What does your dog do to get your attention?


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Herbie is a sock thief. he has a 20 a day habit and when he gets one he than dances around with it hanging out of his mouth just our of our reach. (sneaky puppy)



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My dog figured out that each time it barks I come out and check if I have a visitor coming. So now he just fakebarks(yep! I know his barks; the happy bark, the i'm hungry bark and the someone is coming bark) just to get me outside. Pretty smart for someone who can't fetch! :msntongue:


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If I am working in my home office, Buddy brings me things, his toys, my shoes. If that doesn't work, he gives me elbows nudges, and if I am still ignoring him (which I do if I am in the middle of something) he lays his huge head on my keyboard. If I send him away, he will sit and stare at me and if he really needs to go out, he will start a low rumbling in his throat. That signals me that he really does need my attention and I really do need to take a break from working!

If I am on the couch and he wants my attention, he piles his toys on my lap, or puts his face in mine, or just crawls up and gets in my lap. It is very hard to ignore a 110 pound dog sitting on your lap! :msngiggle:


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kiera likes to 'talk' to me.. anyone who owns a husky probably knows what I'm talking about. It's more or less a combination of 'whines, growls and an occasional bark thrown in..'

If there were words to go with her grumblings it'd probably go something like this..

"you know.. you've been sitting there an awfully long time..and we could be playing instead. no? Well, then don't think I'm going to stop complaining..because I really think you'd have much more fun outside playing instead of sitting there watching me grumble at you... etc etc"..


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Max is shy so he will just lean on me and stare at me and wag his stubby little tail furriously. If that fails to get my attention, he sneezes loudly and prances around.
Sky talks in his growl of a voice and stomps his feet. He sneezes too. If I try to ignore him he leans on me or gets in my face with his hot breath(seriously, you cant breathe when he breathes on you) and growl-talks in my face & shoves me with his nose.
Kaura noses me & pushes me around. She prances & sneezes at me too, I dont know where they picked that up! She has a loud, high pitched cry-whine she will make too. My dogs are such characters, lol.