The Reality Of Breeding

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  1. Dodge Well-Known Member

    Hope this link works,really upsetting,didnt know where to put this,but defo worth a read for anybody that thinks "I just want one litter and then spay/neuter" . . . . . . .:cry::cry::cry:

    (and for people that think that THEIR pups will to good homes,because THEY KNOW :ninja::poop::ninja:)

  2. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Dodge, that's a really powerful, but sad video - and altho it said " the UK" - it could also be in the US, it's the same sad story here. If only one person were to see the video and change their mind, then it wil have served a good purpose.

    Mine are both rescues from GS Rescue - so many people don't realize that not only the pounds/shelters/humane societies have so many different breeds, but the breed rescues do as well - pick your favorite breed, find a breed rescue, and if you want a puppy, sadly the chances are, they have one (meaning, not sadly for you, but sadly for the puppy). Dogs of all ages find themselves with no homes, thru no fault of their own - and the video is right, most were bred at some point in time (and yes, some were accidents, now unwanted but equally as adorable), with bright futures, but things change, and often, the dog is expendable. I can't even process that thought - but to many, the dog is the first expense that must go, it eats too much, incurs too much at the vet, takes too much time, etc - so take it to the pound. :(
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  3. Dodge Well-Known Member

    Jackienmutts,you re so right,if it stops just one thats at least a start.Thing that people obviously dont think about aswell is,they have "just one litter" if just one person that has a puppy from them thinks the same,another litter is produced because of breeding from dog one and so on,so they can never ever know how many dogs they are actually responsible for,its not just their litter that needs to find a good home then,it could be hundreds:cry:
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  4. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Sad true. One of my brothers girlfriend's friend is breeding they dog just for the money. It's really upsetting. Hopefully the puppies will go to good homes!
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  5. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :cry:make her watch this video somehow,wonder whether it would make the money orientated people change their mind ))??((

    A guy my husband knows breeds English Bulldogs,well . . .lets say that my view on breeding didnt go down very well,only just seen this video on another forum and thought it was worth sharing,I would ve told them about it but didsnt know about this video at that time.
    His arguement was that if somebody is prepared to pay £1800 for a puppy then there is no way they would neglect or abuse or dump it somewhere . . . . . . it was a lost battle at the time :cry: I would not care how much I would have to pay for a dog,£1 would mean to me that a LIVE has been put into MY care (:love:) its so,so sad that there are people out there that couldnt give two hoots about the wellfare of an animal :cry:

    (the look on the dog's face ready to be put to sleep . . . cant even write it without welling up . . . . how can some people do it,it makes me sooooo cross,my I m trying to stay polite,so other people watching this wont feel offended:ninja: I could cry,weep and scream for all these poor doggies:mad::cry:)
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  6. bekah1001 Honored Member

    I lover foster care programs because most have the no kill policy and give the dogs a chance for a new life
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  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Great video. So many people want "just one litter" from their beloved dog, for whatever reason, and just know that all the puppies will go to wonderful homes. You've only created a few puppies, what's the harm? But the vast majority of those people don't realize that you can't guarantee that each of those puppies will be spayed/neutered, because maybe THOSE owners will also want "just one litter." If your dog has 5 puppies(a small litter), and even just two of those puppies grow up and have puppies, each another litter of 5, you are personally responsible for not just the original 5, but 15 puppies. Now what if 2 puppies from that litter end up being bred, and also have 5 puppies...
    The numbers add up so quickly. Spaying/neutering your pet doesn't just save a few lives, but potentially hundreds. Now why are there millions of dogs in America alone? Everyone wants "just one litter."
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  8. JoAnne Well-Known Member

  9. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    It's all so sad but on a brighter note please...I finally finished The Thinking Dog/Crossover and I've got a question for anyone who may remember the recall/here/touch. I've taught Ash to sit when he comes and I would like to rename the cue because 'come' is not working well enough, but I'm unsure where and how to add 'sit' and they don't address that at all. It's on p. 244,
    BTW the Miniature Australian Shepherd has been renamed the Miniature American Shepherd and is now recognized by A.K.C.
    I hate A.K.C., do we really still need to dock tails and crop ears? The tail is part of the spine.
  10. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Austrailian shepherds sound better :p and I love the tails!!!!!!
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  11. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Ash has his tail; it was the first litter she left them on because she's so active in agility and rallyo and I hope she's not going to have to go back just for the sake of being able to compete in AKC events! I'm liking the American thing personally; we have the German, the Aussie, Anatolian (?), 'bout time we had a new breed to call our own and brag on! We shrunk 'em after all. We just can't seem to leave anything alone!
  12. Dodge Well-Known Member

    O_oslightly confused here,are you saying somebody should carry on breeding? Dont get me wrong,I lurve tails and hate any part of a dogs body cropped or snipped or chizzled,leave 'em alone,they are perfect as they are when they are born(y) but I would not promote breeding in any way shape or form,uh uh just wouldnt,sorry :cry:
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  13. charmedwolf Moderator

    We also gave them more health problems when we shrunk them. The people that breed "Miniature American Shepherd" or "Miniature Australian Shepherd" were doing so for money just like any person that cross breeds or breeds exclusively for any trait.

    The reasoning cropping or docking was done was because it protected the animals health from danger. When the dog was doing its original job it could get hurt if it had a long tail or flopping ears. Guard dogs had their ears ripped off during fights against intruders. The reason it is still included in the breed standard is in the hopes that people will still allow the dogs to do their original jobs instead of just show dogs or pets.

    I would also like to point out the I am a dog breeder and that you shouldn't bad mouth us all because so of us do try and better the breed. I breed Great Danes at my kennel Obsidian Snow and at my aunt's kennel Shaedane. I health test everything because while I know my lines don't carry some ailments other might. If the stud I'm breeding to doesn't have one test done I will offer to pay for it if they don't want to. My oldest Dane has been 15 year old, really remarkable for Great Danes, and we haven't seen a case of hip displasia in at least 10 years. Can other breeder say the same?
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  14. bekah1001 Honored Member

    What is tested when you breed? All I can think of is blood and joints:confused:
  15. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately with a 'no kill policy', there would not be enough homes for the huge numbers of unwanted dogs, that continue to grow in numbers, because people continue to breed. Sometimes, it is kinder to put animals to sleep rather than risk them being adopted at a whim by someone who either thinks 'aw cute puppy' or 'aw I feel bad' and then later on realise they cannot keep a dog and it becomes neglected and/or abused and/or back in a shelter again.

    In our country, a lot of people are pushing for dog breeders to be licenced - they have to sit a dog husbandry and breeding course to show their knowledge of caring for dogs to be able to be licenced. I also believe it would be a good idea that all new puppies had to be registered and vets should site the registrations at vaccination times etc and then report owners/breeders who fail to produce a registration as proof that those puppies were bred by a licenced breeder. JMHO
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  16. charmedwolf Moderator

    Bekah- We check hips, knees, elbows, eyes, hearts, and thyroids. We also thread through pedigrees for skin problems, illness or cancers to see if there is a possiblity of the offspring getting it.

    Lexy- I love the thought of dog breeders going through dog husbandry and breeding but I have to wonder what the infomation would be put out there. The problem with vaccinations and vets is that some breeders don't vaccinate for fear of illness and irresponsible breeders also usually don't vaccinate so it really won't catch the problem where it lies.
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  17. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Only slightly off topic, but the other day I overheard a conversation between two men that I couldn't help but listen to. One of the men breeds Pitties, and of course at the beginning of this conversation I was thinking, "Ugh, another idiot with a Pit selling more Pits to more idiots who have no idea what they're doing with them." But as I listened more, as it turns out the guy is a very picky breeder, both in the dogs as well as the owners. His Pits are extremely well bred, and he takes special care to ensure that they are well socialized and trained. He talked about his screening process to his friend, and hopes of bettering the breed and it's bad rap. It was very refreshing to see someone breeding Pitties for good intentions, and taking care to make sure that puppy owners had good intentions as well. Gave me hope for people who own Pits here, as I have only met maybe 2 ever that were competent Pit owners. I love Pits, but the number of Pits is much much much larger than the number of competent owners who have any business owning a dog of any kind. In Texas anyway.

    I am not against breeding, personally. Under certain circumstances. There was another thread here somewhere on a similar topic, where I got on my soapbox about NUA/LUA Dalmatians. A group of people decided to improve the health and well being of the Dalmatian population by incorporating Pointers in a breeding program. Dallies are very prone to urinary tract problems, and by bringing in the Pointers, they were able to develop a Dalmatian that does not have the very high risk of urinary tract issues. In the other thread I included a whole lot more info on NUA/LUA Dallies, but don't want to derail the thread completely. Anyway, these people are the perfect example of breeders who really care about the future of the breed. Charmed's intentions are the same with her Danes.
    So, what I'm getting at is I am not against breeding when the breeder genuinely cares about the future of the breed, isn't in it just for the money, and a variety of other criteria....
    It's breeding just to breed or just to make money that I'm against. That means.....a loooot of "breeders."
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  18. sara Moderator

    Like Tx, I have nothing against responsible breeders, in any way shape or form! We need responsible breeders to keep the health and abilities of the breeds we know and love alive, but shelving that for a moment, 90% of dogs are from irresponsible breeders, who dont care a whit about health, temperament and working ability... and those breeders are what is driving the price of responsibly bred puppies up, so no one can afford them, so they look on kijiji and buy a pup from an irresponsible breeder... a never ending cycle!

    I could breed Mouse with a solid coloured Dachshund (ooh or better yet, a Chihuahua... then I could sell them for $1000!!!), she would have an entire litter of Dapple puppies, which I could sell for $800 a piece, they'd be perfectly normal (Mouse's deafness and sight issues are due to her double dilution gene) however they'd carry the mutation gene that causes the deafness/blindness in doubles, so for that reason alone, I would never breed her... no to mention there is a dachshund breed rescue here in my hometown with more than a dozen little Doxie's up for adoption at any given time...

    Nope, not gonna happen!
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  19. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :barefoot:I will have to rephrase what I said,I mean the backyard breeders and every tom,dick & harry that thinks because their dog is so beautiful they have to have a litter.
    Responsible breeding should be the only way,else there would be no dogs at all, and that would be terrible,too :)
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  20. JoAnne Well-Known Member

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