Two Females In The Same House?


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LOL, yes I am!!! I just found her on Facebook, I loooove her:love: She's kind of far from you, but the perfect dog is worth the trip, don't you think???:D :love:
I agree Dogster, just one glitch I cannot do anything about (until I move from here) is that in South Australia I've found out Pitties or any similar type of dog isn't allowed. Not even if they're neutered, which was the case in Victoria (Melbourne). The authorities have the right, and will do it, to take the dog away for NO CRIME WHATSOEVER and euthanize the poor dog, just because it's pittie or maybe has pittie in it's breeding. I HATE:mad: that intensely but wouldn't risk a beautiful dog's life while I'm still here.

The electrician who came here had to lie through his back teeth to protect the welfare of a friend's gorgeous pittie. He was just minding the dog but the authorities got on to it (probably some nosy neighbor) and came to take the dog away. As he said, he lied and lied and lied and did save the dog (whom I met and was absolutely beautiful). But he was very happy when the owner found a place to live (in another State) and re-claimed his dog.