Why Keeping Dogs On Leash In Areas Requiring Leashes Is Important!!! Minor Oliver Disaster...


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Our city is very dog friendly, We have a huge 160 acre off leash dog park that's along the river. The city is linked everywhere with bike paths, you can go almost anywhere in the city on them. There's another off leash park, that's not as nice (30 acres, no swimming) but it's fenced and close to the bike paths as well on the other side of town. There are literally tons of parks and green space, and garbage cans strategically placed everywhere (with Smoke butt cans attached) So there is literally no need to let your dog off leash where it's prohibited by law!!!

There's a big movement here with the whole yellow ribbon thing, and people educating like crazy, so it might actually make a difference... for other dog owners at least. Unfortunately, non-dog owners aren't likely to see the fliers posted in all the pet places :)

It doesn't make a difference for us getting ambushed by an off leash dog with no owner nearby... the dogs don't know what it means LOL


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We have lots of places to take ones dog for off leash frolicing. There is no need to have ones dog off leash where it is prohibited. Period.

I do understand the difficulty for those who don't have the same access. It is hard for sure. :(


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Ya, our city council has promised to fence in the off-leash park near us, but not for 2 years. There is a woman who owns a Bosley's Pet Supply in town who has started a fund-raising campaign to grade it, fence it in, cut the grass, empty the trash can, etc., until the city is ready to take over. It's really sad that on top of the incredibly high property taxes we pay here, we have to privately fund a public space like this.


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Yeah stuff like that happens herre as well. :( It is sad that pet owners ger the shaft most of the time. :/