Trying To Train A Paw Touch With Duration

Discussion in 'Training Challenges' started by CrisM, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. CrisM Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to train Valentine to use her paw to touch for more than just a split second, but she doesn't seem to understand. I've been using a clicker. If I hold off on giving a click or a treat she just looks at me expectantly, since she's already removed her paw.

    I've tried holding the marker and her paw, but she just tries to take her paw back. I've also tried luring a treat over the marker, in a sort of hover. That also doesn't work. She taps the marker and looks up at the treat. "There I did it, now can I have my treat?"

    I'm not sure how to get her to keep her paw on the marker for a longer period of time so that I can reward her for that behavior.

    I want to be able to have this so that we can use it for tricks like cross paws, etc.

    Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Evie Experienced Member

    I'll be following this thread :)

    We're having the same problem
  3. Mutt Experienced Member

    I would take a wooden block (other things can be used to), preferable something a bit higher than the ground. Lure her on the block (with two frontpaws!) and click and treat. Give her treats when she stays on the block (you don't have to click anymore). Than lower the block and do the same thing. If she gets this than take something a bit smaller and also low to the ground and lure her on it with just one paw. Do this a couple of times. Than start asking her to target higher objects (the higher box used earlier for example) with one paw or a football/your hand etc. I also think it is easier when she does low object from a standing position and higher objects (like a raised hand) from a sitting position.

    Good luck and hope it helps :)
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  4. fickla Experienced Member

    I agree with Mutt's suggestion of getting 2 feet first then going back to 1 foot!

    I also recommend reverse luring for duration based behaviors. It can be a very visual example for the dog of giving constant feedback that they're doing right and the instant they are wrong. It also addresses the issue of the dog staring at the treat expecting to get it.

    For those that don't know what reverse luring is, it's basically "doggy zen" or "its yer choice" but expanded upon to use in a feedback situation. Generally you start training this with the standard windmill game to teach the dog not to stare at the treats and to make eye contact with you. then you start moving your treat hand in closer to the dog, immediately making a fist when the dog looks away from you, uncovering when the dog keeps eye contact. Thus marking the DURATION of eye contact. This can be expanded to any duration behavior such as a chin rest on the floor, dumbbell hold...
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  5. CrisM Well-Known Member

    So to translate that to paws on marker... I would hold the treat in my fist and reveal it when she puts her paws on the marker, but if she removes her paws too soon, then cup the treat again in my fist?
  6. fickla Experienced Member

    Yup! But if you haven't done the concept before I would first teach it with a trick she does know well and just up the proofing level. I've found that once I've done this game with a variety of tricks the dog knows, it's very easy to get duration on a brand new trick.
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  7. CrisM Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I will give that a try.
  8. hannahb_patch_faith Well-Known Member

    I teach the "hold it" command and when i get the trick i want i will the teach hold it command. Hold it basically means freeze in the position that your in. I taught this by clicking even for a second in the position that i want and just gradually building it up for some dogs this does take a bit longer to do this but stick with it and eventually they will get it. You can then use the hold it for each trick to build up the duration.
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  9. orpheum Well-Known Member

    Once again this is a "it's yer choice" way of working. If you don't know this look it up on youtube (Susan Garrett). This teaches your dog that open hand is good and going to get him a treat. Kind of like the warmer-colder game you used to play as a kid.
    Great advice by Fickla. Just the way I try to approach this also.
  10. havenfun New Member

    Hold it is a great trick as hannahb_patch_faith said. Delaying the reward marker (the click) a fraction of a second and gradually increasing that is the way to teach what is effectively "stay" in any position. Putting a word to the behaviour (like "hold it" or "freeze") means you can get them to do it in any position down the track. My dogs will use hold it like they are mannequins and I can put their heads, paws or body in a position and say "hold it" and they will stay there knowing they will get rewarded for it. It makes teaching many tricks much easier (like catching treats off their nose etc). but all they are doing is staying on command, just in a broader sense than the traditional obedience sit and down stays.

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