Starting agility


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So, I'm plannig to start agility.
But, until I find a place where we can go, is there anything that I can practice with Pami, to prepare her a littlebit for "the big day"?
She can allready jump over fences, and can do a slalom (but only at my feet... :D), and go around objects.


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I strongly recommend things like walking on a bench at the park or on a wall alongside you in your neighborhood... (prep for plank and seesaw)... also get a "collapsible leaf bag" from home depot - it's tarp material and has a spring that holds it round, and which expands when it is not collapsed, so that it stands up - like a barrel... CUT the bottom out with scissors and Voila! You have a mini tunnel. Wedge it (between chair and couch, or wall) or outside put a tent stake through one of the toggles that hold it in it collapsed position - the goal is so it does NOT roll...and gently encourage your dog through it.. NEVER "push" a dog onto or through anything.. but put some biscuit in it, throw a favorite toy through it (and block the run-around options).. soon you will have a tunnelaholic!

When it's raining and my guys don't want to go out in the yard, I send them out to the tunnel which I leave out there!

Also if you have a coffee table or chair without cross bars, you can drape a poncho or light tarp/drop cloth is better (tarp is too heavy) over it and again work your dog into it as a "closed tunnel" or "Chute" practice!

keep us posted on your progress...


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yeah the biggest problem most people have is the closed tunnel, (i didnt, i just had the problem of getting storm to leave the tunnels along and do something else) those are good ideas blisandt, im gunna try the coffee table idea, i hadnt thought of that hehe
we do have a tunnel at home that just springs up which storm goes nuts over, and also weaving through poles is another dogs have problems with but agilitys great for both owner and dog