Trixie Playing With Carrot


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I won't Mary K I promise :) lol

I take that as good news. :) I must admit she does seem embarrassed by it, once she couldn't move towards him cos she was trying to hold it soo bad.

Thats Brilliant news, he's lucky to have you looking out for him.

Aww your not going to give his most favouritist ball away are you? you better buy him 20 ball to make up for it :D lol not that i'm trying to convince you to spoil your dog much lol Although if it's causing you that many bruises it is a consideration. and at least it would be going to a good cause. I'm sure the big cats would have tons of fun.
Thats great that he's recovered from the accident. Just hope it doesn’t happen again

It’s pretty good and fairly easy to fix if he does get through it, or you could use the pattern to make something similar out of a sturdier material?? If your crafty like that?

I’m sure he still gets his puppy hugs though? He wouldn’t let you go without a cuddle a day J

It really is, I’ve always wanted one, and was always sad that I didn’t get to know my parents first dog (a Dalmatian called Jody) And now I have my very own who loves me back and is always so happy to see me even if I’ve only been in the kitchen making a cup of tea lol

Ours was really good now we’ve got the little mischief maker (that’s a lie she’s the best dog ever)


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LOL good!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww bless her, that's so sweet. She obviously knows potty training and as she gets older she'll probably grow out of peeing with excitement.

I'm thrilled Zeus is so well, he's walking a lot further now and with his old 'spring' in his step:D

His most favorist ball is already hidden, cuz I could let him be injured again, he really did have a nasty gash on his little face. And each time it started to heal it re-opened when he played with that ball. LOL no, of course not, you know I wouldn't dream of spoiling him:LOL: He's already got a new soccer ball, the type he had before, and we're keeping Zeus well away, plus my partner (with more hope than anything I think) said it may last two weeks, then we'll have to get him another one!!!!!!!! That's a good idea, will have to see what I can do. I could make a pattern and will give some thought to a sturdier material.

LOL no way, his puppy hugs are now a full on sit on my lap, give loads of kisses, look goofy and snuggle his head into my shoulder. He sits like a human, resting back on me and I have my arm around him. He's sooooooooooooo cute. Would love to get a photo but LOL bit hard with him sitting on my lap to get the phone or the camera!

Yes you have the very cutest, most beautiful and loving little lady. Isn't it grand! That love is something so very special


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It would be good if she could control her bladder a little more, we keep thinking we've got away with it and then 'eeew my socks wet' - we also need to learn to wear shoes lol

Bless him, thats great. Must be amazing to have your lovely gentleman back to his old self. :):love:

Aww poor boy, that does sound nasty but at least its healed up well. I'm sure he'll forget about the old one once there's new ones to destroy :)
We're thinking of making trixie one out of denim, maybe using some old jeans or something... just a thought.

Aww please try and get a video of that, it sounds adorable!!! :love::X3:sooooo cute!!! there's nothing as cute as a soppy dog is there? lol

Aww thank you, i think so too but i am biased :) lol It is amazing to have someone love me unconditionally and you have that doubled with both your boys :)


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She'll more than likely grow out of the 'excitement peeing' she's still quite young yet despite getting bigger. Yep shoes are a good thing to wear around youngsters:D What you could try though is when you know your brother's coming in, get Trixie to sit and click/treat her for sitting calmly, as it's def excitement peeing, that way she'll be calmer and not pee with excitement. Once he's in and she's settled, then they can have a love/play session.:D

LOL it is and I swear he's gone back a few years, like to puppyhood, at times:D:eek:

Oh Rakins has forgotten all about the nasty wound and fortunately no scaring at all. LOL now he's playing again and pinching fruit of the trees as good as gold!

That's a brill idea, LOL I've a few pairs of old jeans, complements of having a puppy, so can use those.

I'll try to get a video, maybe keep my phone really handy although the quality isn't great inside as the lighting isn't that good. He really is goofy to the max:D

Isn't it just the most amazing feeling to know you're loved totally and unconditionally, no judgement at all. There's no feeling quite like it and yes, I'm very lucky to have it double!:love:

I just love your 'signature' quote, so true:love:

Big wet kisses and hugs from Rakins and a very gentle kiss from Zeus


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Thats a good idea and i'm sure she'll be good at that (maybe not holding the sit for long) lolshe tends to wriggle in the squat position more than actually sit but thats definitely something to work on :) Thank you

Aww Fantastic, the medication really must of worked magic :)

That great. must of had a good doctor (YOU) lol

I bet he is, mummy's little boy that just can't be excited enough :X3::love:

You really are lucky, i'd really like another dog at some point, but think i'll need to move out first :)

Watched Lady and the tramp the other day and just had to use it! it is soo true!!.

Aww Bless, bear hug back to Rakins and a tummy rub to Zeus :)


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A wiggle in the squat position is fine, she's still very young:D Would love to see her wiggle, must be so cute!:love:

Aloe Vera is a wonderful natural healing medication for cuts etc. and believe me Ra Kismet's had a few, though that was a biggee! I've got a two plants growing in pots, so just break off a leaf and squeeze out the inside gel, smear on and HOPE he cannot reach to lick it off!

Two dogs are fun, double the love and company for each other when you go out.

Love that movie, still cry/laugh all the way through it even though I know it has a happy ending:cry::D

Bear hugs and doggy kisses to Trixie 'wiggle butt':love:


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It is cute, another video for that i think :) lol she just can't contain herself then whe you tell her its okay, its a jump, front paws on your arm and lick all over your face :D soo adorable.

Wow, i never knew that. might have to get myself a plant just in case, not that it would last very long in the back garden (she's not completely destroyed it but we are a couple of plant pots down lol) I'm sure he had fun trying to get to is cheek to lick it off lol :)

but then when do you draw the line? 3 dogs has got to be better than 2 and so on, if i won the lottery i think i'd end up as a mad dog lady lol :)

It is a great movie, dont like the rat bit though, always found that scary when young (and it hasn't improved as i've grown up) lol

Much love back to the boys :) and yourself of course :)


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Oh for sure, video needed of Trixie's butt wiggle:D LOL she's adorable, I would much rather have a dog who cannot contain themselves than one who's so 'super trained' they don't give those lovely kisses:D

Aloe Vera is fabulous. If you do get one keep it in the sun and do NOT over water, they are originally a desert plant. And keep it in a pot, just pot it up as it grows, otherwise it will grow so large it will take over the entire garden!

LOL Rakins only wrecked one pot plant by laying on it, it was a Pelagonium and the stems flowed down over the edge, looked spectacular and obviously was very comfy and cool, in Rakins eyes anyway:rolleyes: He's wrecked a few pots though with his soccer ball and one garden ornament - but hey they can be replaced - a dogs fun and play time cannot be!

Same here!!!!!!!! At the show last year I almost ended up with another puppy - rescue site with the cutest little puppies - my partner though prudently made a bee line for the exit sign and you needed both signatures for adoption!

It is a great movie, never minded the rat bit though, I do like rats:rolleyes:O_o but my BFF is the same as you, she's was never wrapped in that bit and didn't watch!

Much love to Trixie and yourself Hugs and Doggy Kisses:)xx


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Oh definitely, i love it, although it can hurt when she can't contain herself soo much that she jumps up :) although lovely, it does cause some scratches down the arms lol

Haha keep it in the sun?!? what sun!!!! we don't get any here lol :) but i will be getting one as it sounds useful.

Exactly, we've broken a few things but its all part of the fun isn't it :) because of the cold outside, we haven't actually managed to pick up on of the plant pots yet (we've picked up the broken bit just not the actual pot, there's not much point until we can replace it, otherwise there'll be sharp edges that she could hurt herself on) anyway, the chives inside have actually started growing upwards, its quite cool, until she starts eating them. :)

aww thats evil, to not even look at the little puppies. :(

I like rats, just not the ones in Lady and the tramp, they scare me lol :)

A big lick right in the ear (cos thats her favourite) :p


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I'm sporting a couple of decent scratches on my arms too where Rakins decided to 'leap at me' complete with soccer ball in his mouth (wrecked soccer ball). That's one of his fav. things - leap at me and hit me either in the back or in the stomach but hey it's all fun:D They don't mean to scratch of course, it's so cute when they just cannot wait to say "hi I love you".

I know, I smiled as I typed that, not much sun around at present. Do you have a greenhouse?

Yes it is all part of the fun:D Rakins hasn't eaten any of the herbs in pots, but he does have a much at my Sage which is in the actual ground. LOL is Trixie eating the Chives yet? I know what you mean about picking up the pieces, for some reason Rakins can scatter them far and wide. Has it snowed yet????

Yes VERY evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those rats were a bit scary I agree.

Oooooh I love big licks right in the ear, sending you one right in the eye his fav licking spot:love:


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Haha I wonder if he was trying to give you the ball (unlikely lol)
It is funny when they catch men wrong though (as long as no damage) when they ask for it :) Trixie has a knack of stepping on my throat which is fun (not) i'm usually playing with her on the floor and she trys to step over me rather than round :(

Good that you can laugh about the lack of sun when your soo far away from it (i might be assuming slightly there :) )No, not enough space for that, and the way that Trixie likes to run at glass doors full pelt and smash into them its probably a good thing lol

I'm not sure, she might just be ripping them out, but difficult to tell. she has been ill from what she eats in the garden though, so we're trying to keep a closer eye on her :cautious:
No, no snow yet where we live (in a ditch basically so nothing but rain reaches us) :( just rain.... dull and annoying rain... although we may be taking a trip a little further north in the next couple of months so there might be hope :)

haha love it!! what about a tickly lick or two right between the toes, providing you don't have socks on of course :) (Trixie's second fav) but not mine:confused: lol


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LOL not likely, he's just asking me to play with him, which means I stand there and say 'what you got" and "bend it like Beckham":LOL: It's a 'Hey Mom I want attention NOW not later"!

Ouch! Rakins did that for a while, stand on my throat instead of stepping over me, bit hard to ask for sit or move isn't it! He seemed, like Trixie, to find it grand fun, I wasn't in agreement with that though!:rolleyes:

Actually I'm not huge on the amount of sun (or strength of same) here, would like some decent rain for a change. I LOVE snow though, none here at all:( How far north are you going? Sounds great and Trixie may just have her first look at snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops, greenhouses and Trixie, not a good mix!!!!!!!!! Rakins has only ever tried to break through the side panes at the vets, other than that he's been a good boy with glass!

She probably is just ripping them out, and yes, you do have to watch as there are so many plants which can cause harm to a dog or cat.

LOL Rakins LOVES to tickle between the toes, especially or actually only when, you've bare feet, have to kinda sit there and take deep breathes when he does that. Also under arms if you're laying in bed with one arm over your head!:eek::LOL:

Tickle doggy kisses and hugs:love:


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Dogs are great at that aren't they, and one minor slip up from us and they get even better :) lol someone gave Trixie a treat or toy when she barked for it, and now she thinks thats what she's got to do :(

Yeah it is hard to get them off especially when they're wriggling cos you've just come in :) lol

Haha we'd consider you a witch if you said that here :D I love snow too. especially snow days when even though the roads are clear.. you just can't seem to get into work lol :)
We live in Southampton and we might be going up to Ridlington, Norfolk if i can get it booked :) i'm so excited, first holiday with doggy :)

No it really wouldnt be :eek:think my dad would go nuts, just lucky we have tough glass for our back doors. the amount of times she's made the whole wall shake where she's literally run into it!!. Thats good that he's sort of learnt what glass is. When we first got Trixie i had to put up little duck-tape fences so she realised there was something there was soo cute her trying to walk through doors.

I hope she is, the amount of times she's come back in with slightly funky breath cos of eating chives or something else she's found to chew on or rip out lol

AARGH under arms!?!? that made me cringe (i am highly... wait... RIDICULOUSLY ticklish - everywhere) and that would defnititely get me squirming:confused: the toes are bad enough

Not so slobbery kisses from Trix x


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Oh dear!!!!!!!!:eek::rolleyes: That's all it takes, one slip on our part, and our darling dogs will repeat that behavior! Cute though and boy are they smart and so observant!

LOL Ra Kismet 'trick' now when I come in is to race to the bedroom, stand on the bed so he can put his arms on my shoulders and have a 'hug fest' so cute:D

Yes I know. When I lived at home, I never complained about the sun, thought it would be marvelous to have it all the time. Now, boy I'm fed up with sun, sun, and more sun, always having to wear sunscreen etc.:eek:

Wow! She's really tried to get through the glass! I can understand you Dad wouldn't be too impressed. Love the duct tape fences, that's a brill idea:D(y) Rakins has never really been that bad with glass thank goodness.

Ewwwwwww! Funky breathe, not the best, she'll grow out of it soon though, it's a puppy thing, take heart!:D

I know Southampton well, I'm from the South. I've been to Ridlington, had a grand time there. Oh that first holiday with your dog is something sooooooooooooooo special, I just know you'll have a wonderful time and so many stories to tell. Don't forget loads of vids and pics please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want the entire holiday in picture format:LOL:

Oh poor you, I'm ticklish but with Rakins can manage - just - to keep within the bounds of sanity. I do pull some faces though, good thing he cannot see me - too busy licking under arms - otherwise he may develop a phobia:oops: I do a LOT of very, very deep breathing though to stay sane when he's in tickle mode!

Hugs and Big Wet Doggy Kisses Rakins xx:love:


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Unfortunately it is just that easy :( good in some ways, bad in others lol. Yes they ridiculously observant and smart, it makes me wonder why we are the dominant species... O_o

Aww that is adorable, gotta love doggy hugs, especially when they start them :)

I completely get the point about sunscreen!!! it's bad enough having to put it on one day a year (cos that's about all we get now) lol

Oh yes, She doesn't do things by halves!! not at all!!! It was pretty cute her walking into the windows but it felt a bit evil after a while and of course it wasn't good enough to just put a cross or something, she's a herding dog therefore it HAD to be fences (i was quite proud of my fences :) ) Lucky you, i just hope to have tough back door glass for life now.

I hope so :) its alright on the odd occasion but when it's everytime she's outside... phew it gets a bit much. especially panting the whole evening after, it gets around the house lol. Talking about funky breath, we've got some new chews for her called Paddywack (beef jerky kind of thing) and i swear they smell like farm!!!! it's horrible, but she really likes them... so what did we do.??? we went and bought some more :eek::rolleyes: the things we put up with... lol

I'm glad you enjoyed it there, i really am excited. I;m not sure whether my bf is going to be able to come, but seriously thinking of going anyway. just get some time away with her. Of course i will take plenty of pics and vids (i wont upload them for a while cos i always forget) but i will take them lol (still sorry i haven't uploaded the ones we have.

I know, i soo wish i could handle it but i just can't (when people tickle me i usually end up hitting/kicking them.... usually in the face... not that i'm violent :confused: ) and i really don't want to do that with Trix, so it's a slightly brave face while trying to get her off lol. or i just scream a little

big sniffs in your ear followed by a well placed lick right inside :) lol


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I agree, I wonder too who is really the dominant species. We supply all the food, the comfy beds, toys, treats, baths, walks, play time etc. etc. we work for all that, honestly, are we so smart? :confused:

Sure do, just LOVE those doggy hugs, especially when they initiate them, nothing better:)

It can really ruin some clothes, like silk tops, they don't look so good with oily stains on them. It's been a little cooler but still have to watch burning, the sun here is so strong it's unbelievable!:eek:

Naturally, what else could you do for a herding dog but fences. Congratulations!(y)

LOL oh yes, Paddywacks, my guys both go crazy of them and PHEW they do smell. And yes, it does permeate the entire house too, as you say, what we do and put up with for our babies!

Hope your bf can get away with you, but hey being with Trixie will be grand fun, some one on one time with her awesome! You're as bad as me, I take the photos then totally forget to upload until the camera goes 'whoa hold it, no more room' - scratch my head and then remember - oops haven't uploaded for ever and a day!:rolleyes:

It's tough taken me a while to develop to a point where I can stand (just) being tickled. I used to be the same, kicking people, usually in the face, so loads of deep breathing and saying 'it doesn't really tickle'. Know what you mean, that's what started me on the 'self control' kick, didn't want to kick my boy:eek:

Big kisses and whisker tickles on the soles of your feet and under arms:D