Shiloh's 1st Agility Trial!


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I LOVE YOUR DOG!!! Great work, Dilly! how cute is that Shiloh?? Such a gorgeous dog, sure looks like he is having a great time!!

lol, i also thought your choice of music added a lot to watching Shiloh's efforts!! I was super impressed with the table work there, where Shiloh jumps right up on that table! wow! nice!


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Awesome job! That Jumpers run was really nice! What sanctioning group was that show? I'm assuming ASCA, but I don't know. Lucky and I's first trial was in January, so I know what you're going through with a distracted dog. :D Great job on getting speed in Jumpers, she really did well for you in that run, and she looked beautiful while she was at it!



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That was a USDAA trial. Thanks! She always gets a smile on her face when we are playing agility. :D