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Discussion in 'Advanced Dog Training' started by Gracie bentch, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. southerngirl Honored Member

    I have a ten year old brother who can be a brat at times, but he's really sweet he just needs to be reminded that the behavior is unacceptable. At ten there still learning how to behave. Also I'm hoping Gracie will stick around.

    Please stay on the form Gracie you can really learn a lot here. Your dog can know as many tricks as ours if you make learning the tricks fun and Positive.(y)
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Point taken Southerngirl, I'm an only child, so no experience with siblings. Thank you for the reminder, appreciate that and will make an effort to be more understanding of "bratty" 10 year olds.:)

    I too want Gracie to stay around and learn:)
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  3. running_dog Honored Member

    Dogster - When in a few years time you and Dogcrazy do your world lecture tour on Positive Dog Training MaryK and I are expecting to be given seats in the front row :D
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Here Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely running -dog!:D:love:(y)
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  5. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    I can so see me and Dogster doing that!!!!
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  6. Dogster Honored Member

    Haha, of course!!!:D Only the best for my DTA friends!!!!;)
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  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I'll be sitting next to RD and Mary - we'll be wearing ... wait for it ... SUNGLASSES!!! :cool::LOL::ROFLMAO:
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    :ROFLMAO: Of course, what else could we be wearing but SUNGLASSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. trickdogwoof Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't hit your dog, he/she should be your best friend. Training should be fun for both of you. I've seen it several times... the guy with the obedient dog, who is obedient because his owner uses negative reinforcement. It definitely works, but the dog does not enjoy it... I guess some people dont care about what the dog enjoys as long as he obeys. Sucks for the dog, and doesn't build a trusting relationship, but a relationship based on fear or intimidation.
    For Milo, a treat held in front of him, then slowly pushed towards him so he started to back up, then lifting the treat made him sit. Took 5 minutes for him to learn and master. While sitting, hold the treat in front of his nose, then lower the treat to the ground, while pulling the treat forward slightly. The dog should lie down, Milo got this in a couple of minutes.
    I once yelled at Milo (don't remember why), and the look of fear on his face told me to never do that again, and I haven't. If the dog is doing something you don't want him to do, it is because he has not been taught the correct action/trick/behavior. The dog doesn't know why he has earned a scolding, better to teach him positively... it a lot more fun, the dog will get into it, and you'll have a friend who obeys your commands because he likes you and the activity (and the chicken tastes good, too.)
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  10. Maggi VIP Silver Member

    I get a bit confused following all the comments! (not used to this forum stuff) But I wanted to say how thoughtful all you doggie people are to Gracie's original post! It makes me feel that this forum is a good place to be!
    Hope all the information that has been shared is useful to everyone who sees certainly has been to me.
    Maggi :)
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  11. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Training is my favorite thing in the world. It is soooooo much fun! I enjoy playing games with my dog. I love that he makes me laugh all the time. I enjoy seeing him trying new things. I love that he is so intelligent and I can introduce new things and he figures them out so easily. I enjoy watching him getting so excited when the treats come out. I love that he throws out behaviors randomly in hopes that he will earn a treat. I think training increases a dogs sense of humor and goofy personality. I love my dogs quirks. The best thing about training is that my dog loves training too. We enjoy each others company. I have high expectations and my dog has a high work ethic. He wants to learn and I love that.

    I hope that you discover the true magic of training Gracie! It is such a joyous, wonderful activity to share with your best friend!
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  12. moetrout Guest

    I see the original poster hasn't responded in a while. I think you've successfully scared them off!

    Why is it when folks here say "positive re-enforcement training" is the BEST training it really seems to mean it is the only training method accepted here? I wish there were more open minds. I am one who will use any method that seems to work. That includes a shock collar at times. I am not a ten year old girl who scares off easily so flame away if you like! Some of the responses to this post make me ill.
  13. MaryK Honored Member

    moetrout. First, it is not the intention of people on this forum to scare off other members, whatever their age, but to enlighten them and help them to learn. There are many reasons why members, especially the younger ones, do not return such as pressure of school work etc., it can be quite sometime before they re post. And whilst no-one can say for certain why the original young lady hasn't posted for a while, we do keep an open mind as to the reason(s)for same.

    I would suggest that with regard to Positive Reinforcement Training being the best method, you do a little more research, there are many sites on the web which promote P+ training. In so doing you will find it has been proven scientifically, by people of high standing, to be the finest way to train not only dogs but other animals and is used exclusively for the training of Dolphins and other animals, because as already stated, it is the finest way to train.

    I further would like to say that in your post you state 'I am one who will use any method that seems to work" (italics are mine ). The fact that you say 'seems to work' indicates that methods such as shock collars, do not have a long term effectiveness, thus rendering them not only unkind, but also in the longer time frame, ineffective.

    As to making statement about members 'flaming away' at you, rather childish and not really worthy of a response at all.

    And finally, if some of the responses make you ill, then why bother to come onto this forum, you have the freedom to leave as this is a Positive Reinforcement Training Only forum,a fact which is clearly stated to all people desirous of becoming members.
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  14. moetrout Guest

    You are right about one thing, I should not come here, you are certainly one of the wholier than thou types I perfer to avoid.
  15. southerngirl Honored Member

    The girl has been back and I have been messaging with her. She probably does not get on often because she is busy with school. And I don't see how your okay with shocking a dog. Why would you want to teach a dog with pain and fear instead of using positive reinforcement that creates a bond, not sever it? There are members who have dogs who are or where aggressive toward dogs or people other members like me have dog reactive or human reactive dogs and have successfully made progress or the behavior is gone by using positive reinforcement. No shock collars, shock collars, hitting them, or the dominance roll thing was Not used yet these dogs have made proggress or have been rehabilitated. Here is one of those dogs stories go to her information tab.
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  16. moetrout Guest

    It's clear to me you have never used a shock collar. Listen....what gets to me is many people here think there is only ONE way. That is simply not true. My use of a shock collar rarely has anything to do with pain or fear. In fact one of it's biggest uses is the TONE fuction for recall. My dog does not go out without the collar on it. I refer to it as the treat collar, because he goes out with it on and when I need him to come in I tone him and he comes running just as he would with a whistle to get his treat. Guess what? I also use a whistle. Why? Because I believe in using all my options.

    I will stop now, you don't want me here and I don't really want to be a part of it anymore.
  17. blacknym Experienced Member

    Wow...someone is grumpy. LOL I dont see any of the past posts being vomit enducing. :)

    I use a martengale. I use it sparingly. 99% of my training is Positive reenforcement and clicker based. Even when I use the martengale to correct i do so gently and when she does as asked she gets a treat. Not sure what you all will make of that but is what has worked for me.
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    :DMy two dogs and I thank you for the compliment! Have a nice day bye!:D
  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Great post Southern Girl and I am so glad you're messaging with Gracie and she has posted again. You're a great example and I know you're helping her a lot, gained from your own personal experience:love:(y)
  20. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL same here Blacknymn, not seen anything vomit inducing on this forum either:LOL:

    I've used a martingale, just as you have, but found with my boy (who was attacked by another dog) preferred the Halti/Gentle Leader, never used to pull him around, worked best. Seems to give him a sense of 'Mom's got my back". And he now resets himself, after a minor reaction no pulling or rough housing from me, and sits looking for his treat and praise. And my boy was totally zoned out after the attack just a short while ago.
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