What Is This Move Called?

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Ivy, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. madeleine Experienced Member

    Would love to see your video.
    It's all about the handtouch :-)
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  2. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    I've use luring to try training it, will film progress tomorrow, circles not as large as shown because ive been practising in living room lol but shes getting the idea.
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  3. Emily Marston Well-Known Member

    Just tried teaching this trick to Bonnie. IT'S HARD! The worst bit is getting her to sidestep around me, something we've never done before. But, I think Bonnie will get it soon. We just need to get further around :)
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  4. madeleine Experienced Member

    Good luck!!
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  5. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Need to find more room so i can work on making a bigger circle, ad need to keep more on spot, buts shes got the idea to keep her back to me. Good start :)
  6. Dogster Honored Member

    She's doing great!!!!!:D(y)
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  7. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    You do get dizzy after a time if you keep doing it again n again lol
  8. Mutt Experienced Member

    Wow that looks great, really gives me the motivation to get started with this one with Mazzel :D
    And Bella knew sidestepping already, right?
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  9. madeleine Experienced Member

    You're doing great!!!!! Well done!
    Bella is very cute!
    It sure motivates to start, however Dazzle doesn't know the sidestep so we have to start with that.
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  10. Emily Marston Well-Known Member

    Amazing progress!! Bella has really nailed the sidestep (y) Bonnie's almost got it, but she's facing diagonally instead of forward :oops:
  11. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Nope bella doesn't know sidestepping, havent taught it to her.
  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Fabulous work!!!!!!! Bella is doing so well, she's picked up the trick very quickly, just needs more space to enlarge the circle.:)
  13. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Bella learned it so fast!! Great trick!:)
  14. 2SpoiledAussies Well-Known Member

    Great Job! Bella learns so quickly! And I love the top!
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  15. madeleine Experienced Member

    How is it going?? :)
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  16. k9 crazed Experienced Member

    Wow! You guys rock!:)
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