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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by barnhill, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. barnhill Experienced Member

    So after missing qualifying at the Southern Ohio Flying K9's USDDN event by 5 points we went along for the ride with my buddy Matt to Minnestoa last weekend (June 20-23) and tried our luck there.

    And good luck it was.

    Tempest and I finished 8th overall out of 23 Pro Freestyle teams and landed the 5th Qualifying spot in Freestyle! We will be going to the USDDN World Championships in October this year to compete against some of the best Freestyle teams from all over the WORLD!! I cant wait and I am so excited my little 19 month old puppy got to show her stuff!

    Here is our first round of Freestyle.

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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Way to go Tempest!!!!
    What a superb mix of drive and control she has :cool:
    Congratulations to you both :)
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Way to go Tempest!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome work, she's really got the drive and control especially for such a youngster!:D

    Congratulations and very Good Luck in the upcoming competition!:D(y)
  4. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Tempest is amazing! Good luck at the next competition!
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  5. barnhill Experienced Member

    Thanks all!

    Tempest really is an amazing little dog!

    Our Toss and Fetch round for Freestyle...

    Our second round of freestyle...
  6. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Amazing work again you two! She is a fire cracker and is going to go a loooong way! Way to go! Love watching you both work!
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  7. barnhill Experienced Member

    Tomorrow is a 3 hour drive to Cleveland for a Skyhoundz Disc-Dog-A-Thon qualifier. Wish us luck!!
  8. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Good Luck! Fingers crossed for you and your little one!
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Good luck tomorrow with Terrific Tempest! Go Tempest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. barnhill Experienced Member

    Wow! Saturday was amazing.

    We had probably one of our best Freestyle rounds to date...

    And she did amazing in Bullseye..

    Wow those were awsome!! What were the results you ask??



    Yes, thats right the crazy red head does it again! We have qualified for Worlds in Chattanooga in Bullseye and missed qualifying for Freestyle by 1 point! Ugh!! SO CLOSE! LOL
  11. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Wow, awesome stuff, so glad you got a quali in Bullseye. You guys really deserve it! Unlucky on the Freestyle, it sucks all the more that it was so marginal... Loved the vids though!
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Fantastic work!!! Congratulations on First Place in Bullseye and the World Championships!!!!!!!:D(y) Could see how well Tempest did in her Freestyle, it does suck though to miss out on one point! But she was just awesome, the timing between you is really special!
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  13. barnhill Experienced Member

    Thanks guys! She did amazing all day on the other events, I just had some bad throws which kept us out of the placements. Such is life...
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  14. barnhill Experienced Member

    So this past weekend one of my dog clubs, Columbus All-Breed Training Club, had an agility trial for Novice/Open dogs only. So we took Tempest up and ran her in Standard and Jumpers Saturday and Sunday.

    Saturdays Standard run started off awesome, she was really moving and we were well on our way to her first Q but then she had to much speed coming from a tunnel to the Dogwalk, lost her balance and fell off. She managed to land on her feet and went right back on so she was fine. Crazy girl!

    Our second run was Jumpers, it was a nice flowy course and she ran really well. There were a few close calls but she called off well. It took all three tries for the weaves, she doesnt like to slow down. LOL and she slipped a bit on the floor but it was an awesome run. Ended up with 1st place and her first AKC Q!!

    Sunday started with Jumpers so we were there bright and early. It was another nice flowy course, the back end was a really long straight away and I was worried getting behind her and her turning in to me and taking an off course jump. I managed to get where I needed to be and she ran a REALLY nice run with our only issue being the weaves. Even after having to reset and take them a second time we STILL ran the course in under 23 seconds! She is really fast!! LOL Another Q and 1st Place!

    Our final run of the weekend was Standard. After her fall Saturday I was a little concerned she would be slow on the dog walk so I decided to hang with her a bit. I think this threw her off because our only real bobble was that she didnt come all the way down the dog walk for her 2o2o. I tried coxing her into position and she broke and made a b-line for the shoot before I could correct her over the right jump. She also got her leg hung up in the weaves, but managed to finish on her second try. The judge made a last minutes safety change and swapped the placement of the teeter and the broad jump. It made the section right after the weaves a REALLY long run to the other end of the course and back into the tunnel. With the teeter there previosly it would have been easy for me to stop her get ahead and cue the tunnel, but as you can see I got behind a little and she spun back when she wasnt sure. Luckily it happened right after she landed and she wasnt close enough to the tunnel to call a refusal. So that got us a 3rd Q for the weekend and a 3rd First Place Ribbon, not a bad haul for her second trial!

    People kept coming up to me telling me how good a girl she is and how fast she is already. She had some issues with the flooring for sure though as you can see in the videos, sometimes I think she does it on purpose though! LOL As we were leaving for the day the Judge told me to "Let her know if Tempest ever needs a new home." LOL I told her she was on a long list of people who have already offered, but she wasnt going anywhere!

    Keep an eye here. This coming weekend, July 26th and 27th my Disc Club is hosting 2 World Qualifiers at the Ohio State Fair and we will be competing there too!
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Congratulations on all the ribbons, very well deserved!:)(y) Tempest sure is fast!!!!!!!!!! With just a little more experience under her paw, especially with the weaves, she's going to be absolutely awesome and unbeatable! No wonder the judge wanted her! Love the way she's focused on you too! Fabulous runs and thanks for the videos. Looking forward to seeing more of Fantastic Tempest - totally awesome young lady!
  16. Evie Experienced Member

    eeep! That flooring looks outright dangerous.

    Tempest did awesome though! Well done to the two of you. You should both be so proud :D
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  17. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Wow! Tempest is really fast! :D Nice job you two!
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  18. barnhill Experienced Member

    Thanks! She really is an awesome little girl. I will be posting our videos from this past weekend in the next couple of days.
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  19. barnhill Experienced Member

    Ok, so now that the Fair is over and I have had a bit of time to recover here are some videos from our weekend.

    Saturday was a Skyhoundz Classic World Qulifier. There were competitors from all over the Country and Canada who attended including some of the biggest names in the US including Mark Muir and Dean Wertz from Georgia, Ron Watson and Apryl Lea from pvybe.com (NY), Tracy Custer from Missouri, Andrew Han from Wisconsin, Scott Jones from Michigan, Jodi Frederick from FL, Mark Vitullo from Ohio and Chuck Middleton from Texas.

    Freestyle was the first competition of the day on Saturday and with all these talented people and us not having much time to practice our Freestyle routine I was just hoping to score about middle of the pack. Here is our routine from Saturday morning...

    We didnt make the cut to the top 10 and ended up placing 19th out of the 26 freestyle teams that competed.

    Up next was Distance and Accuracy. There were 56, yes 56 of the best D/A teams in the country, here is our first round of D/A, we had 6 catches one of wich was out of bounds however and we scored 14.5 points...

    After our first round of D/A we were actually sitting 9th place overall and made the cut to the top 10. Making the cut to top 10 was an amazing accomplishment for me with all the amazing teams that were there. So going into our second round I was just happy to get to play again. Tempest however turned it up a notch with another 6 catch round and 16.5 points!

    After our two rounds we ended up with 31 points and ended up 6th overall. I am amazed with my little pup, she really came to play!

    Sunday was an AWI Qualifier. I decided not to play Freestyle since I wasnt going to go to the finals if we placed and decided to save the $30. We did however play in the Pro Cash and Catch competition which is just Toss and Catch but the winner gets a portion of the entry as a prize. $150 in this case. She did so awesome Saturday that I thought we had a good chance of placing in this.

    She had 3 catches with 1 drop and a bad throw by me. When she was coming back after her drop and we had 15 seconds left I decided to try a short throw so I could then go long right as time ran out. So I called her name to get her look at me and she came all the way back, no biggie I had plenty of time left so I sent her around for one last throw...and I rushed it and it was to low and fast for her to get to. So, after our first round we only had 5 points. The zones are scored much lower in this version of Toss and Catch with the most you can score in a single throw of 2.5 points. You can see on her 3rd catch where she landed in the last zone right in a small circle that is the bonus zone and gets you the 2.5 points. There were alot of high scores so even after our good round I wasnt sure if that would be a strong enough round...

    Turned out I was right and the cut was 5.5 so we missed top 10 by .5 a point. Still finishing 11th out of the 30 or so teams that were there was an awesome accomplishment for us.

    Next up for miss Tempest and her Disc career are two demos here local then or trip to GA for the USDDN World finals in October! Those will be broadcast live over the internet! (Or at least they were last year)
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  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much for the videos. Just LOVE watching Tempest:love: she's one awesome young lady! Good work, even if you didn't win, competing and having fun is very important. And Tempest has 'STAR' written all over her, she's still so young and so good!(y)

    LOL tried with my girl, me, cannot throw a Frisbee for nuts, my gal - attitude! "You thru the darned thing, so you go catch it".:rolleyes:

    Good luck at the demos and the World Finals, looking forward to seeing and hearing all about them!

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