Since Tigerlily Asked... Meet Buck, My Foster, A Deaf Border Collie


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I'm so looking you up on FB! expect a deaf dog stalker! Lol. He's always adored kids. He used to drag me around town looking for kids lol. It was a bit tough when I had both the big boys out, as Oliver hates kids... so I'm letting Buck ( oops, Frye) have all of his 6' least to say high and holding Ollie behind me feeding him treats to keep him quiet lol.

He is lucky to have you, and thank you so much for giving a deafie a chance! My Mom has one and I have 2 and a deaf cat.

How's his OCD pacing?

Does he play with toys now?

I kept all the e-mails and such pertaining to his rescue, do you want them? How much history did they give you?

O.k., I'll stop the questions for now lol.

My name is Sara Craig, so you don't think some random person is friending you on FB lol

Thanks again!