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  1. Linda A Experienced Member

    I have to tell you a little story. I've always liked Ozium but I became sold on it after an incident with my aunt's car, her poodle and a skunk. Can you guess where this is going? LOL!

    My aunt had been cleaning the inside of her car and got a phone call. She went into the house leaving the car door open. She was long winded and it became dusk. The skunks came around and her little dog just couldn't seem to learn to leave them alone. Needless to say, the dog got sprayed in the face, jumped into the car and rubbed all over the seats!

    It just so happened that I was having dinner with her that evening and when I arrived she told me about what had happened. She was almost hysterical. Kept saying she would never be able to drive her car again.

    I didn't know what I could do to help her but I did have a small container of Ozium in my car. I knew it was good stuff and figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I thoroughly sprayed the driver seat and emptied the canister into the car. (This was the smallest size canister - about the size of your index finger - and was only maybe half full.) I made sure all the windows were closed tight to hold the Ozium in the car.

    The next morning there was not a hint of skunk odor in the car! At that moment I became sold on this product.

    I have used it on many, many fabrics and it is totally safe. I have several more stories about how Ozium has saved things but I won't bore you with them here. LOL!

    I suggested putting the leashes in a bag over night to hold the Ozium in. Does that make sense? Kind of like making sure the windows were closed in the car. I wouldn't store the leashes in the bag. You probably don't even need to do it over night...maybe just for an hour or so. I just said over night as that is when they will not be in use.

    Give it a try for the anal gland odor. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I use this in my house all the time. It only takes a tiny squirt to clean the air in an entire room.

    Let me know how it goes.
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  2. brody_smom Experienced Member

    That is quite the testimonial. You should post that on one of the customer review sites.

    I did read one user review, but the reviewer seemed to only be concerned about eliminating the smell of marijuana from his bedroom! He liked the citrus one better than the new car smell, as he said the citrus smelled like Lemon Pledge, but the new car smelled more like an old person's house. Which one did you use?
  3. Linda A Experienced Member

    That's really funny. I learned about Ozium from my, at the time, pot smoking brother. He said it was a pot smokers best friend. LOL!

    I prefer the original scent. It's kind of flowery.
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  4. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I just googled Ozium and read the first review that came up. It was on a forum called, so that makes sense!
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you, hadn't seen those links before. Will see how the new lassie goes, Zeus would be horrified - a collar for WATER - HELP report going in to all the Animal Cruelty Sites - he HATES water in any form!

    I think they're round a bout the same, not too much difference. Haven't followed them closely the last few weeks. It's usually the darned postage which is the killer for anything coming from overseas.
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