like other dogs so his only friends are Holly and Skye. Skye hasn't made any new friends yet either.
But here's some photo's of them playing (I love watching them play):

(Lewis doesn't properly play with Skye yet)

Holly and Lewis' cousin (Tebow) when he flew down to visit at Christmas (Holly did play with him but wasn't that happy when he tried to share her chair):

And a dog we met at the dog park today:
Lovely pics, I love watching dogs play too. There are so many levels to the play and it is really interesting how they play differently with different dogs!

I love the one with Skye and Holly and the tug toy!


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Well if Piper looks like she is waiting for Southerngirl to discover she has rolled in something stinky I'm afraid that in the first photo Leaf looks like she's waiting for you to discover she broke your best china :).

Snowy looks quite a character!
LOL it was the first time Leaf had managed to settle in the back seat of the car, she's never broken any china LOL prefers munching on cushions - all those feathers!!!!!!!!!

Snowy is the gamest little dog, it's such a shame she doesn't come any more, she was doing really well at school.


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Great pics, Mary! Leaf looks like she is really coming out of herself!
Zeus looks lovely in the first one too - he reminds me of the saying that starts 'He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog' but that he is that for Leaf as well as you. Beautiful!

It seems she is making lots of great friends in school too! Love it!
Yes Leaf's making grand progress, when you consider she wouldn't even allow me a single pat on her 'meet and greet' and was terrified of strange dogs, people - make that anything!

Yes, Zeus really is that saying to a T - he's a laid back, cool dude, never known him fazed by anything, but would hate anyone to attempt to harm Leaf or myself they'd soon discover another side to him! He's such a special boy:love: