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Kyrah is restricted right now with an open wound from an infection she got from being spayed. I am sure she will have to be stitched up again and keeping her to a minimum of exercise is killing both of us (A 7 month puppy with no running for a week now) and we probably have another week to go. If anyone has some mentally stimulating ideas I could use some. Just in case you want to know she is doing great! The infection is almost cleared up and she never really felt bad, ran a fever or anything I dont think she even knew anything was wrong.



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glad i read this post, storm is kennel bound at the moment vet orders YES HE IS DRIVING US ALL NUTS


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My other dog Diego was short lead bound for weeks due to a luxating patella (his knee cap wouldn't stay in place!) even after his operation he was kept on a short lead and had to build up his exercise gradually, to keep him entertained we walked him as much as we could, but to mentally stimulate him i started hiding treats under cups, and getting him to get them out, with his paws though not his head! lol kept him quiet for a while.