Trick Challenge

Tâmara Vaz

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Here's a video of her first session

Might try Jenny with this trick after I've taught her back up


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See more of me and Laika:


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Great Job Tamara and Tif!
My second session Missy is doing the trick with me kneeling, today for my third session I'm going to work on her doing it with me lying down. I'm just taking out the standing up, I'm just going to sit up from lying. I would record what I have so far, but still can't find my video camera:(


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I did a few sessions during Agility class today. And she caught on pretty quick. I was even able to lay down and have her do it, yay!! The backing up isn't that graet yet, but we are still working on that. I'll see if I can get it on vid, later today, or maybe tomorrow. She's tired now:D


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Brilliant vids guys, I am also working on this - Ripley is getting it, reasonably well, and will do the paw on arm and back up a few steps when I am on my knees but that is as far as we've got so far. Bella & Laika are super clever, well done Tif & Tamara!