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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by barnhill, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. barnhill Experienced Member

    So I won a GoPro a week ago in a silent auction and decided to give it a go at a free Toss and Fetch Competition the City of Dublin hosts everyear on the 4th of July. I used it to record our first round on the 4th and then put it together.

    This is my first time using it so keep that in mind! LOL

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  2. Mutt Experienced Member

    Your filming is nice :)
    Not too much headmovements and quite steady.
    Funny to see frisbee from a different angle, I like the editing of the clips of Tempest (she has grown!). The last part is also nice though as you can really see the dogs catch the frisbee.
    How long is the field if I may ask?

    Also good job you three with the frisbee'ing
  3. barnhill Experienced Member

    Actually our first rounds were quite bad. LOL Both Tempest and Bokeh only had 1 catch each. I appreciate the effort to make me feel better though. LOL

    That was my wifes one critique as well. Its hard to see the actual catch since its such a wide angle, luckily she records everything with a hand held so I was able to get that cool tip shot of Tempest.

    That was a standard Skyhoundz Toss and Catch field

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  4. Mutt Experienced Member

    Well gotta love the enthusiasm though!
    To be honest it was very hard to see for me how the dogs did it and I guess I already revealed I'm not really that known with dog frisbee.
    I like to watch (and learn) though :)
  5. Anneke Honored Member

    That looks cool!! Does it go on top of your head or on your forehead?
    It is too bad you can't see in the distance, but I bet it is great for the close range stuff!

    We are just starting out in frisbee and I must say: I wish Jinx would return the frisbee to me that fast! She trots back to me:rolleyes: I'm working on her bringing to my hand. That is getting better, but she is still very possessive of her frisbee. Even though she knows I will throw it again, if she brings it to my hand and I won't if she drops it too far away from me.
    But hey, we have only started real training three weeks ago, so we will get better:)
  6. Linda A Experienced Member

    Nice video! And lucky you!! I want a GoPro so badly!!!
  7. barnhill Experienced Member

    I had a nice long post typed up and for somereason I got logged off. LOL

    The mount I had for that video was a headstrap I bought for it. You cann see a picturer of me using it here:

    I am working with the lady from Brilliant K9 ( ) to get it mounted to a harness so I can take videos from Bokeh's point of view.

    Yeah, her handoff and return are something we have been working hard on. I have seen to many BC's drop the disc a few yards away and stare at it until the handler runs out to grab the disc and I didnt want her doing that at all.

    Here is a video of her second round of Toss and Fetch at the 4th of July event:
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  8. barnhill Experienced Member

    Took the camera to the park yesterday after work and tapes some freestyle practice. Watched it lastnight and I didnt have the camera pointed down enough, but I will be putting it together and posting it up soon!
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  9. ackerleynelson Well-Known Member

    Lovely Video...

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