Walking Trouble

Knight and Khloe

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Wow, I realize I am new here but that is a ton of info! I have 2 dogs, a lab/Border and Husky. Both pull like the dickens. I use a Halti and the pulling stopped and they walk with a loose leash. Now the 2 part problem, 1) they have learned that by backing up away from me they can slip the Halti's and 2) I am trying hard to transition back to a normal collar as I know the Halti's 'bug' them on their noses. Perhaps I am impatient but it seems at times to be going backwards.


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instead of a chain or belt or leash, why not use a dog harness?:)
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Knight and Khloe

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Thats a thought, what I have heard/experienced at least w/Knight and Khloe, is that a regular harness gives them something to lean into and thus pull harder, there are several types which convert the forward pull to an upward lift. I haven't tried them but am curious.


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I tried the dog harness which clips the leash at the back and my doggie didn't like that at all. The best one for him is the Easy Walk Harness - clips at the front and he isn't pulling at all when he wears that. Also can't slip out as it is going around the belly just like a normal harness.


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:)I have a "fleece lined" harness for Dodge,the clip is on the back,but it sits further back and is supposed to help with the pulling as the clip is sitting further back. . . ok,it doesnt really do anything for pulling,but he doesnt normally pull anyway (unless we walk past one house with two VERY aggressive dogs or he see s a cat) and I just pop his GL on,and at very busy places the GL will go on,too, this harness sits further back under the arms,too. This is our 5th harness,we have got an eazy walk one,too,having the clip at the front did absolutely nothing for Dodge,if anything he could slip out of it easier if I wouldnt have been carefullO_o and it rubbed him raw under his arms,the fleece lined one does not touch his underarms (y)
(oh,and I ve got a double ended lead,so when he s got the GL on,I ve always got him clipped to the harness,too,so if he would lunge,I can stop it with the harness with just little pressure on the GL this way he has not got the full force of the lunge/stop on his neck(y)mind you,he turns into a little lamb as soon as the GL is on :love:)


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Lucy says "I have a dog that can learn lots of tricks except learn how to walk." I think I'd train walk as a trick. Rather than dealing with the bad habit you are teaching a new trick, much more fun for everyone! You could do this through off leash heel training BUT this has the drawback that it is not so easy to transition into the great outdoors.

Few people in day to day life can keep up training walk all the time they need the dog on a lead, so first separate the new trick from walk otherwise everytime you walk the dog it reinforces the pulling. For a start get a lead that looks different, a flat lead or a rope lead whichever you haven't got already. Do NOT use an extendible lead as dogs don't know how much lead they have. Only put your trick lead on the dog when you are prepared to take the time to keep it's attention 100% on you.

Maybe start in the house with encouraging the dog to jump beside you or sniff your hand for a treat as you move around. Make it exciting. Everytime the dog sees that lead it knows something great is going to happen near you. Never let it get to the full extent of the lead - always call it for a great treat or a squeaky toy just before the rope tightens so your dog learns to stay within the leads radius. When the dog LOVES the trick lead start introducing it for a few minutes on the way home after a long and very tiring walk, build it up gradually. As soon as you get fed up and before the dog loses attention switch back to the old lead.

I have used a domineering approach (though not with a choke lead) to training heel. I don't think it has hurt Zac physically BUT it sure has limited the tricks I can train :(. So from someone who is currently retraining heel positively, take the time, it is worth it for your dogs training potential and thus your own future enjoyment :)