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  1. xena98 Experienced Member

    well this weekend has been an awesome weekend. We had an agility and games trial on Saturday and Sunday was obedience.My young Gabby being only 26 months old was in her first time in master agility and master jumping. She stuffed master agility up by not doing her weavers but managed a pass in master jumping she got a fourth would be great if I actually handled properly:msngiggle:. Inka managed a few passes as well. In the afternoon we had our games trial Gabby got another pass in gambler excellent and Inka master gamblers and got a first what an awesome run:msncool: but Xena passed snooker master :yipi:which gave her title, which has made her got every master title in games. Xena is the first dog in South Australia to have all master titles in games. During Xena's competitive years she had done lots of first and this is one of them she is also the first dog in the state to have udx title and also had Australia's record for the fastest 60 weavers as well. what a gal

  2. xena98 Experienced Member

    oops forgot to add that my 11 year old coolie Xena won open with 194 and ud with 187 and Inka won ud on a not so good score of 179 and Xena won the Ruby Challenge in UD which is over 4 trials and she was the only one that passed in all 4 utility trials and Inka won the open ruby Challenge and Xena won the scent hurdle and not only that Inka won the highest non qualifying score as well. She was sitting on 197 in open and broke her drop stay arghhhhhhhhhhh
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    wow! you have had a busy weekend! congratulations on everything, your accomplishments are huge. Be very proud of yourself and your dogs. I can't believe you have 2 UD's who also do agility :)

    Lance and I will compete for our very first time in open obedience this coming weekend. Very nervous!
  4. xena98 Experienced Member

    Hi Fickla
    Xena my 11 year old coolie and Inka my 7.5 year old border collie have both ud titles as well as doing agility. In fact both of those girls have an obedience champion title and agility champion title as well. Gabby is making her way there as well, that is if we can solve those blasted weavers

    Good luck in your open. Dont be nervous treat it as you are training except you cant talk or feed but remember to have FUN!!!!
    cheers Danni
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    AWEsome accomplishments Xena--congratulations to you and those whip-smart dogs of yours. This is an impressive list of successes. :doglaugh:

    Fickla---do not be nervous. You and your dogs are awesome and will outshine everyone there. Even if a random event should happen that you don't blow their doors off you'll be all the more ready next time. You're very talented so I have litte doubt you will prevail. Do let us know. :dogsmile:

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