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Discussion in 'Dog Products' started by jackienmutts, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I did watch one video, after I went to the site, as soon as I read the original article in WDJ. I believe there are more than the one I watched, but didn't see any sense in watching any more. And I watched the one only because I don't like to base my opinions solely on what others say, when I can I like to see/read/watch (whatever) things for myself and then form an opinion. And it was just as obnoxious as it sounded.
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    This is TERRIBLE!!!! I too, along with others on this thread,would like to use the simple leash on the developers! How can any one in their right mind think that by shocking a dog it will stop them over-reacting, pulling or any other unwanted behavior.

    Every time the poor dogs sees the leash he'll know he's in for a terrible time. Reactions will be different according to the nature of the dog, but one thing is for certain, all reactions will be totally negative! And they have the nerve to call it Positive Reinforcement. They sound like the people at the awful school I took Ra Kismet too, for just two and a half weeks, no idea what the word Positive means. Or the word Reinforcement. Maybe someone should send them a dictionary!

    I know the collars are banned here, but I think the shock collars for fences are still allowed. Evie may be able to put me (and everyone else) right on this, but seem to recall seeing in Better Homes and Gardens adds for a 'safe' way to keep your dog inside his own boundaries. It was some kind a 'electric' shock treatment:mad:.

    I dread to think what would have happened had I used this on Ra Kismet after his trauma with the dog attack, he would have more than likely never recovered. Under all the 'machismo' he's a sensitive little chap, very conscious of my moods and anything I do.

    As it is, with click/treat and loads of praise plus JACKPOT, in UNDER a month (he started August 5/6), he's already so improved I can hardly believe I'm walking the same traumatized dog who's over reaction was definitely in the tantrum/zoned out totally field. He'd so lost it he bit me, or rather at the lead, missed and bit my hand, not hard , but he didn't even realize what he had/was doing,something he would NEVER do at home, that's how badly traumatized he became. Now he walks like a little angel, and actually looks up at me all hopeful for a treat when a dog barks:D(which he still gets).

    Would he have done this with a Simple Leash - NO NO NO! And it hasn't even been 'hard work'. It's been pleasurable, fun and an even greater bonding time for both of us both and we already had a very, very strong bond. I love seeing him behave, along with getting to gaze into his beautiful, loving, cheeky eyes, seeing his tail wagging madly and he loves getting treats and praise. And boy does he love both!!! He sure knows what "Aren't you a good boy, I love you" means.

    Would he have been like this with a simple leash, no way, I'd have had, if I could have even walked him again, a dog who went into total tantrum, zoned out over reaction, or even worse, one who DELIBERATELY tried to bite me.

    The only 'discomfort' is LOL my waterboarded left hand. Ra Kismet does tend to slobber a bit, well it's hot and he pants:D. Grass makes a wonderful 'hand washer':D

    And yes he does 'pull' at times, not hard, but 'hey that's a very interesting smell I need to inspect it a little closer Mom'. Plus he walks on a loose lead all the time and now knows when to 'come close heel left side' when we cross roads. Along with the cue "kerb/wait', then 'o.k.' when it's clear to cross the road. And you should see his little 'hop' of joy, at the same time managing to take his treat, oh so gently (with slobber:D).

    None of this would have happened had I been stupid enough to use the simple leash!
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  3. c6vetteguy New Member

    Ok! Message to all dogs! Revolt now if your human even mentions the words "simple leash". I agree with the majority. Don't use any type of shock device.
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  4. brody_smom Experienced Member

    My 17 year old daughter was house and dog sitting for some friends over the holiday break. They told her they use the gentle leader and the shock collar when they walk the dog because she pulls really hard. She is a young lab mix who gets a little excited when she sees other dogs, but, for the most part, doesn't really pull that hard . My daughter never put the shock collar on the dog and had very little trouble walking her. If the owners put a little effort into training her, they would see no need for a shock collar, especially since they are already using a gentle leader. BTW, my daughter said they had no toys for the dog whatsoever, and she knew only "sit". They are a really great family with 4 small children and a fifth on its way, but why would they bother getting a dog when they have no time or intention to train it?
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    I agree Brodys Mom, why bother getting a dog if you're not going to train it! That's why grand dogs end up in Shelters. Kudos to your daughter for NOT using the Simple Lead!(y)
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  6. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    So glad for the clarification about Whole Dog Journal... I was a bit upset by that at first until I read further.

    As for the leash itself :mad::eek::notworthy::sick:...I would never use it, ever! That takes all the FUN out of Training!

    and as for... "Whenever we get a new dog, we always take them to professional dog obedience classes. We have found this training is very effective for most dogs.
    However, some dogs just do not respond to this training. They just keep on pulling."

    I agree that some dogs keep on pulling, but that has more to do with the owner not following through. Consistency is key and with loose leash walking it takes a lot of concentration, timing and consistency that most people don't bother with. I have never had a dog in class that has not been trainable...owners on the other hand can be very tough to teach because they can be very set in their ways!
  7. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    This happens so often and it is confusing to me. Seems like a lot of people don't even consider the amount of time
    it will take to train their dog. I don't understand the point of getting a dog and not doing anything with them.

    I get so frustrated with people that come in to Petsmart and want to ask me about potty training with the same scenario.
    "I have a puppy or even adult dog I've had for a few years and they are not house broken yet. I am at work for 8 - 10 hours. I have no one to let them out side all day. They are home all by themselves for ....hours. I am really frustrated because they are not house broken yet and they are having accidents everywhere, what should I do?"

    I even had one person with a Pomeranian that was 3 years old, not house broken and living outside in the summer because they were fed up. They said that they needed to either house break their dog or find a way to keep their outside dog house heated in the winter time! Ugggh!
    So I told them since their dog is living out side and used to going to the bathroom outside just start bringing their dog in for about 5 minute increments and watch them and make sure they aren't going in-side and do that several times through out the day. Their response: "But how could we possibly find 5 MINUTES to watch our dog the whole time, that would take entirely too much discipline, there is NO WAY we could do that!"
    YES, REALLY this ACTUALLY HAPPENED! This is why your dog is not house broken, if you can't find 5 minutes in your busy day to train your dog I can't help you! :eek::mad:
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    I have been attempting to help a person train her little dog, but well she has a 'sore knee', no time, oh and of late a sore elbow too! So I am in total agreement with Srdogtrainer - if you haven't the time to spend training your dog - then DON'T EXPECT ME TO DO IT ALL FOR YOU!!!

    I do wonder why people get dogs, profess to be great dog lovers, then cannot find a few minutes a day to spend training them.

    And yes, I too have had sore knees, sore arms and only once was I unable to train for 10 days as I literally couldn't walk and had both arms in slings. I still managed a little training - LOL mainly don't jump on me - so no excuses!
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  9. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    I remember one time I hurt my knee and was hobbling around and couldn't bend it so I taught River how to hold a sock so I could get it on my foot and then had him tug it on. It was actually quite useful having a well trained dog around!
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    I'll remember that trick. LOL actually may start training Leaf even though I'm hale and hearty (and plan on staying that way). First though I've got to get her to 'hold' something, so far she's not 'got that' will keep working on it, as having a helping paw around the house would be very good indeed!:D

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