Veronica Finally Learns To Say Grace!!!!


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too funny!

Just remember,
"don't drink and train".

rofl!!:ROFLMAO: These would be the owners who wake up next day and their dog now knows some ridiculous trick....:LOL:

OK I actually have a video of some "tipsy dog training". :oops:

I'm a total lightweight - 2 drinks max.

So my husband and I went out to dinner; 2 drinks later we come home and I decide to do some training because I was participating in this trick training challenge on another forum...:rolleyes:

So here we are working on opening the cabinet door, taking out her treat bag, giving it to me and closing the door. You can tell I am way more...animated than usual. :p

(btw I LOVE a good Bloody!!!)



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rofl! yes, Jazzy, i have seen you train better than you were doing there! rofl! Like, once you finally got V to get the bag out, she got no reward at all! Still, i'd bet you'd be fun at a party!!:LOL:
like i just said,
"don't drink and train":ROFLMAO:

btw, when i was training
"get a cold one" (Buddy's cue for getting a beer out of fridge, we could not use "beer" as we have another cue for "beer" = speak for my dog)
i trained him to get the beer off the shelf first,
and polished that,
and THEN trained him to open the door.

I could tell, for *my* dog, that getting the item off of a shelf after he'd opened the door, would be the hard part, so i trained that part first,
and then trained the open-the-door -part.

now that i read this here post, i think "don't drink and post":ROFLMAO: is probably better rule !! rofl!