What kind of mix?

Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by hockey390, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. sara Moderator

    I was sooo gonna say Bully breed x Border Collie, or Pointer or Spaniel.... gorgeous dog!

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Awww Sarha that first pic is adorable. From that pic my first impression was BC/Terrier but then the second made me think BC/Spaniel. Hard to say since the second pic was small and I can't get a good look at her entire body. Cute nonetheless!

    But Tigerlily has a good point. BCs have never been bred for one specific, identical appearance. Since they were bred for their working ability, people rarely cared much about specific appearance, just a basic resemblance to each other was fine. BCs in the show ring are now bred with very specific needs in mind, and almost every show ring BC will look identical in terms of the basic BC look. Sleek muzzle, lean but muscular body, etc. The Border Collie "breed standard." It's almost impossible to abide by the breed standard with working BCs or ANYTHING outside of the conformation show ring. All BCs are definitely recognizable as BCs, but their facial features, head shape, body shape.....loooots of variety.

    But anyway...I'd say she's a mix. :)
  3. sarhaspups New Member

    Tigerlily, What is PB? Pitbull?? She definately doesn't look like a pitbull to me. She's not quite that boxy. I'd love to see the pictures you have.

    Thanks TX cowgirl. Here are some more pictures. I think she is mixed b/c her structure (is like a spaniel), coat, tail and her face is a little boxer than a BC. BC's are versitile but they do usually have a more sleek longer body on them... though the show BC's are shorter legged and shorter body she still doesn't resemble a BC's structure.
    Here are some better pictures.
    Yes she loves to be dirty but this was a good picture showing her entire body.

    Here she is with one of my pure bred BC's (split face in the front) and my herding instructors pure bred BC in far back, also named Zoe :) My Zoe is the one bowing.

    Seems like all my pictures of her are dirty ones, lol.

    aww, a pretty one. :) hehe


    So, that is Zoe. She's a fire cracker with her own agenda on life. lol.
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Yeah, i guess i can now see a slight variation from typical BC, especially in last two photos...but wow, it is slight to my untrained eye. Pretty darn close. I probably woulda missed it, really, but i am no dog expert at all.
    Oh, PB is PureBred. A PBBC, would be PureBred Border Collie. =some lingo i picked up (but I really shouldn't be using, ha ha!) from some Border collie rescue board i used to follow, trying to snag a border collie....it is where i spotted Buddy posted in a dogpound.
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    The 4th pic especially shouts BC to me, though maybe faint, her facial structure just looks BC(although mixed). However, the 5th pic with the side view of the face looks very..hmm...either spaniel or...something else that's right on the tip of my tongue but can't get to it. >< Definitely spaniel, I'd say though. Lol, not sure what that goofy tail is!! :D
  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Ha, this is fun!! I did count wrong. duh.
    Is last two photos, i can kinda see what she means by there is maybe some mix. But only in the last two. I can not see it in the other photos, i can't see any obvious signs of a mix in any of the other photos, but i am not super adept at that anyway!!!
    You are right, about the face in the 4th, i see what you mean. Ha, i hadn't noticed the tail, yeah, that is something else. Pretty, though!!

    Coulda fooled me, and told me it was purebred border collie, til last photo, maybe the one before, something about the way fur falls around the ears....? is off?.. to my untrained eye.
    Ha, probably i only see something "not BC" in the photo, cuz i am trying to find what she saw!! :msngiggle:
    Is adorable dog at any rate!!! Such a happy face.
  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I wonder, does this dog have "the eye"?? Does he assume that head down, one foot curled up type posture while staring at, like a bunny or something?
    Somebody told me a while back, "THAT is how you tell if it is a border collie. If they have The Eye."

    wonder if mixes stll get "the eye" thing...?

    Ey,:offtopic: my neighbor actually had her dog's DNA tested for what all breeds it is!!! The list she got looks zero like the dog she has. I saw online not all labs do this correctly or something, that it is unreliable. but i thought that was interesting.
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Maybe this'll help. Compare this photo to the last one there.

    In this photo, look closely at the head of the left dog in comparison again to the last picture of Zoe.

    Even though this one's just a pup, you can still see a definite resemblance in him and Zoe.

    These are all Springer Spaniels by the way. Not that I think she's definitely Springer x, but that's just the type of Spaniel I saw the most resemblance in.
  9. sarhaspups New Member

    LOL, yes she has a crazy weird tail, no idea what it is from either. It's very thin due to health issues she has had but it curls up so i dont know where she got that from. It really is hard to say what kind of mix she is but I do think it's a spaniel of some sort for sure. She does have ears like a spaniel and the hair on her ears is spaniel (when i dont cut it)
    THANK YOU Tigerlily, she is a special girl indeed. Oh and she acts just like a spaniel, very crazy, wild, happy, and hard to train. They are one of the harder breeds to train (my opinion) She doesn't have 'eye' like a border collie, however she does get into the hunting dog stance when she sees rabbits, squirls..ect. Another reason i started to think she has spaniel in her.
    I have heard about those DNA tests and I have heard they can be way off b/c they are not accurate yet. I'd do it if I cared enough but I don't, she's perfect the way she is, whatever she is, LOL!! :) She is 10 years old in a 2 year old body :) Gotta just love her. :)
    Thanks for the compliments and I've enjoyed the discussion.

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