Two Females In The Same House?

Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by luckylego, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. luckylego Experienced Member

    Hey guys,

    So I was wondering if anyone had any insight into this matter, because I can't remember myself..

    Basically, there has been a 9 week old abused and deformed pit bull puppy that was brought in the local pit bull rescue that my boss runs.. My boyfriend and I - being total softies, would love to take her on when she regains her strength.. BUT.. the main issue we're hearing is that we already have one female and they don't want to risk fights.

    My thoughts are that I'm pretty sure my family has always successfully had more than one female in the house with no issues... As well as the fact that Lego is incredibly sweet and it takes quite a bit to push her into even telling a dog off... And the fact that the pup will be quite young, as opposed to bringing home an adult female.

    What do you guys think? I never really even thought about the issue, because its never been an issue with my dogs.. But is it really THAT much of a concern with others?
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  2. Dlilly Honored Member

    I have 2 females, and they get along fine. Shiloh is the 'big sister' and Delilah is the 'little sister'. Shiloh will ignore Delilah and not let her near the cats, ducks, ect. But if Delilah gets hurt, Shiloh will be checking up on her. Delilah LOVES Shiloh, but she does know Shiloh is the boss. They do have their conflicts, but I've never seen them fight.

    I've had a female foster Beagle in the house with them, and everything was fine. They all get along with Bailey too. My dogs HATED my last foster Beagle who was a male, yet they loved my first foster Beagle who was a female. :p

    I think it depends more on all of the dog's personality. Shiloh is pretty friendly towards our fosters, but she does want to be boss. BUT, I've seen Bailey boss her around! So, Shiloh will let another dog boss her around, and that's great for me since I foster.

    If you have a bossy dog and bring in a dog that is calm and really doesn't care, most likely things will be fine. This is just my opinion from my experiences.
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    OMD TAKE HER, lol.:D I think they will be perfectly fine. Especially since Lego is soo sweet (I saw how she plays with the kitten:love:) Conflicts may arise if they're both not spayed, but I assume at least one of them is/will be, so they'll be fine.

    Oh, and PICS PLEASE!!!!!!!!:D
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Yes do adopt her. From what I've seen(her video) and heard she sounds like a really sweet dog. If you feel that Lego will be fine than adopt her.
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  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Lots of females get along just fine together. It's an individual dog-dog thing, rather than just a generalized female thing ... but when two females don't agree, it's ugly. :eek: Take her in and see how it all goes. Can you foster her for a while, kind of on a trial basis ... a "rent to own" type thing, and give her a trial-run for a while? Just make sure the situation is good for both of them? Or, take her in, and once she reaches maturity, your questions will be answered. If your boss runs a rescue, he/she will also understand how temperaments/personalities emerge at that stage - and would understand if things didn't work "according to plan" at that point in time, and you all would want only the best for all dogs involved. Knowing this from the start, that at that point you could find out that yours is not the perfect home for her - look what a paw up you'll be extending to her in the meantime. It's all just thoughts, only things to think about, but if it were me, I wouldn't worry - only put on the back burner of my brain. Most likely things will be great, and you'll be adding a wonderful dog to your family!! :love: Go for it!! Pics please!! (y)
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    I've had quite a few, one way or another, female with female dogs and apart from one time, they were all fine together.

    As Jackie says though, when two females do disagree and fight it's ugly, really ugly, they make the boys look like angels. And the battered combatants will cost you a fortune in vet bills - think specialized micro surgery for both gals.

    But that only happened once to me, otherwise all was well and all the gals adored each other.

    Jackie has summed it all up perfectly. Go for it! And Pics please!
  7. sara Moderator

    We had a large pack of dogs when my sister and mom still lived here, 4 out of 5 were female, and nary a scrap. (Oliver was in heaven! he had a harem!)
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    :LOL: Lucky Oliver!
  9. luckylego Experienced Member

    See.. That's kind of what I figured.. I've had two females in the same house before - just not for a very long time, and so I just had to check if I was crazy in remembering that they got along so well! And to be honest.. I really don't think Lego has much of a "bitchy" bone in her body. Even dogs that have full out mauled her, her reaction is definitely flight, I've never seen her retaliate.

    The story is a long one, but basically, this puppy was found wandering the streets last week with its face tied shut with rope. The owners were tracked down and they claimed that "she got out of our yard and we've been DESPERATELY searching for her all week" - Yeah right. The pup is in rough shape.. Lots of rope burns on its face, pretty badly deformed legs, and at 9 WEEKS OLD this pit bull puppy weighs around 3LBS!

    My boyfriend immediately fell in love (as EVERYONE did), and asked me to ask my boss if her rescue group would be pulling the pup. Initially she told me they wouldn't, and then half an hour later she got a phone call asking her to pick it up.. So she came to tell me the news, along with 3 reasons why I shouldn't adopt her:

    1. Apparently the spca is worried she has the makings of being dog aggressive - doesnt take corrections by older dogs and is very sassy and obnoxious. Therefore she'll need to go to a strict training home with a dog that will correct her (and Lego is too soft)

    2. Two females = bad.

    3. She's a mess, and will likely cost a bit of money in vet bills.

    After fostering her for a few days however they learned that she isn't as bad with dogs as the spca had thought, and she actually takes correction quite well.

    Regardless, Tom is going to offer to sign a contract promising to take her for her puppy, basic and advanced obedience training to show how serious he is about working with her. So now our only real obstacle is whether or not they'll allow two females to be placed together..

    Don't get too excited or anything, she wont even be available for us to even apply to adopt her for quite a while.. She'll probably be in foster care for a month until she clears up and the doctors decide what to do about her legs. So it likely wont happen for a while, and she also has gotten so much media attention that she'll likely have an adoption list a mile long..but we still want to take a shot. Hopefully we can find some way to convince them that we can successfully keep two females together.. Like jackie said, we're going to try to ask if they'll let us do a "foster to adopt" type deal, so hopefully at least they'll allow us to take her for trial run and see how things go. It'd be a shame if the only thing that kept our application from being accepted is that Lego is a girl :confused:
  10. luckylego Experienced Member

    PS.. Here's her media appearance!
    Like I said.. She has a HUGE amount of interest, so it's totally a long shot that we'll get her.. But Tom still wants to give it a shot, so I just had to check what the general consensus was on having two females before I went and pushed to get this dog :p
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  11. Mutt Experienced Member

    Its wonderful that you are overthinking it and not getting her as soon as possible head over heels!
    As for whether or not getting her:
    How old is Lego (love the name btw :))? Dogs aren't mentally fully grown untill they are 3/4 years.
    Not to imply anything, but her behavior towards dogs can change untill she reaches that age.
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  12. Mutt Experienced Member

    Aahw the poor thing! I totally understand why you fell in love! :love:
    I would definetly go for fostering first to see how the dogs react. But keep in mind that although Lego is a sweetheart, the pup is still young and her behavior can change when she turns 1, since sadley she hasn't had the best start in life.
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Terrible!!!!!!!!!! There just aren't any words, polite ones, to describe these people.:mad::mad::mad::censored: How could anyone do that to a puppy or any dog/animal. Poor wee baby, I can hardly see for crying. Is she suffering from Rickets? It looked that way in the vid. I fell in love too, she's adorable:love::love:

    Stay positive I don't see how the person could say she had the makings of being dog aggressive. What that poor baby has endured in six short weeks, it's no wonder she didn't want to take any directions from a dog or anyone. Thank goodness that issue is now a non-starter.

    Hopefully, despite all the media coverage, by the time she's up for adoption a lot of people will have forgotten or thought twice about adopting a puppy with possible on going conditions which require high vet bills. There will not be that immediate emotional response.

    I think Lego would be perfect for her. She looks the 'mummy' type of dog who would smother the puppy with love and nurture her so much.

    The foster to adopt sounds a brilliant idea. Have all fingers crossed you do adopt this little one. She deserves the very best home, not a strict one, but one full of love, kindness and nurturing.

    Do keep us all updated. Have you chosen a name for her yet?
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  14. luckylego Experienced Member

    Haha I'm trying to avoid picking one for now in case i get too attachrd and dont end up getting her.. the spca has named her Phoenix for now, but if Tom adopted her I'd love to find a symbolic name.. something that means "i will not be silent", as she received her burns in an effort to keep her quiet

    And that could very well be their concern.. Lego is 2 at the moment, so she does have a biiit of maturing to do still... does it help at all that she'd be a young pup entering the house, rather thN an adult? More time for the pup to learn boundaries and her place in the house?

    The vets think she may have rickets.. her front left paw buckles under and her front right lays flat on the ground from the wrist joint downwards. They think that may straighten out as she gets older, but no guarantees.. she'll definitely be a project, but I'm used to that with Lego by now :p i have a total weakness for taking somebody's "garbage dog" that they threw away, and turning them rockstars! Hopefully i get that chance with her!

    So foster to adopt seems like my best approach... my boyfriend is going to be contacting them in a few weeks to see if he can convince them to.consider us, so wish us luck!

    Ps.. the kicker about the whole thing is that the spca could have prevrnted this. Two years ago they pulled 25 dogs from a drug ring.. all in NASTY condition. The breeding pair were used as drug mules and were pooping out bags of cocaine. The owners lawyerdd up and so the spca gave them back their breeding pair, UNFIXED, once they were done crapping out the bags of cocaine. This puppy is a product of that breeding pair. The theory is that she wS born the runt, and deformed, so they tied her mouth shut and threw her away to let nature take its course, because they couldnt sell her as she was. So sick. I hope the spca is feeling mighty foolish!
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  15. southerngirl Honored Member

    Poor girl. I hope you get her, she'd be really lucky. The SPCA not wanting you to adopt her just because you have a girl really is stupid. Any gender of dog can fight, sure girls maybe more likely but it shouldn't mean they can't be together.
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  16. Dogster Honored Member

    How could they say that such a young pup is aggressive????:confused: That doesn't make sense. Maybe they're judjing her cuz she's a pittie...O_o:confused: She is soo sweet, btw.:love::love::love: She'd look absolutely perfect if it wasn't for the rope burns and the infections, ugh people can be so cruel and heartless. :mad: I really do hope that you can adopt her, I bet her and Lego would be great friends.:D
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    I'll give the name some thought! Like your symbolism good one!(y)

    With the rickets I cannot advise s trongly enough to use DOGtoxX formula for her. It's much more than just vitamin supplements, is TOTALLY NATURAL and will NOT conflict with any other medication. It provides the dog with every trace element, nutrient, everything for a dog's well being. And it's working wonders with my older boy Zeus who has Cushings - actually it's working better than the vet's medication.

    I feel sick!!!!!!!!! They use dogs as drug mules? And the spca allowed them to have dogs again? Aren't there laws against (a) drug dealing and (be) animal cruelty! I don't understand how/why these people are still at large and not locked up!
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  18. Puppylove Well-Known Member

    Poor thing...

    I disagree with Points 1 and 2..

    Point 1: Aggressive??? at 9 weeks she's showing signs of aggression?? after the torture and suffering she's suffered in her short life the spca declared her aggressive?? :confused: Pleeeease.. I dare say she's definitely fearful, untrusting and maybe reactive but I wouldn't say she's aggressive at 9 weeks..

    Point 2: I have a 5 year old and 8 month old female and as long as the are at least 8 feet away during meal times I don't have any problem with either of them.. I also have a 6 year old male.

    Point 3: expensive... without a doubt..

    But I applaud you for wanting to adopt her...The universe wouldn't present you with a dog unless she was the right one for you...This little girl obviously needs you and your boyfriend so maybe the universe is trying to tell you that you need her too.. :love:
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  19. luckylego Experienced Member

    I've never heard of that actually! I'll have to do some research.. What kind of places sell something like that? I'm actually supposed to have Lego on glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for her hips, but I might switch her over to that even if I don't end up getting the puppy (who's name has been changed again by her newest foster home to Maddie Mouse).

    Thats exactly what I said.. Honestly, I doubt you can tell me that at 9 weeks old she's showing enough "signs of aggression" to seriously be worried. I've met her before, and I'll admit, she's a little brat when it comes to the other dogs, and she'll need correction by other dogs as she gets older.. But aren't MOST puppies brats? Haha. She's definitely very mouthy as well - another issue her new home will have to work on.. First thing she does when meeting someone is march right up to them and try to eat their pants :p After a few days in a foster home though, they've said that she's not nearly as bad as the spca said.. She takes correction very well apparently, so that a major plus for our case!

    The SPCA actually doesn't have her anymore though, she's been pulled by a pit bull rescue that my boss helps run and they are the ones who think two female pit bulls wont work. To be honest, I think everyone is totally over analyzing her. She's just a puppy.. Granted a fiesty one, but you'd have to be to survive out on your own for a week in that poor of condition! I think we have a good shot of changing their minds though.. I doubt they'll have anyone as determined and annoying as my boyfriend to deal with ;)

    I'll have updated news on the situation in two weeks though.. We're going to wait until the end of the month before we call the woman who runs adoptions and ask for info/try to put our names in for consideration.. She has a long road to recovery so she may not be available for even a while past that, but at least we'll get some updated information on her progress and an estimate of when she'll be ready! Until then, here's the latest picture.. (Yes, you can say it.. She's ugly as sin.. But its not her fault :))

    Examples of her legs..
    263923_10152120155615445_1550382146_n.jpg 488338_10152120157790445_301104942_n.jpg
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  20. MaryK Honored Member

    You can buy it on-line. I will do a search for you later, at present am still waiting for YouTube to finish editing a vid. so don't want to crash out, which has happened lately.

    Also over here (Australia) they sell it in some of the good pet shops/suppliers.

    I know there is a site on Facebook Canada.

    It's brilliant. Zeus has Cushings, which brings on all sorts of nasties and he's doing better on DOGtorX Formula than on the vet's medication.

    It's marvelous with any form of joint problems. What it does it give the dog ALL the trace elements, nutrients, vitamins, everything they need which is lacking in their diets today, no matter how good the food.

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