Surprising Dog Breeds


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So sad, breaks my heart to hear of breeders putting down 'imperfect' puppies. Deaf/blind dogs can be trained and seem to be even more loving, if possible, than 'normal' puppies. Maybe because they have even greater focus on us????
Euthanasia of unwanteds or imperfects is common in breeding. One of the biggest is the culling of rhodesian ridgeback puppies if they're not born with the birth defect that causes the ridge. Rotties are still culled if born red or longhaired. The culling results on predictable living puppies, and thus we have the reputable breeder.


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I was surprised the first time I saw a Leonberger just by their sheer size, but now my mum has just adopted an 8 week old boy and he's just adorable...

Meet my new baby brother, Nolan



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I've never met a Malamute or a Leonberger. I guess dogs that are large AND fluffy often are impressive.


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Believe me it's possible...he's sister weighs 18. something Kgs... and Nolan was the second largest male in the litter so I wonder what his brother weighs now..

Unfortunately, mum has only remained in contact with the owners of 2 sisters and the breeder so I can't confirm but I imagine his brother is bigger and heavier.