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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Jean Cote, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    Neat trick! Has anyone taught their dog this trick or is this a one dog trick only? :giggle: :running:Sorry for the ads in YouTube ...

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  2. fly30 Experienced Member

    Oh we are working on it with a mountainboard (that's all I have). We're getting there but it's not perfect yet. We did it with clicker training. I clicked one paw, then two, then when she made it roll with two paws on it and on this video, I tried to click 3 paws. I haven't practiced since december but maybe I should give it another go soon. Sometimes I give her time and things are much better.
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  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Nice job Fly! I'd love to see how it turns out outside, see if your dog loves the skateboard. I wonder if there is a way to make the wheels turn less during training, I think it'd be easier to train. :doglaugh:
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  4. fly30 Experienced Member

    Thanks Jean. The mountainboard is probably more reassuring for the dog than the skateboard as its bigger and its wheels can be flatten so they turn less (there is air in them like bikes). If you have a skateboard, it may be good to try in the grass so it's less slidy.
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  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yeah I was just thinking about training on carpet first, maybe even with wheel stoppers. :) Like a small board to stop it from sliding in the very beginning. :biggrin:
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  6. fly30 Experienced Member

    Please let me know how it goes. It may be challenging for me if you give it a try. I had nobody around me or around the web to follow me on that trick so far [IMG]. I'm having a lot of fun in this community [IMG]
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  7. new bear Well-Known Member

  8. fly30 Experienced Member

    Ho I love it !!! You and your two 4 paws are really cute ! Even the cat does some tricks ? Lovely :)
  9. new bear Well-Known Member

    Yup, I love both of them really much. The kitten loves to copy my dog in everything she does. Like scratching our legs with both front paws to beg for food, call us to open the bedroom door (by meowing) for her to go in and out, enjoy sleeping in the crate where she was really terrified of it in the past, both of them rushing to the door to greet us (the kitten will meow and the dog will bark) when when we come home, learnt how to go under my blanket and sleep with me when the weather is cold and even let us pet, stroke her tummy and carry her just like my dog. She saw my dog always doing all these actions and copy from her. She let me feels that she is a dog instead of a cat unknowingly. She knows a few tricks as I clicker train her. She knows sit, down, hungry (lick her lips), a bit of weaving, wait, food refusal, over a hurdle, going on a teeter trotter apart from those two tricks in the video. Sadly, I did not managed to film all these tricks that I taught her before she died this February during chinese new year. Even though I only had her for about five months, I feel that I had her for a long time. I really miss her a lot and she will always be a special cat in my heart. :)
  10. fly30 Experienced Member

    I'm sorry she died so quickly. You've done a really good work with this kitten. Now have fun with your little dog who seems so clever.
  11. new bear Well-Known Member

    Yea, I am having lots of fun with my dog now and I also go downstairs to the construction site beside my flat to train and play with the stray dog and another cat. I am having lots of fun with them even though the stray dog and cat cannot live in my house. :)
  12. J_Sinay Member

    Okay, so I just started trying out the skateboard thing with my pup, Oscar. I've always seen it and just love it. I found a kid's skateboard and threw it down the driveway to see what Oscar would do. It was love at first sight. Now the problem is everytime I bring out the skateboard he gets so excited I can't bring him back from his level of excitement to get him to listen to anything. I know he's only 10 months old, but up to this point he's been a great student. Any ideas?
  13. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Skateboard is one of River's most challenging tricks. We've been working on it off and on for over a year but he is still a little intimidated by the skateboard.
  14. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    I would start over. Work on teaching skateboard inside. Have it out in the room just sitting there before you bring Oscar in. Put Oscar on leash if needed and use a really good treat that he will be able to focus on. Hope this is helpful!
  15. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

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  16. J_Sinay Member

    It was hilarious with the skateboard in the house. It or maybe should say I lasted about 2 minutes. He didn't even want the bacon I had for him. He only had eyes for his skateboard. Oh well, maybe this one well put away until he's older. Though I will say the sand paper texture of the skateboard does a great job filing his nails...(y)
  17. new bear Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I love that trick. It helps them to learn to do a trick together without getting distracted by one another. :)
  18. fly30 Experienced Member

    We now have a real skateboard for Fly and left the mountainboard as the side wheels were a problem. Fly is doing well now. She can have three paws on the skateboard and push with the fourth. But she does not run fast for the moment. Time will come.

    Funny enough, the other day, we were walking along the quay and we saw a young boy practicing skateboard. Fly went and sat in front of him with her funny questionning gaze, as if she was asking to have a go. It was really funny.
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  19. fly30 Experienced Member

    We had a break because Fly hurt her back lately. She's fine now and we are back at work. Fly knows now how to push and stand on the skateboard. I think she'll get it very soon now.
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