What does your dog do to get your attention?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by goldencheddar, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. goldencheddar New Member

    I have two golden retrievers and when they want my attention, they have things they do. Cheddar will talk to me with this almost song like voice and if I don't respond, she will nudge me and talk. She will go to a bark if I don't do what she wants. This can also be triggered by my putting my hands on my hips for some reason.

    In the morning when I work at my computer, Canon will bring me things that she knows I will take away from her. Things she brings me are: cell phone, my make up, hair brush, house phone, my keys, clothing, inserts to my shoes, and anything else she knows will get a reponse. She brings me item after item. She dances around me very proudly with her treasures.

    What funny things does your dog do to get your attention?

  2. goldencheddar New Member

    I did not mean to start a new thread JUST like the one before this one!!!! Oh well, bear with me. I'm old dog.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    My dogs will stare at me. It's quite annoying actually. :)
  4. stormi Well-Known Member

    Storm gets herself as tight onto my leg as she can (heelwork position), shuffles a bit to lean on a bit and if that doesnt work, barks!

    Breeze sits and stares at me, or brings me anything that resembles a toy.

    The puppies...they just do something naughty, or jump up.
  5. harry8 New Member

    Harry usually jumps up or opens our drawers - something he taught himself! We've now had to remove all the contents of the bottom three drawers. It's one of those moments when you're bit annoyed but just want to laugh coz he's so sweet!
  6. l_l_a New Member

    Mine will first try the stare - he can actually do this for a loooong time because eventually I'll feel his eyes burning into the back of my head! if it doesn't work, then nudging you with his nose or trying to shove his face near yours is his next tactic. If that still doesn't work then he tries vocalizations (whining, whimpering, muffled woofing, high pitched yipping, low rumbling, you name it). unfortunately this works on my husband so the dog has been reinforced for this very often!! But if that still doesn't work he'll resort to picking up his bones and throwing them onto the hardwood floor to make a loud noise (extremely annoying and can usually succeed in getting a reaction, and again usually my husband cracks far sooner than I do). And if that still doesn't work the dog knows that by now I'm gritting my teeth so he brings out the big guns - counter surfing or chasing his tail because he KNOWS that I hate it when he chases his tail (the reason I hate it is because I know herding breeds can develop obsessive compulsive behavior with tail chasing and once that happens it's difficult to get rid of that problem.) In his case the tail chasing is ONLY to get my attention, hmph.

    But the good news is that if I just get up and leave the room for a few minutes then he cuts out whatever attention-seeking he was doing when I then return.
  7. felicity New Member

    Sam will come and nudge me with his nose and if thay doesnt work he will lick your hand then star at you!! and Max will also try nudging you with his nose and if that doesnt work he just gets on your lap and will sing to you!!!:dogtongue2:
  8. bunnyboo New Member

    Link does the hand nudge thing. I hate it! The first time he did it, I was holding hot coffee, which of course got all over me and my nice clean work clothes! I screamed so loud I could've woke the dead. Link will still sometimes try it, but I've noticed he always checks now to see if I'm holding something. :doglaugh:
    He also will pull off the covers if I sleep in. I hate it, but I'm trying not to train him out of it entirely. I want him to learn how to do it on command so he can wake up my boyfriend when he oversleeps. Besides, it's nice to have a backup alarm clock.
  9. marieke New Member

    Guus will be whining and whimpering until he gets attention. Or bring us a toy he presses against our hands to get us to play with him.
  10. drivingtenacity New Member

    Zena's a master of the nose nudge, and the insistant bark. She wakes us up in the morning with face kisses, and she's not above putting her face right in front of the laptop if she feels that I've been on the computer too long.
  11. tanis60617 Experienced Member

    Paisley will do the stare. If that doesn't get it he'll run to you nudge you and then run away to whatever it is he wants (food water outside ect.) If that doesn't get your attention he does the same thing but he adds a bark that is just the right pitch to realize if you don't give him what he wants your gonna have to kill him to get any peace. But peace is way over rated I guess.
  12. sarhaspups New Member

    Hi tanis60617,
    Ace, my border collie pup, will bring me his toys and keep bring them to me until I throw one. If I ignore him long enough he will stare at me, then whine a little and then he will start doing tricks, wave, sit, down.... and keep repeating, it is funny! THEN, if I don't do anything yet he will start to give those high pitch barks and yelps in desperation. ha. He will settle if I ask him too though. NO peace with a border collie. <g> I love these dogs! :O) I think that I'm a border collie in a human body, always on the go and always thinking of something new to do/train. LOL.
    Paisley sounds adorable and lots of fun!! How is catching the frisbee coming along for you? I've have done a little bit of frisbee training with Ace but haven't been consistant with it. He can catch it at a short distance from me but not long distance yet. I need to practice that this summer.
  13. emmasmamma Guest

    Emma stares and then barks when she wants outside. She pushes her nose under my hand if she wants petted. If she's full of energy and just wants to play she grabs something that she knows she's not supposed to have (shoes, slippers, magazines,hair comb, etc.) She KNOWS I will come after them and she plays keep away. She knows the "drop it" command but has selective hearing loss in these cases! Pepper who is rarely farther than two feet away from me, will paw at my leg asking to be picked up and cuddled.:dogtongue2:
  14. tanis60617 Experienced Member

    His frisbee is going great. He is working on distance. Sometimes he gets to excited and runs way farther than i can throw it. But most of the time he is pretty focused on the disc with that border collie stare ( head dropped and in an icy gaze)
    Its really funny when he gets that focused because he doesn't realize anything else. The world could literally fall down around him and he wouldn't know because he's too busy watching the frisbee.
  15. l_l_a New Member

    Recently my naughty dog started to open doors to get my attention, because apparently he knows that I will come out again to close the door he just opened! my husband "hid" and video'd this. It wasn't until video'ing this that I realized my dog was doing it on purpose to get attention, up until then I thought he was opening the door just to wander into the bedrooms looking for laundry to steal.


    (sorry for the poor resolution, this was video'd with my mobile phone)
  16. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    Z has taken the dog trick of the month - cardboard box freestyle - and now uses it when she wants attention. We still have the boxes and the bell set up and she will go on her own and mount the boxes and ring her bell for attention! What fun shaping behaviors can be! Check out her latest video on the March dog trick of the month forum.:msnohyes:
  17. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Pami does exactly the same. :D
    Or licks my hand.:)
  18. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Ellie just presents toys to us. We have a golden rule in our home that if the dog indicates she wants to interact with us, then we interact with her. If, for whatever reason, we don't notice her bringing toys to us, then she will fetch the remote control and sit in front of us with it in her mouth. :)
  19. emmasmamma Guest

    l_l_a- I agree, it's definitely for attention! He looks directly at the door you went through to see if you come back. I love the way he steps back when you come in as if to say "It wasn't me!".
  20. bullysheful New Member

    My dog would do anything for attention but most of the times he makes some unusual sounds like crying but not quite , something from the chest up to the neck.Another way of getting attention is shaking in "fake fear" , looking up at me with cute eyes.All his way work :) he gets what he wants.

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