Why Keeping Dogs On Leash In Areas Requiring Leashes Is Important!!! Minor Oliver Disaster...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by sara, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. sara Moderator

    So I was walking Ollie last night, in an area that requires a leash. We were working on some obedience stuff (moving downs and sits specifically, not that it matters :p ) When out of the bush comes an off leash pup about 7 or 8 months old. BC x BSD, I think) No chance for me to get Oliver away, no chance to get his head halter back on (thankfully, he was on a harness not a collar). I tried to send the pup away by being intimidating, however he kept coming on because who could not like him? :rolleyes:

    Well I had to grab onto Oliver, and the puppy's collar, and try to hold them apart, while the owner ran up to us, but when she got there, she grabbed the collar put the leash on, then let go of the collar when the pup could still reach Ollie... Up to this point, Oliver was fantastic, not snarling or lunging, but the pup leaped at him and I got my hand in the way of Oliver's teeth trying to keep him from hurting the pup...

    Long story short, I left a blood trail all the way home from 4 punctures in my thumb, 2 of which are right on the last joint and tore as well, so a big bloody mess, that hopefully doesn't get infected like the cat bite I got 6 weeks or so ago...

    Please, PLEASE keep your dogs on leash when other people expect all dogs to be leashed... That's where people like me go with dogs who cant be around other dogs:mad:
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Very important message Sara, I too have sustained injuries in very similar circumstances, so know what you're going through. Hopefully your thumb will heal quickly. Try smothering it with Aloe Vera, I've found that stops any potential injections and helps heal the wound very quickly.

    Kudos to Ollie for being such a polite young Gentleman!(y):) He didn't make a move until the puppy behaved
    inappropriately, and then only because of the stupid owner!

    I am so against dogs off leash in leashed areas, for the very reasons you've stated.
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  3. blacknym Experienced Member

    Gah!!!! That is so frustrating. We have a park here that had a lot of hiking trails. Well it is a popular place for people to bring there dogs. Thing is there are rules (on and off leash trails got to read the markers) and people don't bother to listen. So frustrating.
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  4. blacknym Experienced Member

    Oops.... Hit send prematurely....

    I hope your hand gets better... Like Mary said Aloe is a good thing to help with healing and infection. :)
  5. brody_smom Experienced Member

    This kind of thing happened twice with Brody and has probably contributed to his dog fear in a major way. In one instance, an older couple was walking two dogs, a small one on leash and a big brute of a yellow lab who appeared to be on leash, but then came rushing at us suddenly. He was very rude. Brody tried to get away, but was on leash so he got really frightened. The woman began apologizing, saying things like "I don't know why he always does that. Even the dog walker has trouble with him." Meanwhile, her husband has him by the collar and is whacking him on the backside with his hand! Sheesh! People!
  6. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Oh Sara, so sorry that happened to you. Having Makena, I can totally empathize with you - I know how hard it is to find places to go, and then to have people totally ignore leash-laws is SO frustrating! It's always about them, how their dog is "so friendly", and how gee, that's never happened before (ummm, yeah, and it wouldn't have happened now if you have obeyed the law!!! :mad: grrrrrr......). I hope your hand is ok and doesn't need med attention - does it? Or did it?
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  7. sara Moderator

    It was kinda funny, the chick that was with the puppy came running as soon as I said, NO PUPPY, GO! She never called to him at all. When she got to us, I was doing the idiotic person impersonation ("OH LOOK, Ollie, a cute, wonderful, pretty puppy, OH how nice is he, sooo sweet and good and nice..." etc, all said in a high pitched, happy, sing song voice, to try and keep Oliver in a happy place... ) she said "Sorry!", and I completely ignored her trying to keep Ollie happy. I never even flinched when he bit me, just kept up sing-song idiot speak, and some semblance of control over the situation... she never said another word, just high-tailed it away.

    That's when I got a look at the blood dripping off my thumb. I hadn't realized he even broke the skin until I saw that LOL

    I don't use aloe, I use tea tree oil and polysporin, but it's been 48 hours and isn't infected yet, and not swollen, though it's still bleeding a bit... I probably should have got stitches, but I think that would have been worse, as the 2 tears are right on the joint. I have it wrapped in gauze and taped to prevent it from bending, and can use it just fine, unless I hit directly on the inside puncture... So it's all good :)

    It just sucks that I can't keep him safe, no matter how diligent I am :(
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  8. blacknym Experienced Member

    Glad to hear your alright. :) It was not your fult at all. Please dont blame yourself. :D
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  9. brody_smom Experienced Member

    You did keep him safe. You were the one who got injured, silly! :) The unfortunate thing is when you are working so hard to protect your dog from getting injured, and he is the one who ends up biting you, albeit unintentionally!
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  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    That sucks that person was not responsible enough to put her pup on a leash. Her puppy will more than likely end up getting hurt because she doesn't leash it. I'm sorry you got bite I hope it heals quickly. But Ollie did great!!
    I have to deal with two off leash dogs every day in my neighborhood. Missy used to totally flip out, but I got tired of it and had my brother help in introduce them, they're friends now.
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  11. Dlilly Honored Member

    That's happened to me too. A couple was walking their young baby Cattle dog pup on a trail, the dog was offleash. I was walking my former foster dog Bailey. The puppy came out of nowhere and was trying to play with Bailey. I didn't see any owners, but luckily my brother was with me and grabbed the puppy. (Bailey is fearful towards obnoxious dogs.) The couple is SOOO lucky their dog was okay. They took forever to walk over and grab their dog. I almost took Rory on a walk that day, who know what he would have done.
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  12. marsala Active Member

    Oh dear, that's no good, hopefully Sara your thumb gets better soon. Where we live people pretty much walk with unleashed dogs all the time (some of them are amazingly trained, some are not) as we keep our dogs leashed on the roads and streets - parks and beaches are unleashed unless he gets too aggressive. Unfortunately people do not always understand why and let their dogs to come and greet ours even when ours are leashed! And that's where the trouble start..every single time. Where I come from, I am used people asking (shouting) from the distance if it is ok to let my dog to come and meet yours specially when on a leash but not here. I try to keep my dogs away from dogs who are leashed when they are unleashed just as a courtesy and do not want that whole circus for the others. What is your experience in the yellow ribbon/yellow harness + leash (or even red), do people pay any attention? I read that Brody'smom did not have a good experience on these but I am seriously thinking of purchasing them for ours just to warn people.....
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  13. charmedwolf Moderator

    Oh boy, it seems to be that type of week, huh?

    Isis and I were attacked today at our hotel by another human/dog aggressive dog. At least this one was an accident where the children accidentally opened the door at the wrong time. Nothing bad on me, just a bunch of scratches. Isis on the other hand has a puncture on her leg where he got her.

    Marsala- In places where there is a big dog friendly following, I've found the yellow ribbon project works great. Places where it isn't quite so dog friendly, it doesn't seem to make a difference.
  14. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I haven't used a yellow or red leash/harness on Brody. I'm not sure anyone around here uses them as a code for fearful or aggressive dogs. People seem to choose color based on personal preference or style, and I don't think anyone would take notice. There should be some kind of public awareness campaign, in local newspapers and such, to let people and dog owners know if this is a system of communication. People seem to be aware of service dogs wearing special harnesses or backpacks when they are on duty, so they don't disturb them. Other than that, I am not aware of any other color coding here.
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  15. blacknym Experienced Member

    in regards to the Yellow ribbon/leash/harness, It is not well known enough to make a differance yet. :(
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  16. marsala Active Member

    I was afraid of that. It just seems that "common sense" is not common..and sure I know that people do not always THINK but is it really that difficult to realize that if someone's dog is leashed while others run free, there must be a reason? it just makes me angry and at the same time cautious for I cannot really enjoy walks with my dogs for I have to be alert all the time for other dogs suddenly appearing from nowhere... and yes, here it it seen as "our" fault if our dog just does not like other dogs.... oh well...just ranting away.
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  17. marsala Active Member

    Thank you charmedwolf for your observation. It seems that even if we are in a dog friendly city, I have not seen any yellow ribbons or leashes...maybe it just happens that our dogs are the only ones who should wear them :oops:
  18. blacknym Experienced Member

    I completely understand! It is really frustrating when people don't follow city bylaws or are just plain ignorant and don't care. I have a hard time walking Deja at times because people just let their dogs run around off leash and run up to us and then she goes a bit nuts. She is a social butterfly and wants to say hello to everyone so makes it hard to have her calm on leash. And then there are the people with those DAMNED flexi leashes!!! and the worst....Those people who just let their dogs pull them over to you and invade your space and wonder why you give them a disgusted look. UGH!!!

    OK....Rant over!! LOL
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  19. southerngirl Honored Member

    Maybe we could make flyers for the yellow ribbon and put them at places such as dog parks to help spread the word.
  20. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I agree, but I do understand why people let their dogs run off-leash in areas of our city. There are so few designated off-leash parks here, that dog owners are forced to create them in areas that they consider safe. Unfortunately, these are also the areas designated as running/cycling paths or hiking trails. The local school ground where I play fetch with Brody has signs posted at most of the entrances that say "no dogs", but there are truthfully no other places that are safe for us. Other dog owners who use the area are usually very respectful, keeping their dogs at the other end, realizing that if someone is there with their dog, it's because they don't have other options. The only off-leash area that is even close to us is near a busy street and has no fence around it, but is in the middle of a very well used running/cycling trail. I think that the bigger problem is that people who let their dogs off-leash, even in a designated area, have not taught their dogs proper manners or a good recall, and they don't keep their dogs within sight, which is what the signs in the areas request of users. As a whole, our city tends to have very backward ideas about responsible pet ownership; lots of back yard breeders, outdoor cats, not many who spay/neuter cats or dogs. We can be fined $65 for not picking up after our dogs, but try to find a garbage can! I have carried full poop bags for a full 45 minute walk many times because the only cans I can find are at bus stops, and they have signs saying "no dog waste".

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