What kind of mix?

Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by hockey390, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. storm22 Experienced Member

    :dogwacko:my computer wont show your photo for some reason:dogwacko:

  2. bipa New Member

    Without seeing the photo, I'd guess that you have a combination of dog, canine, mutt and pooch, with perhaps a little bowwow mixed in, along with lots of adorable! (quietly hiding my thesaurus)

  3. hockey390 New Member

    Can anyone see the photo? It might be because it's on an account that isn't publicly viewable, but I linked it to just the picture, so I thought it would work :-\

    Anyone had luck?
  4. splitz831 New Member

    nope no luck here
  5. hockey390 New Member

    K, should work now... Posted it on DTA.
  6. l_l_a New Member

    my guess - pointer x greyhound x border collie!
  7. storm22 Experienced Member

    i would say part heading dog x pointer too
  8. hockey390 New Member

    Greyhound and border collie huh? That's the first time either of those have been mentioned. I will throw them into the pot of potentials! When people ask what he is we tell them that he is a German Fish Hound. =)
    Obviously there is no such breed, but we are German and he loves to chase fish!
  9. bom abigirls mom New Member

    Boxer/Border Collie?

    Whatever Harley's genes are - he is GORGEOUS!
    I would love to see other poses- he looks very muscular but sleek, which is what brought "boxer" to mind.
  10. szecsuani Experienced Member

    maybe border collie, maybe with a little boxer, but I can't really tell...

    Harley is so adorable!!:msnwink:
  11. emmasmamma Guest

    Whatever kind, he definitely LOVES water!:msngiggle:
  12. hockey390 New Member

    He likes to fish...
    He will stand in shallow water looking/chasing fish for as long as you will let him and be totally content. We rented a cottage on the lake last summer and he stayed in the shallow part everyday, all day. Never caught a fish.. For that matter, I don't know if he ever SAW a fish, but he sure looked for hours straight. I think if he ever caught a fish he would just let it go again to try and catch it. It's quite hilarious.
  13. hockey390 New Member

    Forgot to mention.. I'm pretty sure we think he has some:
    MAYBE Dalmatian..
  14. mybuddy Guest

    My quess is Springer Spaniel, Collie and wonderful!
  15. shareyoursmile Well-Known Member

    Springer Spaniel & something solid Boxer/Bulldog.
  16. stormi Well-Known Member

    Harley is gorgeous!

    My guess...based on his head...staffordshire bull terrier x border collie. I think his head resembles a staffie, but is finer, especially round the muzzle (maybe from a BC influence, which would explain his markings).

    His body shape seems more boxer or sight-hound influence?
  17. sarhaspups New Member

    Hello! He sure looks like he has boxer in him to me. Lovely no matter what. :)
    He definately has border collie in him though. Very handsome!!
    Here is my border collie cross. I have no idea what she is crossed with? She is a rescue. I think a springer spaniel, that is my guess. :)
  18. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Wow, sarhasups, your BC mix looks PB to me!! BCs do come in several body shapes, fur styles, there are even two different kinda faces in known PBBCs. I can post pix of the two face styles if you want.
    Which feature do you see that makes you think there is a mix in your dog, Sarhaspups?

    Was reading this trying to figure out what kinda of dog my neighbor has.

    The dog in original post, i agree, lotta BC in that dog.

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