Teaching Weaves--the Channel Method


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Not enough weekends in a year, lol! Need about twice as many. Or, the work week needs to be shortened by 2 days and pay adjusted to accomodate for that so we don't lose any money. xD LOL!


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lol that's true or find a sugar daddy that way I can do all the things that I want and dont have to worry about work lol


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Here you go this was our last competition New Years Eve. Interesting to run your dog like 2 in the morning lol The first dog is Gabby's brother Ash has awesome weavers he just plows through them. Second dog is mine Gabby she doesnt like touching them but she also flies through them. You'll see that I am nowhere near the weavers same with my friend. Might add I didnt really move and thought I should near the end :ROFLMAO: It's good when you can send them everwhere though lol

Danni and the girls


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Fickla, I think she was doing those parts strictly to show what the accordian style is. I know her personally and she simply does what works best for her dogs, and they are amazing dogs, so it must work. I'm thinking it might have something to do with flyball training because I do the same with Sierra who was trained in flyball a bit first.