The Eggcontainer Puzzle


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Made a puzzle for the dogs the other day.
An eggcontainer, some strips from old newspapers and yummie treats.
I put some treats in the container, other I folded in the paperstrips first and then put it in.
Closed the container and let the fun begin!
Ok, the dogs aren´t so lively in the vid, I guess my timing wasn´t so good, giving them this puzzle for the first time, after they had a 1,5 hour walk:rolleyes:
Jinx opened the container all by herself and understood straight away there were treats in the paper.
But Cooper was just too tired to think and needed a little help. So it´s mostly him in the vid.


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GREAT TRICK!!!! I want to try that, as soon as I have an empy egg carton and some newspaper.:D


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LOVE IT!! I'm always always looking over all empty containers of all types, to see if i can make the dog a "puzzle" out of it, but i never thought of using an egg carton!!

PS---your country's language in the background, (maybe is your BF on the phone..? maybe it is a tv set?) sounds sooooo lovely, i just love the sound of it. No clue what the words mean, but it has a marvelous, very appealing sound to it...


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Maybe you could get some edible paper?:ROFLMAO:
Mine will tear everything up, but they won't eat the paper, fortunately.


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Neat idea Anneke.
You should still be able to use news paper dogcrazy. Black ink is soy based, the colored ink is hit or miss.
I have seen people use empty cupcake tins and tennis balls to make puzzles too. ;)


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I never knew black ink was soy based!!!! Soo cool!!!! Dogcrazy, if you supervise Carmel, maybe she won't eat the paper???