We think we've found our new addition


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leema;6764 said:
I think that food aggression is a kind of aggression I'd be most willing to work with. Have you factored food aggression into your tests? :D
You bet I have. There are very very few things that I won't know about at the end of my tests. The existing owner is more than happy for me to perform the tests, and she is confident that he will pass, unless it's things that he's just not used to, which is understandable. For example, I want my neighbours to let their dogs out into their garden, which is fenced off from ours, to see how the GSD reacts to knowing but not being able to see the other dogs are there. Given that we have dogs either side of us, this is quite important. At his current home, the neighbours don't have dogs so the owner can't predict how he will respond to this particular test.

We have both shared many conversations now, and neither of us will risk subjecting our existing dogs to undue stress or unhappiness, and we both accept that, come the day, things may just not work out. Such is the nature of dogs. In which case, she will find another prospective home, and we shall continue our search. I've mentioned before, she's interested in finding the best home for her GSD, not the quickest home. That attitude gives me confidence and her flexibility is extremely helpful.

And yes, it's getting a little exciting now. :)


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Oh Collieman, he is such a handsome boy! Not too disimilar to my Duke, my first GSD. He is so faithful despite his awful start in life.

I do hope it works out for you and I look forward to keeping an eye on your posts


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I will be watching this thread. How exciting. He will be a lucky dog to be rehomed into your family. Best of luck with the meeting.


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Good luck!! I was going to try to find this thread to ask how goes it, but you beat me to it. :)


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I'm pleased to report, it's a success. Toby, the GSD, has a wonderful temperament, particularly with other dogs. I took him for a walk along a busy route, and he passed joggers, children, dogs, and cyclists without batting an eyelid.

He's not great on a leash, and currently has to use a harness. He's not a puller in the traditional sense. He doesn't actually try to steam on ahead. It seems to be more a case that he's had no leash discipline, and so he just walks his own way, without realising he's pulling you off to the side too. He certainly doesn't seem to realise his own strength.

He's incredibly thick-set in his build; much bigger than I had anticipated. We're thinking of changing his name to Yogi, because he's more like a bear than a dog. :)

So far, there has been only one clash between the two, and that was over dinner. We fed them both at opposite ends of the room, but Ellie decided she liked the look of Toby's bowl, and ventured over. Toby was having none of that and made it clear. It was a quick snarl and that was that.

Ellie tends to growl a little if Toby goes on her bed, but that is to be expected. Toby just ignores her. I think it will be overnight tonight that will prove interesting. Usually, Ellie sleeps on our bed with us, so it'll be fun to see how they work around that between them.

Toby has urinated in various parts of the house, and again, that's to be expected at this stage. He's obviously drinking more for a start, as he got quite stressed at the handover, plus there's a lot of new territory to mark. :) I expect this to subside after a few days.

I don't have any batteries in my camera until I go purchase some tomorrow, so no pics. They both seem happy to lay down, though not right next to each other at the moment. They're respecting each others space.


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AWW How wonderful. I've been keeping my eye on the thread for your post.

I'm sure he will settle down soon.

I tried Duke on a harness but that was not so successful. He now walks perfectly with a headcollar (infin8) which is the best one I've tried.

I'll wait with patience for a pic of your new friend.

Jean Cote

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For a month? Wow did you mention this in your original post or am I just blind? I thought it was only for a day. LOL

Well that's kind of fun!!! I'm sure things will work out pretty well for you guys!!! :) You'll have fun tonight as he'll be like why am I here??? Where's my mom!!! HeHeHe


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Good luck tonight, each one after this should be easier (if there is any trouble, whining etc).

I'd send you camera batteries myself, but it would probably take longer than you going to the store. I can't wait to see the pics!!!!

Sounds like it's all going quite well, and I'm sure it'll only get better :)


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Last night went fine. I'm surprised at how quickly he's settled really. I think it's testament to his really very laid-back nature.

Last night, he jumped on the bed, where Ellie would usually be. Ellie went under the bed. However, then Toby got off it and Ellie stole it back again. Toby then spent the night in his bed and Ellie in her usual spot. All was well, and they both slept all through the night without any whining or fuss.

I took them both out to the local field this morning, together. That felt strange, holding two dogs. I have a double ended leash so I can hold both dogs on one leash. They walked well together. Though Ellie snapped a couple of times, Toby ignored it. He sure does cut her a lot of slack! I've already nicknamed him as "Grizzly", as he is built more like a bear than a dog!

He sure does make some noise when someone knocks on the door. (Typical shepherd.) I swear the house almost rattles! :)

I'll have batteries later today, so photos will be a plenty! :) He's such a cuddly bear...


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Sounds like he fits perfectly, I bet it would seem strange to have one dog now. Our dogs had a similar relationship as Ellie and Toby seem to, a few grumbles and basically ignoring each other. 18 months on and there are still a few grumbles but when they are separated and then reuninted they greet each other with licks and seem happy to see each other. Also, having a second dog did my older girl a world of good. She was really shy but she's really come out of herself and she's my reliable with everything dog now!