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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by xena98, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. xena98 Experienced Member

    We have just had our State Obedience Championship over the last 2 days. It had been very warm well you could say it was hot lol.
    I finally got a pass in our UDX class but didnt get the score that I wanted though. We won in utility on 186 but failed open when the shepherd went over to visit another shepherd and it growled and all the other dogs lay down. Poor Gabby wasnt sure what she was suppose to be doing to stood up. Today Gabby failed UDX won Utility on 193 and second in open with 194
    So Gabby is
    2013 State Utility Champion
    2013 State UDX Champion
    2013 Club Team Champion
    What a good girlie
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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!!! That is awesome!!!:D
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    Did you get any photos from the weekend? :D
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  5. fickla Experienced Member

    Congratulations!!! Can you explain to me what the UDX Class is? In AKC a UDX is simply :) a title after 10 double Q's in open and utility the same day. But it sounds like UDX is an actual competing class for you. Is it like versatility- a mixture of exercises from novice, open, utility?
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    udx is the next level up from ud. UD exercises are seekback which is a heel pattern and the steward drops an article on your path with the scent that belongs to you . Than there is a sendaway where you send the dog to a box and than send it to a jump either a bar or a solid which ever the judge wants. You do this twice. than there is the articles there are 4 wood leather and metal. Steward puts one article out with your scent and the dog has to find it you do this three times. and than silent signals where you do a heel pattern with hand signals no verbals and than you leave your dog into a stand and you drop sit and call and finish your dog. and than there is food refusal where you walk away and you dont look at your dog and your dog refuses the food.
    UDX there is a seekback with a decoy (someone elses scent) plus your scent and the dog must retrieve yours. Heelwork in motion you do a heelwork pattern with sits stands and drops etc. and than there is a command of sit position coming up now. you tell the dog to sit and you keep on walking till the judge says about turn you go pass the dog and judge says about turn collect your dog. You can only use either voice or signals but not both. You have 4 cones down one end of the ring you send your dog and has to sit without command you walk towards your dog about turn and call and the dog has to run and come into the heel position. Than you have 8 towels with the steward scent and two articles with the judges scent and the dog has to find the judges scent amongst the 8 towels. than you have the upsies and downsies lol where you stand your dog and walk away and face your dog and your dog has to do sit drop and stand in any order the judges says either verbal or by signals but not both. and than you have leather articles layed out 15 m away from me about 7 m apart and you have to send them to whichever article the judge calls.
    so that is a quick rundown hopefully havent bored you guys if I can find some youtube clips I will put it on
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    dont know if this works or not this is Sandii from WA so hopefully you will see what I am talking about
    this is udx

    this another one much more polished it was her first leg towards Grand Champion its 5 qualies with 185 or more points

    this is her ud round
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    Very cool, and yay a toller!

    I hate that over here once you get your AKC UD (with pretty similar exercises to yours) the focus is on precision and consistency vs mastering new exercises. It's also likely the main difference between why "Balanced" training reigns in the US while more positive training is taking over the rest of the world. Trialing almost every weekend going for our double Q's and first places needing 199s can easily be draining.
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    well yesterday we had an obedience trial and Gabby won ud with 171 points and also won open with 189 points but failed her udx didnt know how to sit arghhh.
    Today we had agility and Gabby won 5 out 8 classes and one second she was such a good girlie and worked very hard all weekend and now is snoring away
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    Wow, congratulations!!
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    Today we had NCODC agility trial. Lovely weather to compete with. Gabby worked well. In the morning she won ADM on a very challenging course. Gabby also won JDM and ADO. Was very naughty couldnt find her entry to the weavers well she couldnt find the weavers lol. In the afternoon she won ADM on another challenging course Gabby also won ADO and JDO In JDM she didnt know where the entry of the tunnel that was in front of her oops
    Inka was a good girl and naughty girl. She passed in ADM and JDM and her ADO didnt do her contacts and the afternoon she passed in JDM. Her ADM we would have passed but mum forgot to send her out oops naughty mum and ADO didnt do the seesaw
    Inka doesnt like me in front on contacts
    Next weekend games trial and a dancing with dog competition
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    That's really cool! Where do these trials take place? Is it a specific venue like AKC or just an event local to you?
  17. xena98 Experienced Member

    its ANKC so there is titled classes etc
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    Congratulations!!!!:D Well done!!
  19. xena98 Experienced Member

    hopefully this has worked or I dont have a picture at all lol

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  20. xena98 Experienced Member

    sorry people no idea what the heck I am doing lol
    hopefully you can see it lol

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