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  1. daniii New Member

    Thought it might be a fun idea, but please also tell me the breed of your dog.

    Okay, I'll tell you mine:

    Khali (Border collie, 20 months old): happy, crazy, sweet, hyperactive, intelligent, fast, jumpy, cute.
    Though I sometimes tell her she is lazy, dirty, and stupid, because I know that's not true.

    Also, if you could tell ONE word that describes your dog/what you feel towards it, it'd be great.

    For Khali, I'd say the word would be "Life".

    I'm looking foward to seeing what you think ^_^

  2. marieke New Member

    Guus, 7 months old, friese stabij x golden retriever. In one word: clingy.
  3. storm22 Experienced Member

    timex, 15yr, pit bull: life partner

    storm, 5yr old, australian cattle dog: love

    koda, 11week, rotti x pitty: puppyhood
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Pami, 2 years, crossbreed (no idea what breeds...) in one word: friend
    Maybe this sounds a little cliché, but it's really true:msngrin:
    I don't know what I could do without her.
  5. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Ellie (Border Collie)
    Timid, eager, fun, scruffy, loving, intelligent.
  6. landseer Well-Known Member

    What adjectives describe your dog?

    Chantal 16 months old Newfoundland black and white

    She's my joy, intelligent, alive, diligent, careful, irresistible, sensitive. I have never had a dog like her....she's my baby!
  7. daniii New Member

    I'm happy you guys replied to this thread. Ah...through my English is bad as far as writting goes, I think I've understood all the words you've said.
    Guess if it had been in Spanish, I too could've said awesome words like you did.
    but really I'm really enjoying looking at your replies ^_^
  8. hockey390 New Member

    I'm going to say Emma is delighted or satisfied, I couldn't decide between these two =)
  9. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Zeke(Border Collie/Blue Heeler, 2 years old): shy, hyper, hard-working, protective, loving, intelligent, needy
    In one word: Snuggler
    Rusty(Rottie/Pit/? mix, 5 years old): macho, sweet, protective, brave, eager to please, loving
    In one word: Protector
    Mudflap(Border Collie, 3 years old): rescued, hyper, loving, hard-working, super intelligent, open-minded, tomboy, mud-loving, diligent
    In one word: Brainy
    Nick(Teacup Chihuahua, 6 years old): tiny, brave, loving, protective, big at heart, quick, snuggler, cocky
    In one word: Gigantic
    (He thinks he's a Great Dane, lol!)

    Lol, I really enjoyed this. I love my interesting little group....the shy, quiet one(Zeke), the muscular guardian(Rusty), the smart, everybody's-best-friend one(Mud), and the cocky, tough one(Nick). Hehe. ^^ A good variety, I think. Lol.
  10. sunshineunicorn New Member

    Bailey is a 3 1/2 month old Golden Retriever.

    outgoing, friendly, funny, playful, smart, energenic, joyful, demanding.

    In one word...happiness.
  11. emmasmamma Guest

    Emma is a 14 month old toy poodle. She covers both ends of the spectrum, both hyper and a snuggle-bug. I call her my "baby girl".:dogtongue2:
  12. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    Charlie is a 3 y/o Standard Poodle.

    One word: 'zest'.

    Others: smart, mischevious, problem-solving, problem-making, hard-headed, quick, stealthy, relentless, sly, excuberant, sneaky, hungry, educated, happy, bouncy, verbally-quiet, 'nosey', friendly, resilient, humorous, independant, motivated...

    He is not: snuggly, lazy, or aggressive.
  13. Alice Te New Member

    dj 10 years old:
    happy fast jumpy open minded fun friendly a best friend loves to eat playful joyful sweet carzy loving intelling protector loves to sleep and for one word: happyiness and cute:sleep::X3:
  14. alcastive Well-Known Member

    Sasha 18 months old Jack Russell Terrier: Super Hyper Active :) (prefers playing than lunch lol )
  15. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Blade - 18mth GSD - crazy, loopy, fun, silly, loving, friendly, jealous lol
    In one word - [or two] best mate
  16. DuncansMom Well-Known Member

    Duncan - 2 year old mutt - optimistic, enthusiastic, friendly, Loving, cute, cuddly, playful, smart, silly, outgoing
    In one word: Joy!
  17. Anneke Honored Member

    Ok I'll have a go too...
    Cooper: big, thinker, reserved, crazy, cautious, smart, calm, introvert, sensitive.
    He's my teacher in patience and problemsolving(meaning solving trainingproblems, because he does not always react the way I think he will...;))
    Jinx: happy, loving, cuddly, sensitive, outgoing, playfull, hyper, bouncy, smart
    It may sound crazy, but when we had to let our last dog go, Shane(bordermix, had to let him go at the age of 16) I felt that I lost my soulmate. I knew I didn't have that same connection with Cooper and that I never would. Not that I don't love him to bits, but we just don't have that same connection. And then Jinx came along and she is, in so many ways like Shane, that it scares me sometimes. She is my baby, the one that gets me out of my depression. I truely think I have been lucky enough to find another soulmate. And that she is in one word, soulmate.
  18. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Buddy--border collie rescue:
    LOVABLE, very very very quirky, brilliant,
    respectful, sweet, nosey, obsessive, focused, energetic,
    gentle, active, playful,
    hyper-ish + laid back,
    'obvious'/communicative, quirky,
    worries too much at times, goofy, show-off,
    obedient, loyal, protective,
    resourceful, problem-solver,
    sooooo devoted,

    but, if i had to pick only ONE word, i'd go with FASCINATING....my dog, being a rescue, has so many quirks and interesting behaviors, that none of our previous dogs ever had....Buddy has so many mysterious customs and habits,
    like the way he stores his toys, for example,
    is one(1)
    of many
    that Buddy Shawshank does:
    grouping some toys(his collection of laundry baskets) all go in the dining room, every night,
    and only at nighttime.
    IN the daytime, he herds his baskets all over the house, and leaves them whereever........ but, every night, he drags the baskets, one by one, and stuffs them all under the dining room table. We did not teach him that, he does this on his own.

    other teeny-tiny furry toys go on his upstairs bed, and he acts like those are his babies, he carries them around gently, and keeps them snugged up next to him now and then, licking them and gazing at them
    as if they are moving, for long periods of time..............and then, he returns the teeny tiny furry toys back onto his upstairs bed. ONLY that type of toy is allowed in Buddy's upstairs bed. If we throw, like a rubbery squeak toy on his upstairs bed, Buddy will remove that rubbery squeak toy....

    and his giant love-bear goes on his downstairs bed, he humps that giant bear, and only that giant bear. It's his "girlfriend" bear. He takes "girlfriend bear" outside with him, too, but, always brings her back in when he comes in. I think he is "hanging out" with his fake friend, ha ha!!

    ANY brand new toy goes on the red rug, for 48 hours, til he decides where it belongs. If we move it, Buddy will replace the brand new toy back over onto the red rug when he is done playing with it.

    WEIRDEST ONE---apparently 3 random toys are piled at foot of stairs, daily, but we can not figure out why he chooses THOSE 3 toys every day to place at foot of our stairs....different toys each day, but, always 3. In past years, it was only one toy, but, he's upped it to 3 toys now. But, we don't 'get it' or understand why those 3. It's fun to watch, though, although, sometimes a bit of a hazard...

    and NO toys are ever allowed by Buddy to be left in kitchen, for some odd reason.......... if we put any toy in the kitchen, Buddy will quickly snatch it up and look at us as if we were crazy, and put the toy where he thinks it belongs

    ......we didn't teach him ANY of these things, he does it on his own....stuff like that, just lots of interesting habits.

    and he does crack us up every single day.
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  19. heidio Active Member

    I would have to describe Max as Happy go Lucky
    Not a care in the world.
    Max loves anything he can put in his mouth. Wether it's an odd sock, my husbands cell phone, or a plastic soda bottle.
    From time to time we buy Max stuffed animals, and get to see his more dystructive side. Most of the time he'll just tear it to shreds. We did give him a toy that our Bassette Hound (when he was alive) never quite liked to play with. It was a snow man. Max took to that toy and would carry it every where. He would take it outside and bring it back in with him. Then a couple of months later we saw that he had torn out the snowmans eyes. I told my husband that it must of look at Max the wrong way. Then we found the poor snowman had been shredded. Another toy he took to was a small puppy stuffed toy that he totted around for awhile. Then much like the snowman, the puppy must of given him the evil eye and was found shredded in the corner.
    Right now he has one of my daughters flip flops. She got a new pair and Max loves to carry it around. I play toss with it and he retrieves it for me. Mainly he likes any kind of box that he can tear apart or a plastic bottle.
    I have notice another post where someone said to give them a plastic tub with the cover on it and with treats inside. I think I'll try that to give Max a little brain teaser.
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  20. Anneke Honored Member

    Tigerlily, I sit here with a big smile on my face, reading your discription of Buddy. I adore dogs with those quircky habits!!
    And it reminds me, that Cooper has such a thing too. Hij has some little rubber squeaky toys, like a pig and a cow. He never plays with them, but licks them for a while and then goes and hide them. I sometimes find them in the bottem of a closet or my sockdrawer. I just got to thinking that I haven't seen them in a long while. I wonder where he put them? He also never allows Jinx to play with them.
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