Sit Pretty Or Beg


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I followed the training lesson on Beg, but I can't get Valentine to sit pretty. She goes straight to jumping up. If I don't give her room to jump up (the treat is very close to her head) than she moves over or back and then jumps. I tried it against a wall and she moves sideways and then jumps. I've tried placing her how I want her but that doesn't do it either. She has a real jumping fixation. :p Any suggestions?


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This is a terrible video where I try to show you what I mean. I was looking at her through the camera, so my aim (treat to top and back of head) was by no means spot-on or how it normally looks. But her reaction is the same whether the treat is slightly in front of her (as in this crap video) or moving back towards her ears like it's supposed to be. :D


my dog has the same problem, he is highly energetic.. what i do when he sits i reward him with lots of attention, treats just gets my dog hyped up then he really aims his jumps for the treats.. so i just praise him with lots of attention when he sits..
eventually they get it lol


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Had the same problem here;)
Try moving in real slow and a little low, then when you are close to her head, and she is still sitting, pull the treat up a little.
With high energy dogs(and jumpers:D) start rewarding for a little movement of the front legs, while still sitting. Don't go all the way immidiately. Highly reward the sitting and a little paws up(even if it is just an inch of the floor, or just one paw that goes up)
The key in this trick is selfcontrol first and then later the balance. And combining the two is really, really hard for our 90 mph dogs:D
If that goes well, you can start luring your treat higher up, to get them to sit up more and more, maybe you will need to "help" by letting them lean a paw on your arm, to keep balance.
If she keeps moving away, you can try fencing her in. Put two chairs(or somthing like that) against the wall, leaving just enough space between them for your dog to sit between them. And then do what I discribed above. Because she is boxed in, there is no way for her to move, so it might be a little easier.
Hope this helps! Good luck!


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I started teching Bella by getting her to sit and then learning both - put both paws on my arms and then eventually stop using my arm to get her to balance more. Still a working progress.


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Tried to get it on film... but I don't think it worked out so good:D Cooper really wanted to get up close and personal with the camera and Jinx was being very well behaved. She hardly jumps up and I had to lure her to do it, :rolleyes:
But it includes what I meant with helping them with balance.
I have been training this of and on for the past few weeks, to perfect it and she pretty much has it down. She can offer a good sit up for a few seconds now.
Wanted to show off a little, by getting them to do a sit up together, but they didn't want to:ROFLMAO:


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I would not pull away the treat as I see you doing in the clip.
From the moment your dog is holding your hand, gently move your hand down and a bit towards the dog so she gets "pushed" into the position. This way she has a higher succesratio and the muscle memory can start building up (I hope you understand my english).
It looks easy for the dog but it is quite demanding for the muscles.


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I couldn't teach Oliver to beg they way you guys are trying either... I eventually taught him using a target stick. Worked like a damn! He will now beg on cue, and hold it for as long as I need!