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Discussion in 'Training Challenges' started by huntyr, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. huntyr Well-Known Member

    Ever since I saw that video of that little dog pushing a shopping cart I have had this vision of Huntyr pushing (driving) a car.
    We now have the frame of the car made, and just added the wheels.
    This is the first time he "paws up" on the car frame with the wheels attached. Being a cautious dog, he is not fond of things that move unexpectedly. I was pleased with his first attempts.
    Thought I would share.

  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Great job!!!!!:D Very creative idea!!!:) Huntyr did awesome, for his first try.:) Shivon is also a cautious dog, so teaching her the shopping cart trick will be difficult and time consuming.

    I think if Huntyr doesn't enjoy doing this trick, you should start over and completely restrain the car frame, or take the wheels off, just to get him comfortable. I wouldn't want him to be afraid of pushing the car...

    The reason why it took me so long to teach Shivon the paint trick was because she was never quite comfortable with it, and didn't want to do it sometimes. It's sometimes a "two steps forward, one step back" thing. She is almost completely comfortable with it now.:) Don't give up on this trick with Huntyr, keep working at it, and pretty soon we'll have a star on our hands!!:D:D
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  3. huntyr Well-Known Member

    hi thanks for the encouragement. We started with the frame with no wheels. So he was comfortable with putting his paws up.
    So now its just getting him used to the idea that it will move under him.
    I try so many tricks and ideas, just to keep him occupied. Some he likes some he doesnt but he always likes the treat part.
    You just cant do many repetitions with him on any one thing, no matter how many treats you have. He just looks at you like "didnt we do that already". As you see in the video I have alot of his items laying there for distraction and because we go back and forth from "trick" to "trick" to keep him from getting bored.

    Did I miss your paint trick? *runs off to search forum*
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Huntyr is doing so well! Keep it up, he'll 'get it' in his own time:D I think it's a grand way to get him to push his own car around. Just LOVE it!:love:

    I have the same 'problem' with Ra Kismet, he'll do a trick a few times, but ask for it again, and he just sits and looks at me with that same expression "hey I just did that three times how many more times do you need me to do it before you realize I've 'got it". I have problems with partner videoing, had to really lay it on the line to NOT mess about doing lightening etc. once we started with the vid! Ra Kismet gets bored and then it's really hard to get him to focus again.

    And I thought I was alone with this problem:D
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  5. huntyr Well-Known Member

    your not alone, MaryK. Watch his video again. See how he went over and attempted to lay down. "done mom, done". Then instead of what I asked he did easy button instead.
    We just keep plugging along. Its not like we have a deadline.......
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  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    LOL That is a pretty creative idea, and you are quite crafty also!! Looking forward to seeing the next video. :)
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    I spotted that one, and the move to the easy button. That's my Ra Kismet to a T! He either just sits or offers one of his favorite tricks.:rolleyes:

    I'm like you, I just keep on keeping on and having fun:D
  8. Dogster Honored Member

    Okay, I didn't know you started with just the frame.:)
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  9. Linda A Experienced Member

    That is really cute. I'm looking forward to seeing the end results. Have you tried standing directly in front of him with treat in hand? From this position you can encourage him to keep paws up and control the motion of your, I think you called
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  10. huntyr Well-Known Member

    hi.. just a little update.
    We have been into our "travel for business" time so we haven't spent much time at home.
    The car has been on hold mostly :(
    If I stand directly in front of huntyr with a treat he will take a step or two. The problem being, if I "send" him out to paws up on the car it moves immediately when he touches it, which causes him to drop back down :(
    If I stand where I can put my foot in front of the wheels until he is in "drive position" then we are ok.
    I don't want to have to be near him. I want to be able to send him off to drive.
    We will plug along.

    The eventual plan.. is once he is comfortable with the driving part, I will add sides on it that look like a car.
    You will see his head and paws.... Its designed that the outside part can be exchangeable. car, train, plain, boat LOL
    I know... I know... I am nuts.........
  11. Linda A Experienced Member

    I totally understand your problem. I would just stand in front and let it move a little while encouraging him to keep paws up. Once he gets comfortable with it moving a little it should get easier. Main thing to get him so he will keep paws up with the motion. You can add distance later.

    I love the ideas you have, train, etc! And, no, you are not nuts!! You are creative!!!!!
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