The Most Amazing, Impressive Trick Ever?


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that "pick up your toys" trick is terribly fun for my dog, he adores it, and he even does it by himself, just for the joy of it.
It's also a crowd pleaser,
and it's also darn easy to teach!! Looks like it'd be hard, right? nope! super easy!

lots of ways to teach "pick up toys", lots of ways,
but here's what i did, and i rate this trick as SUPER easy to teach:

like i said, LOTS of ways to teach this, but REPLY #5 is what i did.

If your dog does not yet know the cue "take" (holds toy in his mouth) you may want to work on "take" first, or, just begin with toys your dog already likes having in his mouth.:D and your dog will get idea as you go along.

Here is a video i used to get advance my dog from holding items he LIKES to hold in his mouth,
to holding a can of beer in his mouth, YOU CAN SKIP THIS STEP, if your dog already takes most items in his mouth.