Trixie Playing With Carrot


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I just wish i'd got a picture of it, but was a bit slow :) always the way

Haha probably best not although a good way to take them on holiday :D Would love pic if you can get one. What trick you working on?


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I just wish i'd got a picture of it, but was a bit slow :) always the way

Haha probably best not although a good way to take them on holiday :D Would love pic if you can get one. What trick you working on?
LOL yes and to smuggle them into places they're not allowed to go into! Will do my best with a pic when we start on this trick.

New trick is for the Trick Challenge using an Easy button. They're not available here, so am using Ra Kismet's ball (one of them not his soccer ball) but as he can target a ball really well am putting a 'twist' on the trick. I'll let you know when his vid for the trick challenge is up. Hope to do it tomorrow or Saturday, it's been raining here and videoing inside isn't the best lighting wise, LOL and partner's allergic to rain I think as he will not vid for me when it's raining:rolleyes:
If you'd like to see some of his other tricks here's his FaceBook page link

And I am sure Trixie would love her own FaceBook page too, if she hasn't one already:D


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Brilliant - can't wait to see pics :)

Thats a brilliant idea of using one of his beloved balls instead of a button - more likely to get his attention :)
haha such a wuss for a guy :D and i mean that in the nicest of ways :)

I've just checked out his page - I LOVE the last post! that is the !sweetest! thing!!! Bless you, you've just made my year (well apart from getting Trixie of course) :) :love: and of course you have my permission to post pics of her.
I love the pic of Ra Kismit with his ball, he's such a handsome dog!!! and the profile pic - he's like 'mum, why don't you get it out the puddle? You have hands with apposable thumbs whereas i have to use my face!!' :D:p Love him!!!
(sorry i like making up the dogs side of the conversation :D you'll realise this soon enough)


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Oh and she hasn't got her own yet, and being honest i don't go on facebook often so if she did i might not update it much. But will give some thought and let you know if i do :)


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Thank you that's so sweet of you:D Ra Kismet is a handsome boy, but hey I'm very biased
:D LOL oh he ADORES his balls, I don't allow soccer balls inside, he'd do a bit too much damage (without meaning to of course) but I swear he'd take it to bed with him if I did. Although he does bring his 'house balls' into bed at times. Nothing like finding a dog ball, often with slobber on it, when you get into bed. Yes, he sleeps on my bed too. He did have his own but abandoned that for mine!:rolleyes::D
Trixie is just the cutest little puppy, Ra Kismet would LOVE to meet her and play with her, so next best thing, have her on his page:love: I'll do that tomorrow morning, partner will be at work, so I can get some peace(y)

LOL oh he's a real wuss when it comes to rain, poor dear, he'd never make it in the U.K. that's for sure and snow, now that WOULD be something to see - if he ever ventured outside into the snow!

I agree it was a case of "Hey Mom you're always saying I get so wet and muddy, so come on help me out you've got hands with apposable thumbs, I've just got paws and a nose" But I promise you the moment I went to get the ball, he took off, water flying everywhere - he's such a tease and very cheeky:rolleyes::LOL:

LOL I also love to write as if it were the dogs talking, my favorite way of writing actually. I'm currently, in my spare time, writing a diary in Ra Kismet's own words of course and have written other short stories about my animals, all written from 'their' perspective. Glad to know someone else likes to write in that style too:D:love:

I don't go over that much to FaceBook, more just to post vids and posts like ones on Pit Bulls that type of thing. Other than that I just update photos and the odd post when I have time. Not into getting heaps of likes etc. do it more for my friends as so many live back home and the States it's easier than keep sending photos via emails etc. Plus they can get to see the vids which are too heavy to send via email.

Will let you know when his vid for the trick challenge is up, going to video it tomorrow afternoon and then do the editing etc. and upload (groan) to YouTube (if the earth moves that will be me saying a few 'polite' words about YouTube).


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I think it's best that you don't allow his ball inside - as you say they can do far more damage than is worth.:rolleyes:
that is soo cute, love that he loves his 'house balls' so much he takes them to bed can just imagine him hugging them in his sleep :love:

It would be great to bring Trixie over as i've always to go to Australia and she would love to meet Ra Kismit too, but the quaranteen afterwards would be hell!!! :( so pictures will have to do :)

Haha i think it's a side effect of man flu that lasts all year round :D my dad keeps saying that he hasn't 'picked up' after Trixie because its raining outside and he's got his slippers on. Then I go out in my pj's, dressing gown and pumps and do it for him. Women are much stronger in that sense :) and in every other sense :)

Haha it's always a ploy to get you just as wet and muddy as he is (the difference being is they enjoy being that dirty):LOL: but it's great to see that smile when you get down and dirty with them.

Thats awesome!! Wish i had enough spare time to do that! would love to read some one day... hint hint :)

That sounds like a good idea, as you say would save me trying to email pictures to 20 different people with 10 emails each because the files are to big (i did actually do this with someone the other day - ended up sending 5 emails to the same person - it was soo frustrating)

Haha i wish you much luck with youtube and look forward to seeing that vid :)


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Quite right, the cats manage to do enough damage, without Rakins doing any more!:rolleyes:

Quarantine is two months this end (Australia) for dogs coming from the U.K. but the U.K. now doesn't require quarantine just a rabies injection. I want to come home (U.K.) but with Zeus a sick boy, he wouldn't make the plane trip without a major 'accident' as he has to 'go' every three hours or less. Rakins would also love to meet Trixie, LOL I think they would manage to tire each other:LOL: Pictures will have to do only way.

LOL he does, at times, drop a well slobbered over ball on me just as I am about to go to sleep:oops::D

You're right 'man flu aka a wee cold' does last all year round! I know where you're coming from, same here, o.k. so I love cold weather BUT I feel it's a bit much when I'm under the shower and expected to go outside!:eek: While of course male is comfortably ensconced in front of the computer or t.v.:eek:

You'll get a copy, when I finally manage to get it finished. Hopefully will be able to start working on it again on Monday, if partner doesn't come home early. Time, oh how I wish there were 48 hrs in a day not a mere 24!

I was doing the same thing, sending masses of emails, took so much time and despite YouTube, which you need for vids as FaceBook has a very low weight allowance, it is faster.

Haven't got as far as YouTube tonight/early hours this morning. For some reason I cannot edit the vid's music. Will try again later this morning after some sleep, and will p.m. you when it's up.


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Quite right, the cats manage to do enough damage, without Rakins doing any more!

Quarantine is two months this end (Australia) for dogs coming from the U.K. but the U.K. now doesn't require quarantine just a rabies injection. I want to come home (U.K.) but with Zeus a sick boy, he wouldn't make the plane trip without a major 'accident' as he has to 'go' every three hours or less. Rakins would also love to meet Trixie, LOL I think they would manage to tire each other
Pictures will have to do only way.
That really sucks. Although good about the UK, I haven’t really looked into it as not planning on going anywhere at the moment. That’s sad about Zeus, needs a nice quite life which is always good J I’m sure they would tire each other out brilliantly J and have soo much fun.

LOL he does, at times, drop a well slobbered over ball on me just as I am about to go to sleep

Lovely to wake up to. Trixie’s not allowed upstairs at the moment (apart from teaching her how to use them) as we’ve got a baby gate but someone (my brother) keeps leaving it open – I guess someone’s going to wake up with a wet face one day J

You're right 'man flu aka a wee cold' does last all year round! I know where you're coming from, same here, o.k. so I love cold weather BUT I feel it's a bit much when I'm under the shower and expected to go outside!While of course male is comfortably ensconced in front of the computer or t.v.

-Haha exactly. Whereas trying doing the same to them and you get a hissy fit :D

You'll get a copy, when I finally manage to get it finished. Hopefully will be able to start working on it again on Monday, if partner doesn't come home early. Time, oh how I wish there were 48 hrs in a day not a mere 24!
I saw it on the Challenge page. You did great and I love his enthusiasm and the way he keeps is hand on the ball like ‘I’m doing it!! I’m doing it!! I’m still doing it… where’s my treat?!?!’ You’re not the only one there, would be soo much easier, or if we only needed 2 hours sleep instead of 8-10. Would give us so much more time to waste J



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Australian quaratine sucks full stop! If you're dogs coming from some countries it can be up to 18 months!!!!!!!! Ridiculous as any diseases will show up way before that time. Stay where you are, we will get home eventually.

LOL oh yes, we just may have two exhausted dogs oh what PEACE:LOL:

LOL good idea to keep Trixie down stairs at present, other wise you could have shredded duvets etc. etc. Nothing like waking up to feathers everywhere!:rolleyes::oops::eek: Oh yes, she'll wake someone up soon with a big wet kiss if you brother keeps leaving the gate open. One lovely, big furry blanket, madly wriggling and jumping around on top of you BEFORE you've managed to peel open your eyes:D:rolleyes:

That's for sure, one BIG hissy fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL thank you, yes that's my boy, he's such an enthusiastic chap, it was a bit 'dangerous' for me at times, caught me in the face, then got all sorry and decided to lay on top of me and kissy kissy like mad to say 'sorry':D He's a joy to train though, as he really does LOVE learning tricks and is so proud of himself once he's 'got it'.

Trixie will be the same, she's such a smart little doggy:love:(y)


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That’s ridiculous!!! I get their trying to stop disease spreading but as you said they show up way before that!! Hehe I hope you do as it would be great to meet you and your beautiful boys.
That’s what we keep saying now that we can take Trixie out, but a 30 minute nap later and she’s up and ready to go again :):rolleyes: lol
Really don’t want that (parent’s would kill me lol) although like the idea of a big (well little for the moment) furry blanket to wake me up wriggling. I think that’s a great wakeup call :D
I bet it’s fun doing it with someone who’s that enthusiastic. Although it did look like you may need a hard hat and goggles at times :) still love the kissy kissy :) trying to get Trixie to do it as she does like to lick.
I hope so, she’s still difficult to get into training mode at the moment but then again I am to :)
(again sorry for taking a while to reply – where is the time going at the moment?)


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Yes it is isn't it. I too appreciate they don't want dis-eases spreading here or bringing ones into the country but even vets will say it's way over the top. And they should know!

I sure would love to meet you all and the gorgeous Trixie, I keep hoping Zeus will get well enough to make the journey. He's doing so well, even jumping up a bit now when excited and he hasn't done that since he developed Cushings dis-ease. Just the length of time he'd be in a dog crate concerns me, don't know if he could last that long without a nature call.

Typical puppy:D You're lucky it's a 30 minute nap! Ra Kismet would just stop, nap on his feet almost, and be ready to go again:rolleyes::LOL: Actually he still does when playing soccer, just stands in the shade for a few seconds break, or heads for his plunge pool, then off again.

My late Mother was against dogs on the bed too. But I was very naughty, would wait until she had left the room, then both my German Shepherds would get on the bed, then off again when either my Mom or the housekeeper came in in the morning. I DO NOT though advise others following my disobedient ways:LOL: I admit though, I adore the morning wake up with a wriggly dog kissing me:LOL::love:

LOL oh yes, with his last trick challenge I actually did wear an old pair of sunglasses at first as it was a tad dangerous and also had tissues on hand to wipe off the slobber:LOL: He can be a bit over the top with his enthusiasm:LOL: but I wouldn't change him or his ways as he's a grand dog to work with, game to try anything (except hold) and always so keen and eager to train. Though he too has his moments, like today, with his new soccer ball, he took forever to get into 'training mode' I actually sat down for a while and just waited - and waited - and waited - and waited- until FINALLY he decided to actually train. Did a little with Zeus during the extended waiting period, which normally will bring Ra Kismet running over as he doesn't want to miss out on treats, but not today with his new soccer ball. LOL guess I should be pleased he loves it so much, especially seeing how expensive it was and how much trouble it took to collect it.

Just keep saying kissy kissy with Trixie and I also used to point to my lips too. She'll get it, especially as she's a licky dog. With my other boy Zeus, you're lucky to get one small lick:rolleyes:

I know time seems to fly by doesn't it. They're already advertising Christmas stuff YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It is and even vets say it's over the top.

Would love to meet you and the gorgeous Trixie. I keep hoping that Zeus will be well enough to make the journey. He's doing so well, even jumps up a bit now when excited, first time since he developed Cushings. It's just the length of time he's be in a dog crate, not sure he'd make it without an 'accident' which would be awful for him as he's such a clean boy.

Typical puppy!:LOL: You're lucky you get 30 minutes before she wants off again! I swear Ra Kismet used to nap on his feet, he never seemed to nap, just 'died' at night but during the day was constantly on the move!

My late Mother would have killed me too but I was so naughty. Once she had gone for the night after I went to bed, both my German Shepherds would climb on the bed and snuggle down, then off again just before either my Mother or the housekeeper came to wake me up. I DO NOT though suggest following my lead, it got me into strife more than once:rolleyes: Dog hairs not properly cleaned off before the bed linen was change is a dead give away:rolleyes::cautious::LOL: But I do adore the morning wake up call, nothing better, makes my day:love:

Ra Kismet is a sheer joy to work with, he's just so enthusiastic and loves to train but LOL I did wear old sunglasses and had tissues handy to wipe off the slobber when we worked on his last trick challenge and my hair got pulled a few times too.:rolleyes: That trick challenge was a bit dangerous at times, he just go so carried away. Have a good shot for a blooper vid when I have time to make one, where he dived on top of me, all you can see of me is from the waist down, the rest of me is smothered by a kissing dog with a madly wagging tail. Bit hard to give commands when totally smothered by your dog!:rolleyes::LOL:

Don't worry, all dogs have their moments when they don't want to get into training mode. Like today, Ra Kismet has his new soccer ball and he took forever to get into training mode. I just had to wait and wait and wait some more. Even did a bit with Zeus, that normally brings Rakins running as he doesn't want to miss out on treats, but hey what are treats compared with his new ball! Guess I was glad though he loved the ball, as it was very expensive and had to go through quite a bit, not the least partner moaning HE didn't like the ball, to collect it from the Post Office.

Trixie's very young yet, so just be patient and let her have a wee play first, then get her attention for training and if she REALLY doesn't want to train that time, then let her play and try again later. They do improve with age - unless they're soccer mad dogs with new balls:LOL:


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Well I do hope he improves even if you don’t get over here. Glad he’s got some of his gusto back :) Planes make pit stops for a dogs nature call… don’t they? Lol :D
Haha It’s probably 30 mins because she’s a pup, I’m sure the time will decrease as she gets older :) lol just got image of Ra Kismet standing with his eyes closed for a few seconds (like suffering Narcolepsy) then off again with his ball. Barely the chance to sit down for you :rolleyes::LOL:
You sound like the average kid trying to get their own way without being caught! I bet the paw prints on your sheets was a giveaway though as well as the hairs :) Aww I was hoping you would give me consent to do the same thing :LOL: can’t wait till Trixie is big enough to reach my face lol at the moment she puts for front paws up on things but hasn’t got enough muscle to actually jump or pull herself up lol bless her.
I bet he thought he was helping by getting them all slobbery :) It’s better to have too much enthusiasm than be totally independent so I don’t blame you for not wanting to change him. He’s perfect the way he is :) You’ll get there with the hold, as you say, just got to find his way of doing it at his pace.
He must really love his ball. (guessing this is the one you posted the thread about with your partner moaning that it was too hard/made a sound/he won’t like it etc) dogs always prove us wrong don’t they lol
I think she’s already picking up on it which is great (informal session when I get puppy hugs :) ) she was adorable last night with it. I had her on her back in my lap and was rocking her and she stayed there for a long time (unusual for Miss Zoomie 2012) and kept kissing her nose and she’d lick me back was adorable but had to stop for bed time :love:
I know I can’t believe it, I swear Christmas was only last month!!! And now it’s here again :)


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I'm thrilled that Zeus has his old gusto back. You just couldn't imagine how tough it's been, seeing him all bloated and not interested in life. They do make pit stops, but not I'm afraid enough for Zeus just at present. He's holding longer though, which is grand!

LOL your description of Ra Kismet having a 'break 'is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ROFLMAO:(y)(y)(y)

Yep I was always trying to get away with things, usually managed quite a few. Well I'm attempting to be 'responsible' these days, LOL doesn't work though, as I'm always on the kids side against the parents:LOL:

She'll get there soon enough, and be licking you awake. As you say, her muscles are not quite strong enough and her coordination will also need to improve. It's something to look forward too. Then, LOL, you'll be saying she's waking you up too early, especially when you want a sleep in!:p You could place something solid next to your bed, so she can 'step up' for now:D

You're right, it is the new ball and yes, he LOVES that ball! Only thing I've against it is that it's very hard and he likes to bang it into me, especially if I'm not paying full attention, and it HURTS. But, grand to see the little chap flying round with his new ball and LOL putting paid to partner's moaning!:p:D

Aw that's just sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and lovely:love::love::love:. Trixie is just the cutest little one ever. She reminds me of my adored, late Tiger Lily (Zeus' sister) she too would lie like that and loved being 'walzed' around the room, laying in your arms. She even loved it when she got too big and heavy for me to do it, then my partner would walze her around.

Those moments are just so special aren't they? The special bonding times between you both. Love them:love::love::love: Big hug to Trixie from me:love::love::love: Kissy Kissy Trixie:love::love::love:


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I’m sure it’s horrible to go through. Your right I couldn’t imagine. But great that he is feeling better.

Haha glad I got it right :) lol
Aww that’s sad, being responsible is boring :D glad you choose the kids side – wanna mediate my family? Would love to have you on my side :LOL: lol

I am really looking forward to it, especially when we can trust her to go around the house without panicking if she’s going to have an accident. I wouldn’t want lay in’s if wet puppy kisses were waking me (unless she got my ear – which she’s very good at lol) the steps is brilliant idea!! :)(y) thanks

Haha that’s one way to get mums attention, not necessarily the best way though lol Glad he loves it so much – and stopped your partner from moaning :)

She really is, just wish I could be here more :) aww bless, I don’t want her to get any bigger, she’s already a lump lol but I will try to pick her up even when she’s fully grown and probably hates it (like any teenager would :) )

They are soo special and would be great if they lasted longer and happened more often.:love::love:

Big puppy hug and kisses back from Trix:love::love::love:


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Ghastly, but he's doing a lot better now.(y)

LOL yep spot on with Rakins!(y)

Frankly I'm bored to tears being responsible, starting my New Year's Resolutions early this year - "I'm NOT going to be responsible AT ALL no WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :D LOL happy to mediate, very good at it too:D(y) Learned how to get around the parentals, my Mom was strict (and a double Aries), so have had plenty of practice!(y)

You'' love it!!!!!! She'll soon be 'trust worthy' those little accidents will soon be a thing of the past. Ah, nothing sweeter than kissy kissy wakings up, beats an alarm clock, I never use one much prefer the CAC (cannine alarm clock).:D LOL the ear kisses tickly don't they, Rakins is also good at those, so I never wear earings (except two studs) in the house! Gotta make it easy for them:D(y)

The last standing outside, all the rest are now inside, garden statue came to grief, collusion with the new football! Football 1 v Garden Statue Nil!!!!!!! Oh yes, he has a grand way of getting my attention and not a beep from partner about Rakins not liking his new ball! Have a few new bruises though!

She'll find a way of having those special Mommy/Daughter Moments. When Rakins was little he loved to be picked up and then put his paws on my shoulders for a kissy kissy hug hug Mom/Son Moment. Now he's way to big and heavy for me to do that so he worked out that if he stands on the bed he can put his paws on my shoulders and still have kissy kissy hug hug sessions! Trixie's a smart little one, she'll work out something. LOL well she will go through the teenage times and become 'all independent' for a while, then suddenly she'll recall it's grand being hugged and kissed:D

They always last, those special moments, just change a little as they grow into adult dogs. But they're always special, always loving, always loyal, your BFF forever!:love::love:

Thank you Trixie and big doggy hugs and kisses back from Rakins:love::D


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Haha brilliant New year’s resolution beats the ‘I’m going on a diet and I’m going to fail like I have the last 10 years!!!’ sorry if this is stupid but what’s a double Aries?? Like horoscope? I’ll pay for your services :p lol

I hope they will be, she had another accident last night L just got in from work and dad left the house straight away, leaving me to deal with it (which I don’t mind – other than he gets huffy that she didn’t ask to go out!!!) SHE’S A PUPPY!!! SHE HAS A BLADDER THE SIZE OF A GRAPE AND SHE DOESN’T ALWAYS REALISE THAT SHE NEEDS TO GO!!!! – You really want to mediate?? Lol

Really can’t wait for the kissy kissy wake ups. I bet it does, just so cute and she’s got such a soft mouth that it tickles like mad! But I love it!!

Poor garden statue. Got to expect these little incidents though. Haha glad it shut him up for you. Let’s face it dogs like everything! J

AWWW that is too cute!!! I hope Trixie stil likes doing that when she’s older (she already seems to be fed up of getting picked up… sometimes lol) but I’m sure when I can’t anymore she’ll want it all the time.

She’s already my best friend, in fact I think she was before we even got her. She was the only puppy of the litter to come up to us for a stroke and cuddles


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It's never stupid to ask a question, it's only stupid to NOT ask:D Double Aries (or double any sign) is when the person's sun sign is in say 'Aries' and their rising sign (when the moon is rising into that part of their chart at the time of birth) is also Aries. Means with Aries 'double fire power":rolleyes::)

You're so right about puppies and their bladders, plus the 'thought' of 'hey I need to go' doesn't always connect with the action of 'going outside or asking to go outside':rolleyes: You do have to watch and observe their movements to spot they need to 'go' and act accordingly. O.K. I'd take on meditation, often people will listen to an outsider more than they will someone close to them, especially their own children. Parents always, in their minds, know best comes with the territory:rolleyes::D

I've got a bit of a problem with 'going' but the other end of the age spectrum. Zeus, who's always been a very clean boy, has had a few accidents inside. Due to two factors, one Cushings and the other I think is 'senior moments'. I now keep an old towel down in front of the door, so it's easy to just take that and pop it into the washing machine and mop the tiles. He's a bit like a puppy, you have to get up immediately the moment he asks to 'go' he cannot wait a minute. His accidents happen during the night, he doesn't wake me unfortunately, to let me know he needs to 'go'. It's all part of being a dog parent.

Awwww that's so cute that Trixie has such a soft mouth. I too would love those tickles:love::love:
Ra Kismet's gentle but in a vigorous way, if that makes sense. Maybe 'thorough' is a better word. You'll soon have those lovely wake up calls and they are just so special. My favorite thing is Ra Kismet waking me with doggy kisses:love: Just hope LOL Trixie doesn't land full force on top of you though, that can be a bit of a shocker if you're still asleep when it happens:LOL:

Yes those accidents happen with young puppies and kittens too. One of my cats when young managed to smash an antique tea service to smitthereens, along with breaking off a bit of the shelf stereo and cracking the glass in a photo frame, all in one hit!:eek:

Sadly with the ball, it did cause some more problems. Ra Kismet gouged the side of his face trying to get unrippened Apricots from the tree, nothing serious, so I just bathed it and put on some Aloe Vera. Unfortunately the ball, which is very hard, caused the wound to keep splitting open so he's not able to play with it until the wound heals completely. Partner of course has now banned the ball completely because it 'hurt' Ra Kismet. Don't worry that I took two massive cracks from the ball hitting me, one on the ankle and the other on the shin, partner didn't even look at my bruised and battered leg! Something has to be resolved here with balls. If you ever discover a decent sized ball (soccer sized) on the web which is also soft not hard but dog chew proof PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

Oh Trixie's starting to move into adolescence:):rolleyes:. She'll do that for a while, not want to be picked up etc., after all she's 'all grown up and independent' in her mind anyway:D When she moves through it all, she'll suddenly realize 'hey I really love being picked up or cuddled' and want to do it again. Just like teenagers, don't want Mom or Dad hugging or kissing them:rolleyes:

That's so lovely, she was the only one who came up and cuddled and kissed you.:love: Yes, she chose you and wanted to be your BFF. It's so lovely isn't it knowing you have such a friend. No matter what the world throws at you, you always know you've got the very best friend ever, right there always at your side, always loving and caring and they don't even mind when you have 'bad hair days' they still love you. I couldn't live with out my boys, that's for sure. :love::love::love:


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Sorry its been so long since ive been able to reply, christmas has flown by and just havent had time.

Luckily Trixie's pretty much there with the potty training. Although there are still occasional accidents (bizaarely, only when men enter the house, i.e. my brother she just can't contain herself although think this is not being able to control her bladder rather than forgetting the rules :) )

Oh bless Zeus that must be embarrassing for him. it must be horrible, suddenly not being able to control yourself. :(

She is still adorable although she's soft mouthed she hasn't quite grabbed the conceipt that her claws hurt to... our fault for putting our heads on the floor i suppose :) lol
Haha, I can see that Ra Kismit would be thorough (like her is with training) very enthusiastic boy :) I've actually 'thrown' trixie on my boyfriend, was quite funny to watch him get the wake up call :D

My God, That must've been a pain to clear up, hope she was okay though and didn't get hurt when causing all that damage? They usually bounce back nicely though lol

OMG thats horrible for Ra Kismet! How is he doing now? The only ball i know of i got from Ikea, Its not chew proof but has lasted a while with Trixie...

Luckily she still lets me pick her up, although i dont think she's completely happy about being there lol but she's a good girl and doesn't struggle or anything, just lets me have my moment :)

Thats soo sweet and soo True!! she definitely picked us, even from the first picture we got, there was no way we weren't going to get her :) it is the best feeling in th world, parents keep saying that i'm the only one she truly misses. and i get the most warm welcome. its such an amazing feeling knowing she will always be there for me =, like your boys are for you

Again sorry for taking so long, i hope you had an amazing christmas and new year with your loved ones. hugs and puppy kisses, Trixie :)


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You're forgiven:D Just don't let it happen again!!:D

That's brill news that Trixie's now potty trained and yes, I am sure it's excitement when your brother comes around, she's still a youngster and even older dogs can have a little 'accident' due to excitement.:oops:

I'm thrilled to say Zeus hasn't had any more accidents for ages, poor baby he was so embarrassed as he's such a clean chappy. I doubled his dosage of the DOGtoxX Formula and that seems to have fixed the problem thank goodness.:)

Ra is fine now and I'm seriously considering donating the ball to the Zoo - it says it's used by lions and other large animals. He's bounced back and thankfully no scar on his pretty face.(y)

Thank you for the url. Will go down to Ikea they're just around the corner from here and see if they have that ball, if not will order on-line.

You're so lucky to still be able to pick her up, Rakins is a bit too heavy for me now, though if I had to I could manage him but not easily.

Isn't it just THE most amazing feeling, knowing you're her favorite person in the whole wide world. I honestly don't know how people manage without dogs, they never judge always ready and happy to greet you and when you've had a rotten day, there's nothing like being greeted with all those lovely doggy kisses and tail wags to make all your troubles vanish:love: And you know nothing will change that love ever!!!!!!!!!:love:

We had a really grand Christmas, hope you and your family had a wonderful time and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Big Doggy Kisses from Rakins and Zeus and HUGS to the almost grown up Trixie - still my pin up gal:love: