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Discussion in 'Advanced Dog Training' started by Gracie bentch, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Gracie bentch Member

    Want a well trained obedient dog well first let's start with some simple tricks like sit,lay down,stay,and shake.

    Trick 1: well sit is easy but hard for some pups well first take out a treat break it in half if it's a small dog but leave it if it is a big dog and hold it a little bit out from your dogs nose and push on their bottom unit they sit and say sit and give the dog a treat!

    Trick 2: sit sure is easy but lie down kind of hard. Now make your dog sit and if your dog is obedient to you set the treat in front of your dog but also a little bit out and give your pup a smack if it tries to take the treat without the trick then basically trip your dog and make sure it lies down and then say lie down and give your dog the treat!

    Trick 3: alright if your dog has done both these tricks then this one might be a little bit easy. Make your dog sit (sit seams to be in every trick) grab your dogs coller and have a treat out of the dogs reach put your hand in front of your dog and say stay a few times and slowly walk away then if your dog is successful give it a treat if it is not say no and give it a small smack.

    Trick 4: have you got sit down yet? Now make your dog sit lif up its paw say sit and (don't let go of its paw)say shake or paw and give your dog a treat or a little smack and say no or praise your dog.

    Hey! Have you learned the tricks well if you didn't learn them go through them and try to do all of them! Oh. One more thing you should know tough love is still love. And if you don't like smacks then simply say NO!

    Give me advice about all this and ask me questions chow and have those pups happy!

  2. Dogster Honored Member

    You shouldn't be smacking your do, or yelling NO! in his face. Obedience/trick training should be fun for the dog, not something he/she dreads.

    First of all, you shouldn't force your dog until he/she sits. If you hold the treat, the dog will eventually sit, or offer the behaviour naturally. You should NEVER force a dog to do a trick/command.

    Second, WHY would you trip your dog into a lying down position?!?! That is just wrong. You are not respecting the dog at all, and the dog is learning fear, and associating it with training. And don't smack your dog if he/she doesn't stay. He/she will never learn to stay that way.

    Positive reinforcement training is the BEST training out there, here is a kikopup video on how to teach stay without force or punishment:):
  3. Gracie bentch Member

    I'm sorry to tell you I don't want to train my dog any different than what I taught it sorry but thank you for the offer
  4. Gracie bentch Member

    For your information I didn't mean that like trip trip I just meant pull and I don't need YOUR help training MY dog!!!!! :(
  5. Gracie bentch Member

    Oh yeah """tough love is still love"""
  6. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    Dogster, you can lead a horse to water ... :whistle:

    Hi Gracie Bentch, and welcome.

    This is a forum for reward-based methods that don't involve punishments like smacking or yelling, and we can't appreciate instructions that involve these. You are very welcome to be here and participate--please check out all of the forums, and read a bunch of threads and see what we discuss here. There's certainly more than one way to slice a tomato, and you'll get some perspective here. At 10 years old, you can really benefit from the combined years of experience that our members can share! Look through some of our current threads (click on What's New at the top) and see what we're talking about.

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  7. Mutt Experienced Member

    Gracie Bentch, I get why you want to train your dog tricks, but you should think of how this way of training is for the dog. Would you like it if someone would give you a little smack when they said something in chinese (which you don't understand) and would't do what that person said (because you have no idea what it means?
    Because thats what you are basically doing now.
    Your dog doesn't know yet what something means, so you can't expect it to do immediatley.

    Look around on the forum and watch the videos that are posted than you can see how much people here have trained a dog (from the classic roll over till blowing bubbles and ring toss) with positive reinforcement (rewarding training) without hitting/pulling the collor.

    Maybe an idea to ask your parents to follow a obdience or kid-dog class at a dog school? :)

    With this you don't express love to our dog....
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  8. Mutt Experienced Member

    Ooh and this threat is in the wrong section, but I am sure a mod will put it in the right section.
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  9. running_dog Honored Member

    Hi Gracie, I'm glad to see another dog training youngster on this forum, and from your other posts this is your first dog, it is really cool that you are so keen on training already. I was probably about 10 when I became interested in training our family dog, it is so exciting when they actually learn something new!

    My problem was that I forgot that every dog is different, I trained what many people describe as a perfect dog but my sister's puppy is so different he turns me into a gibbering wreck.

    As you have invited questions I am going to ask how you would apply your training methods to a few different dogs, a good dog trainer can find a method that works with any dog. I think that like me you might have a lot of fun trying to work these answers out for yourself, that is probably the way we both learn best. Please do let me know what your ideas are :-)

    What would you do if a dog pushed back up against your hand or squirmed away instead of sitting? Many dogs do this.

    What would you do it the dog was too big to be forced into a sit? Many dogs are, my sister's pup is, LOL you'd need to be a wrestler to force him into any position.

    What would you do if training a dog that is one of the many long backed breeds that risk back injuries if forced into a sit?

    What would you do if training a dog that was afraid of physical contact or very sensitive to negatives? There are a fair few of these dogs around.

    What would you do if training a long backed dog which did not like treats? That would be a dog like my "perfect" dog, and certainly not uncommon.

    What do you do if the dog learns that when it breaks a stay it gets a smack or a no so after a while it doesn't let you catch it after it has broken a stay? This is what happens with many nervous dogs - they either hurtle for the horizon or come in quite close but stay just out of reach. This would be a dog like my "perfect" dog

    What would you do with an attention seeking dog that wanted your attention so much that it would sooner be beaten to a pulp (not that I've tried:giggle:) than have you walk away from it? There are quite a lot of these dogs around too including my sister's puppy!
  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Well said everyone! Gracie Bentch, you really do NEED help and good advice, so don't be stubborn, learn from people who are experienced, have trained many different types of dogs and really KNOW what they are talking about!

    Stay, listen and learn! You and your dog will both be a lot happy!
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  11. running_dog Honored Member

    Just one more thing Gracie, that was quite an unpleasant comment especially when you asked for advice in your first post.

    Why don't you check out Dogster's dog doing tricks on youtube here

    Dogster (Shivon's owner) and Dogcrazy (Carmel's owner) are not much older than you but I'd be proud if I at rather too much more than double either of their ages had trained any dog half as many tricks as either of them have. They comment on here as equals with the rest of us (and way ahead of me :rolleyes:) because they have earned and proved their right to do so. I think we are honoured to have them on this forum and I think it is great when as well as accepting help Dogster finds time to help and advise others, I have a dog with a list of 60+ tricks and I still think her advice is well worth having.
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  12. southerngirl Honored Member

    Hi Gracie,
    Do you want your dog to respect and love you or do you want your dog to become afraid of you? Because hitting your dog or yelling at them could make him/her scared of you. Would you want someone to hit you?An example of that is my dad used to always yell at my dog Missy, even though I finally got my dad to stop yelling at her she cowers and runs whenever she hears him say her name. Do you want your dog to cower at the sound of your voice? You Can get your dog to learn new things without forcing it, you and your dog can enjoy it.
    To teach sit I lured(put the treat above her head and moved it backwards) my dog Missy into a sit. I did NOT need to push down her butt. If you push down on a dogs back you could hurt them.
    To teach lie down I had a treat in my fist and put my fist on the floor. Missy(my dog) nosed at my hand a couple of times before she laid down. When she did I gave her lots of praise and treats.
    Here is a video of Shivon(Dogster's dog) Dogster taught her all the tricks with Positive Reinforcement.
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  13. southerngirl Honored Member

    Gracie you asked for help, so you should not be getting upset. Also no one is trying to be mean okay. We just want to help you become a great dog trainer and have a really good friendship with your dog.
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  14. Dogster Honored Member

    Thank you running dog!!!!!!!!!!:love::love: You are the best!!!:D:D
    Thanks for posting Shivon's video, southerngirl!!:)

    I didn't mean to be rude, I don't want you to get upset. You wrote this thread and asked for help, and I offered you some advice. All the members here train using positive reinforcement.:) This is a forum where we offer advice about positive dog training. We try to convince people to train with positive reinforcement. I'm sorry if I came across as mean, I was just defending my opinion.;)
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Here Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(y)(y)(y) Thank you running-dog for speaking out about the rude comment. I wanted too but afraid I couldn't put it so politely as you have done. I've cooled down this morning:)

    Dogster and Crazy Dog are two amazing young ladies, whose help and advice goes above and beyond etc. they take time from their busy lives to help others in EVERY respect. Dogster made the absolutely beautiful banner for Ra Kismet's FaceBook page and I had to really insist she put on a credit, as I didn't want to take credit for same, and believe me a LOT of people have commented favorably on his header.

    Not only that but I too listen and learn from their advice, and applaud both their dogs, just look at their latest vid for the Halloween Trick Challenge and their list of tricks are impressive to say the least.

    They are two of the best and still only youngsters themselves. I'm proud to learn, know and be a part of their lives, albeit only on this forum. They have my total respect and admiration and my blood boiled when I saw how rude you were to Dogster.

    Learn from them, their dogs are happy, living proof that Positive Reinforcement Training works.
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  16. Dogster Honored Member

    :love: :love: Thank you!!! You guys are too kind.:love:
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  17. southerngirl Honored Member

    I just want to remind everyone that she's only ten, so everyone keep that in mind when replying to her. I mean no offence to you Gracie.
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    Dogster, no need to defend your position! You offered sound, great advice (which Gracie asked for in the first place), based on your knowledge and skill (which is amazing) as a dog trainer using the scientifically proven method, Positive Reinforcement. And you didn't come across as mean or rude, rather as very well informed, caring dog trainer.:)(y)
  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Southerngirl, you're a sweetie:D:love: But afraid age isn't any excuse for being rude to others.:(
  20. MaryK Honored Member

    We love you Dogster:love::love:
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