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jazzycat;18850 said:
Hey, does anyone know if one of those Razor scooters would work? Cause they don't cost very much.

No. At high speeds and especially if the terrain is rocky the razor scooters will come apart. There was actually an article about that here:

by Sharon Morris, New Hampshire
When I first hooked up my mere 100 pound Giant Schnauzer to a razor scooter (I was waiting for my Diggler to arrive and couldn't wait). Well hooked up Big Jake and said HIKE and HIKE he did. It's a strange feeling to have the front wheel of your vehicle do a 360 while you're still going straight, then the back wheel fall completely off while you're doing say 12 mph. Actually I think he was going faster. It was within the first 1/2 mile. They have a lot of speed when they first start off. Oh, I forgot, no brakes. So here I am going 12 - 15+ mph down the road with the front wheel spinning like a top under me and the back wheel totally gone and the platform making a awful racket as it's being dragged down the road and me swearing at the top of my lungs cause this Giant isn't stopping because that awful noise is chasing him. Did I mention the fillings in my teeth felt like they where vibrating out of my mouth.
We lived and came walking home and picking up bits and pieces of the razor on the way and waited for the Diggler to come in. Thanks for the great memories

If you're worried about cost, you can do it with a bicycle, but like i said i felt safer starting off with the scooter. They are expensive but the hours of enjoyment me AND MY DOGS get out of it has been worth every penny. :msnblushing: