We've Added Another Deaf Pack Member To Our Family!

Dice Smith

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Yay!! Congratulations! He sounds like an absolutely wonderful guy. And it's super cool you were able to find a deaf cat, he's so lucky to have found such an awesome owner like you. :love::love: I'm a HUGE cat lover (we have six indoor cats and an outdoor colony we care for too. And I clicker train most of them too. My family's cat obsessed :LOL:) so I will be eagerly awaiting pics of him! :D

As for the names, I love Merlin and Cricket. I have a friend who has a flame point siamese named that and my sister had a tiger cat named Cricket so I'm partial to those names lol. I really like the name Hobbs too. :)


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Congrats on the new family member!!! :love: How fun!! Can't wait to see pics!! As for names, I always loved Hobbs :ROFLMAO: (he was trouble!), I love the name Sawyer, Merlin is cute - and heck, just whatever you choose, cuz you've got some really cute names picked out. Can't wait to hear the final choice. He sounds like the perfect little kitty, have fun!!!


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Still catching up! He sounds just PURRFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love: Love him already and cannot wait to see pics and vids:love::love: He sure must be wonderful to have in bed, nothing like a kitty lullaby to eerrr help you sleep:sleep:;)

I love the name Merlin, that's my first choice but also Shadowfax, Sawyer and Seuss.


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LOL!!!!:LOL: Cute name choice there!!!:D Loved the book and the movie, btw.:)

Welcome to the DTA pack, Horton!! (If only we could see some pictures...:whistle:)


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ok so I ended up naming him Munch (I FINALLY decided! LOL) It suits him, especially after the finger episode! LOL

and I finally got pics downloaded! so without further ado.. Here's Munch!