Words To Describe Dogs


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Jess - Stafford/GSD/Airedale 3 years old - sensitive but cocky, reserved with strangers, loving with family, intelligent, impulsive, fearless, as long as we're together everything is ok.
Finley -English Springer Spaniel 4 months old - bouncy, excitable, comical, greedy, can be fearful, worships Jess!


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lol, Anneke, i know, wouldn't it be so fun to get inside of their brains for even a few moments to understand even some of their quirks?? ha, i'd do it in a heartbeat!

Hayley Thompson

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Riley- 1 year old Border Collie
Smart, beautiful, focused, energetic, talkative, hyper, snuggler, attention-hog, quirky, brave, tough, protective, alert, thinker, playful, mind reasder and a big oaf

She's my girl

Side note on quirks: Riley does this and I think it is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen in my life!! Do your dogs do this??!!!

When I pledge my coffee table, Riley will lower her head so it rests on the coffee table and slide her head all the way back and forth the length of the table, she even tries to get her chest on the coffee table to slide! I have no idea why!! It must be the sensation-because it isn't the smell or taste as she doesn't sniff it or try to bite at the coffee table, she just wants to glide her face all over my just cleaned table!


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ha ha, that is too funny!! nope, my dog is not fond of sprays in general, i have successfully desensitized him to sprays and aerosols, but, he is not drawn to them. THAT IS SO WEIRD, HAYLEY!! ROFL!
way too funny!
lol, we should start new thread, "Name your dog's quirks!" ha


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River: Golden Retriever (2 years old)
intelligent, happy, hungry, loving, sweet, friendly (although can be shy), sensitive, motivated

one word that describes your dog/what you feel towards it: Love
My name is Sofia Armengol Clare Rinaldi,
I just got a new puppy (as shown in my profile picture!)
His name is Linus, he was named after 'Linus' in Charlie Brown because our puppy never let go and always carried his blanket.
Hi would describe his as:
Linus (Pomeranian, Scottish terrier and Chihuahua; 4 months old)
He is happy, crazy, sweet, hyperactive, intelligent, fast, jumpy and cute.
Barks, sleeps, plays and he obeys.


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Shivon (lab whippet mix): SUPER fast, crazy, quirky, intelligent, crazy, quiet, energetic, crazy, fast learner, happy-go-lucky, crazy, amusing, never a dull moment, CRAZY!!!!!!!:ROFLMAO: