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Discussion in 'Dog Products' started by jackienmutts, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I saw this written up horribly (and sadly) in this month's Whole Dog Journal and I just had to see it for myself. Yep - it's as bad as they said it was. It's called "Simple Leash" and it's basically a shock collar attached to a leash. :mad: How convenient! It's for all those dogs who pull - presto, just attach this and after only a few "behavior modification corrections" (or some such wording - it sounded so professional and acceptable), your dog won't pull anymore. :( Oh how I wish they'd just spell it out like it is. Just put this shock collar on your dog. It will shock them every time they pull, they'll soon hate going on a walk, and your worries will be over - you won't have to. :oops: I'm thinking of all the reactive dogs who pull out of fear, anxiety, etc. - they'll get a few beeps/shocks - and they'll be 1000 times worse, many going from anxious to full-blown aggressive. And sadly, the dog may shut the behavior down for a while - then explode at a later date. Heck, who needs Cesar when we have a "Simple Leash" now? Ugh.

    Just wanted to post this for info purposes - I'm sure we'll hear someone touting it's usefulness at some point. I refuse to post the link - google it, you'll find it. Oh, it then autolinks to Amazon - goodie, it's available for "only" $99.00. Disgusting. Just disgusting. And sad. Why bother spending time attempting to train and work with a dog when you can just pop this little miracle worker on and not have to worry any more - it modifies your dog's unwanted behavior. And the fact that they say they believe in positive reinforcement makes me want to hurl. How dare they!!!!!! :mad:

    Ok - can't think about it anymore. Must go hug my pups extra tight. :love:

  2. Evie Experienced Member

    "Here at the simpleLEASH company we firmly believe in positive reinforcement training. Whenever we get a new dog, we always take them to professional dog obedience classes. We have found this training is very effective for most dogs.
    However, some dogs just do not respond to this training. They just keep on pulling. For many dog owners, especially mothers and elderly, this can make dog walking difficult and often unsafe. The simpleLEASH® works where other methods fail. It is a safe, quick, and effective way to stop pulling."

    Uh, Really? most dogs? If you don't have the time/energy to train your dog not to pull then you've picked the wrong breed. Pick a little dog, then when it does pull, it's not going to be the end of the world.

    "First and foremost, we are dog lovers. Erika (pictured above with Louis and Tessa) had gone from dedicated dog owner to mom of three in a few short years. Life had become almost unmanageable, and walking the dogs had become a thing of the past. Her husband Jim had an idea. Together with his brother in-law Al they decided to make a better mouse trap, or in this case a better training collar."

    Um, are they trying to tell us that this 'humane' dog collar idea originated from a device designed to KILL mice/rats?

    "The rest, as they say, is history. Together we bring you the simpleLEASH®. It has been used safely and effectively over thousands of hours over the past several years. It has been endorsed by veterinarians and satisfied owners alike. We really think it will change your relationship with your dog. We know it has changed ours."

    Oh yeah, it'll totally change your relationship with your dog, but it won't be for the best. Dog will be terrified every time it see's the collar never known the thought of going walking with it on.

    Omg. reading the testimonials makes it sound like the vet who is endorsing this product was using it on his clients animals O.O!

    I'm so glad that in my part of Australia (and many other states in Australia) that electric dog collars are illegal :) It makes me happy.
    I would quite like to put this collar on the person who created it and anyone who endorses it to see how 'humane' and 'safe' they think it is then.

    K. I'm done now.
  3. Anneke Honored Member

    Positive reinforcement training works on EVERY dog, just not with every OWNER!!! It is the owner that should be shocked for not responding in the right way... (Now that is something I would like to see...:ROFLMAO: Dog pulls, owner does not respond ZAP!!!:p)
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    good post, Jackie, i am just kind of bummed this rubbish was posted in Whole Dog Journal??:eek:

    I don't buy that mag, but, i thought by hearing some ppl around here mention it now and then, that WDJ was sort of all-positive, more progressive resource than to publish crapola like that....

    cool, when i type in // whole dog journal, "Simple Leash"// into my browser, THIS thread pops up as 2nd choice!:ROFLMAO:i can't read article, as one has to pay $35 to subscribe.

    strikes me as odd, that a $99 electric leash, with wiring and electronics built into it, could ever be called "Simple"...
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  5. sara Moderator

    Just sick!!!! I saw something like this years ago (before I crossed over to the light), and it made me VERY angry even then!
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  6. Dogster Honored Member

    UGH!!!!!:mad: DISGUSTING!!!!:mad: Who would do that to their dog?!?!?!?!:mad: HOW THE HECK CAN THEY SAY THEY BELIEVE IN POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT?!?!?!?!?!:mad: THAT IS NOT POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!!!!!!!! Makes me sick.....:sick::mad:
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  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I should clarify something. First, Whole Dog Journal is excellent, and is very pro positive reinforcement. Pat Miller (who is a renowned positive reinforcement trainer) does a Q/A section. Someone wrote in a question, she's also a + trainer, asked if Pat Miller had heard of this "leash", as someone in this indiv's trainer's group had given her the head's up, and she was then writing in her newsletter to alert her clients, as she could see the average dog owner thinking great, problem solved. Pat Miller had not heard of it, looked into it (also for her own knowledge) and was appalled. Please don't think WDJ or Pat Miller was advertising this in any way, shape or form. Pat Miller wrote a scathing response to the company's ad, basically - pretty much tearing it apart line by line. I probably didn't word my thread correctly - I was mad when I posted. I had just read the article, then read their site and watched one video. Couldn't deal with one more minute of it. :mad::confused:

    Please don't blame WDJ - they just let people know what's out there - and of course, the + way to approach things and make things as good as possible for your pups. :love:
  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    OHhhh, Jackie, thank you for clarifying, now i get it!
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  9. GEORGE'SDAD Well-Known Member

    Wow, a magic leash to get a dog to stop pulling....:confused::eek::sick: it's not that hard to properly leash-train a dog in just an afternoon. Heck, I walk two dogs daily by myself that have a combines weight of 220 lbs(=to my body weight btw) hanging on to both leashes w/ 1 pinky!!!!
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  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //":confused::eek::sick: it's not that hard to properly leash-train a dog in just an afternoon."//

    George's dad, you are a far better trainer than i am!!

    And far better than many of us around here, to get your dogs to master loose leash walking in an afternoon!!??? WOW!! KUDOS!!! What method did you use, to cure a dog's natural urge to pull forward in "one afternoon"??????? WOW!

    I once had a dog who weighed MORE than i did, :eek: but, luckily, that dog was not a major puller at all, and didn't walk very fast either, really.

    Oh wow, did i ever have trouble getting my current hyper lil 50 lb dog to not pull.
    oh, i sure did struggle with this way more than most ppl struggle with this, i sure did!!:ROFLMAO: but, also, i found out my guy (who does walk my dog every day also) WAS allowing my dog to pull,:rolleyes: so that may have been un-doing my efforts....
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  11. GEORGE'SDAD Well-Known Member

    well, i may be stretching it, i think it was a weekend but still, it was easy. i just started with one dog at a time and when they pulled, i just stopped, called the dog back to me when he realized i had stopped walking, and when he returned, i told him to sit. Once he did that, BIG REWARD!!!!!! Repeat as needed with each dog individually until the behavior is automatic to them, then go with both dogs together. I give my dogs ALL of the credit, they are the two smartest dogs I have EVER worked with and they caught on very quickly and just automatically figured out that if they pulled, they stopped walking.(y)
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  12. GEORGE'SDAD Well-Known Member

    We also tested George out one day with this...we hooked his leash up to Kita, as she actually has better "off leash" manners than my dogs and has an amazing recall (my brother has done great with her as she is only 7 or 8 months old) and had both dogs lay down on one end of the football field, and my brother called Kita, and as soon as there was a little tension in the leash, George got up and was walked by Kita all the way down the football field!!!:X3::LOL:
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  13. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    I just heard about this on facebook. How on earth is this called a SIMPLE LEASH?!!! I am beyond HORRIFIED!!! :mad: :eek: A friend on facebook who is an agility trainer went to their page and started slamming the leash (which was wicked awesome by the way for her to do (y)). And she brought up the point of how dogs with underground fencing develop reactivity issues. Suddenly I understood why our neighbors dogs issues have only intensified so severly! They are never walked, EVER, and often they are let loose just to roam the streets and other peoples yards (they come into our yard and pick fights with our dogs while we're in our OWN fenced in backyard training. That is how our dogs have developed their fear and reaction issues with other dogs :() Their dogs have the shock collars on for their underground fencing but by charging at the edge of their property to see the other dog and recieveing a shock is only making them see the dog that is being walked as the problem. And it's making their aggression worse. :( I feel so bad for them, but it's impossible to talk their owners, they simply won't listen. :confused:

    I can only imagine the harm walking a dog with the so-called "simple leash" will cause. :oops: I taught Kodi to heel extremely fast and very easily. You just click and treat!!! This leash is no "solution". It's a midevil torture device! If an owner is so lazy to the point that they don't want to put the time into training a dog then they shouldn't own one. Simple as that.

    Besides, I personally like that Kodi is intrigued enough with the world around him to pull sometimes. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and I'd pull on one of my parent's hands to show them something and they'd smile and play along. That's part of the joy of living, exploring and loving the world around you! :D That's why for the first half of our walk I ask Kodi to heel (as we cross the main road and walk past some of his challenging spots). And for the last half I allow him to walk ahead and do what he'd like to do. More often then not he chooses to walk right next to me still. He loves being with his mommy. And if he does walk ahead he always comes when I call him (which comes in handy when we see a car coming) and he also knows the command switch (where I can ask him to switch from heeling on my right to my left). Walks for us are a JOY because we work together and I have trained him to walk nicely. (y) Yes he does react sometimes, but we work everyday to get past that (pork rinds help immensely lol).

    Sorry for the long post lol. I just really had to get that all out. And now I seriously need to go walk my dog and enjoy being in his company. It's the only way I can get this anger out of my veins. Kodi is my cure for everything! ;)
  14. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I totally get it. The way you were feeling sounds just like I was feeling when I started the thread. Too bad it can't be used on the person/people who thought it up. :eek::mad:
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  15. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    One thing to say..... THIS LEASH AND COLLAR ARE DISGUSTING!!!!!! :mad::sick::mad:
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  16. bekah1001 Honored Member

    That's a good thing. Maybe when people are looking to see reviews of the leash they'll find this thread and realize that they are crazy to think that it's okay to shock your dog.
  17. boltandjenny Well-Known Member

    Wow thats terrible, I do not see how that is positive reinforcement. Dogs with reactivity issues will for sure get worse since they are associating the thing they are reactive to shocks and will make it a negative association.
  18. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Anybody watch the video on their website?
  19. bekah1001 Honored Member

    And the FAQs they are ridiculous.

    11. Once my dog is trained, can I stop using the simpleLEASH®?

    We don't recommend it. Dogs are smart. If you stop using the simpleLEASH®, sooner or later the dog will realize it.
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  20. Dogster Honored Member

    Yes, they'll realize that their owners have come to their senses and have stopped shocking them.:rolleyes::mad::cautious:
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