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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by CollieMan, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Yeah, I'd like to see Ellie learn a little confidence from Grizzly. I can't overstate just how placid and confident he is, so if it could rub-off onto Ellie that would be great.

    Bless him, he keeps trying to get some sleep, but each time he lays down and gets comfy, Ellie goes and disturbs him. He then has to go find another spot. :)

    He's apparently been eating a lot of junk-food which will be cut out immediately. He's not what I would consider overweight as such (he's within the GSD male guidelines weight parameters), but you can see that the weight he is carrying is fat, not muscle. That's my first priority.

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    That's awesome CollieMan!!!! :dogsmile: And congratulations on taking the task of rescuing a dog who might otherwise went to a shelter. At least now he has a good home and a dedicated owner who will train him! :)

    Hope everything works out well for you, and it seems that things are going spectacular so far!!! :)
  3. l_l_a New Member

    congratulations it sounds as if Toby (or Yogi?) is gonna be great fit for your household!!
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    I like that name Yogi! :)
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Congratulations!!!! When I brought Mud home, Z was a little defensive and later clingy, but Mud straightened him out. Now they're the best of friends; I hate that soon her best buddy will be going to a new home...but he'll be happier, and I'm sure she and Rusty will befriend each other more.
    Glad to hear his first night went well! Sounds like he's making an excellent addition to your home. Good luck!!!
  6. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Another night without incident. It was pretty much a repeat of the night before. Toby stole the bed at first but then I laid out a thick fluffy quilt by my side of the bed for Ellie to lay on, and she loved that. Then Toby decided that he wanted to try that, and so Ellie won back the bed, and then Toby eventually decided that he would use his own bed again for the night. So, one way or the other, it gets sorted out.

    I'm having to walk him little and often at the moment as he really is quite out of shape. He's obviously had a lazy life, at least in comparison to our lifestyle. He's a great urban walker. Nothing seems to phase him. I walked him late last night in the dark. There were two male joggers coming towards us. I thought "well, if anything is going to set him off, this will be it". He didn't bat an eyelid. I've removed the harness, as I don't personally feel that he pulls enough to warrant it. I think he's just been used to being allowed to stop and sniff every ten seconds and so he always veers to the sides to sniff the verges.

    We're still having to supervise mealtimes, and I perch myself between the two, close to Ellie, as she gets the most nervous, and Toby seems to think he can use both bowls. (Any handy mealtime tips would be appreciated!)

    They did spend a couple of minutes on the sofa together yesterday, but then Toby moved off. Still, it was a small success that was nice to see. They had a little squabble over a toy yesterday. Toby has claimed a KONG as his favourite and Ellie went to get it. Toby lunged forward and made it clear that he had claimed it. It was all noise. We've just lifted all the toys for now and keep our walks as playtimes with toys.

    Would those with multiple dogs agree that it's probably best to let them sort themselves out in terms of squabbling, as opposed to trying to intervene? Of course I'm aware of the damage that Toby could do to Ellie if he had a mind to, and so I'm always "on guard" but common-sense tells me that it's best to let them each find their own level in the house.

    Our trainer has three dogs and she reckoned that it sounded like we were going to be okay. We know her dogs still squabble from time to time, as they did it the night we went for dinner! :)

    All in all, it's looking promising, but we're still watching closely for potential long-term issues.
  7. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I've added some pictures of Toby (Yogi) to my Flickr page. They're not very good as we've had to sort of snap when they've been together, which is quite rare at this stage.
  8. dat123 Experienced Member

    Congrats on the new addition to the family. Exciting times ahead, watching the dynamics of the group change and develop. Sounds like things are going very smoothly. I've heard many disaster stories from friends about a new dog introduced, that just didn't work from day one, I guess it can be hit and miss.

    I think your thoughts are spot-on, let them sort it out themselves, and only intervene if it looks like it could turn nasty for one or both of them.
    With our dogs, the 2nd came along and wanted to be very dominant, ( the 1st dog wanted to make friends), I had to intervene twice in the first 4 days when it got a bit ugly, she got the message, respects what I expect from her and hasen't been a problem for the next 3 years. They don't like each other, but have mutual respect. The third came along, and I thought it would escalate the problem. Luckily it was the opposite, the first two love the third, and the third loves both of them. They all get along extremley well together for the past 2 years. I've been vigilant about sharing 3 ways, food, toys, play and training.
    In your case , I'd give Ellie slightly more treatment every now and then, the only reason being, that she was the first and mainly because of her soft personality, reassuring her that you are always her best friend , no matter what happens with Toby. It would be interesting to hear from other members as to their experiences, approaches and ideas, and how they dealt with second or third new dogs.
    Lots of fun times coming up, curious to hear how the relationship folds out between them.
  9. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Thanks dat. I think you're bang-on about Ellie getting slightly "preferential treatment" for want of a better phrase at this point. Toby seems very very confident, and really, it's hard to believe, looking at him, that he's new to this house. He seems very at one with himself. (Jan wants to change his name to "Zen", but I want to change it to "Yogi" as he's like a big dopey bear).

    As Ellie is still quite unsure, though even she has taken some bold leaps forward this morning, laying right next to him for example, (Photos in the previously linked to Flickr page.) we're trying to reassure her that nothing has changed in how much attention she will receive.

    Thanks for the reassurance and guidance. It's appreciated.
  10. leema New Member

    I have cheap Ikea mats (<$4 each) and the dogs are expected to eat on them. Mac will hang around the edges watching Clover, and Clover is kinda a bit more disrespectful. ;) But the idea is it is their own space and acts as a visual and textual boundary for the dogs. I think it works well. Most of the time the dogs are preoccupied licking the blood off their mats to notice what the otherone is doing, and then they don't get angry about a bloody-tasting mat, so all is well.

    Yes, to an extent. I think it is reasonable for Mac to growl at her if she comes to his food, or if she gets in his face, or hurts him. When Clover first hit the scene I was most concerned about their play (Mac sometimes looked like he was hunting her instead of playing) and I'd intervene here. Some people say that you as alpha should not be tolerating disputes, but when you're not home someone else has to be alpha. I just think that it's fair enough that Mac should set limits for Clover. :)
  11. luna may New Member

    Col Hacavod CollieMan! Way to go! =)
  12. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Mud was neglected when I got her, and she had the idea that after she finished what was in her bowl, she might not get another meal, so she'd go scrounging in whatever anyone else had left. (Zeke and Nick are slow eaters.)
    I tried a couple of different things with her. When I caught her, I'd give a sharp, "Ah-ah!" She'd look up at me like, "What? It's not mine?" She'd look back down at it, look back at me, and seemed to "shrug it off" and move on to another activity. Lol. Since I didn't always catch her, I began working on "leave it." I put Nick's bowl in the middle of the floor and called her to me. I walked her all around it, and when she looked toward it or tried to catch a bite, I'd give the command. My voice alone distracted her from the bowl, and she learned quite quickly that "leave it" meant to leave whatever she was interested in alone. It worked quite well for her, and I continued to give the "Ah-ah!" when she forgot that that bowl wasn't hers. You can disregard the leave it althogether and just use "Ah-ah!" It works the same. I had to do this with toys too, because Mud seems to have the mindset that anything dog-allowed is for her! Lol. I had to teach her which toys were hers, because she's a tough chewer, and Nick's soft little stuffed toys would be all over the house if I allowed her to play with whatever she liked. I feel like I'm forgetting something. o-o Not sure, but if I remember I'll edit...
    Anyway, glad all's well. I agree that Ellie should be reminded that Grizzly hasn't disrupted anything, and that she's still your buddy too. I wouldn't worry too much about the toys. They should sort it out. :)
  13. josiebell New Member

    He is such a handsome boy! I am sure that give it time your 'bear' and Ellie will soon be good friends.
  14. emmasmamma Guest

    Congratulations! Sounds like things are going well so far. The squabbles shouldn't get too bad as one is a male and one a female. Each would end up assuming the top dog of their gender under you as alpha. That's why they usually reccomend one of each. It causes less competition. It could end up that Toby (Yogi) will end up calling the shots when it is all said and done as he is a male and more confident in nature. They should end up settling their differences on their own. I'd only intervene if things get physical. I don't recall you ever saying, is either spayed or neutered? If so, that would be a plus as it would relieve some of horomonal tensions. I hear you about it seeming strange to be handling two dogs at once, and mine are only 8 and 10lbs. I cant imagine handling two the sizes of yours! Good luck with the trial!
  15. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    They look so at ease with each other. He's a beautiful GSD. Had a browse through your album and you have some smashing pictures. I particularly like the one of Ellie over the back of the sofa.

  16. Jean Cote Administrator

    Sorry CollieMan but you are officially now a dog person!!! HeHeHeHe :dogsmile: They look great together, hope they get to play and tackle soon. That way they get their exercise without you having to do anything. :dogsmile:

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